7 Fastest Way to Clean Your House Every Day

7 Fastest Way to Clean Your House Every Day

You can keep your house clean within 30 minutes every day if you want. Here’s the fastest way to clean house.


The key here is to ensure that you don’t miss a day without cleaning so that it will be easier to spruce up everywhere within just a few minutes. 

If you don’t clean every day, dirt pile up and it becomes impossible for one person to clean alone without getting exhausted and overwhelmed.

Keeping the house clean is not very difficult if you know what you doing and you enjoy smart work and not hard work.

Most people that keep sparkling clean homes are just good at smart speed cleaning and they also ensure to fake a clean room when they have visitors around.

Since house cleaning can make everyone tense and jumpstart stress levels…hahaha…(It’s no one hubby) It becomes a brilliant idea to learn how to speed clean a house.

Here are the 7 fastest ways to clean your house every day

1. Have the right equipment in place

Having all the tools and cleaning products you need at arm’s reach saves you from walking back and front of your whole house and looking for things to clean with and wasting time plus energy that you may not even have.

Invest in good cleaning products and tools made with intention of making cleaning quicker and more effective.

Buy portable microfiber spin mops, long brooms, cobweb removers, microfibre towels, floor cleaners, carpet cleaners, handy vacuums, window cleaners, grease breakers, and magic cleaners.

Keeping all the necessary cleaning products and tools will make all your cleaning every day just a breeze.

2. Be consistent

Putting a Cleaning System in place and striving to be consistent with it naturally cut off your cleaning time in half.

 “Consistent” simply means, cleaning your whole house in the same order every day, which also means, working one room at a time, starting and finishing at the same spot in a room so that you don’t waste time running back and forth.

A consistent routine means cleaning every day, which is inherently a better way to clean since you will truly be cleaning your house in half the time rather than just hurrying in circles without results. 

3. You need a cleaning order7 Fastest Way to Clean Your House Every Day

When you have a cleaning order, everything cleaning becomes easier and quicker.

Start by dusting everything that needs dusting, sweep everywhere at the same time, mop everywhere at the same time too and then wash everything that needs washing ( dishes and bathrooms) 

Take one clean-order across every part of the house so that the cleaning becomes seamless and uninterrupted.

4. Use magic cleaners generously

Magic cleaners are lifesavers if you know how to use them. They can cut through grease and rot in a matter of minutes.

You can spray them on every place where they are needed while you do all the other chores so that when you get back to them, they are ready to be wiped and the greases have been cut through without stress.

For example, you can soak up your dishes with a magic dishwasher before you start sweeping and the same with your bathrooms and any other place that needs to be soaked up first.

This step is to ensure that you cut through tough stains and grease quickly so you can speed clean effectively.

5. Clean as you go7 Fastest Way to Clean Your House Every Day

You have to clean as you go and don’t let things stay undone if you want to cut down your cleaning time.

If your cat pee, clean Immediately,  clean up food particles, and drinks- the moment they drop, wash your dishes the moment you have them, and try to do one load of laundry every day.

Cleaning as you go will make you naturally clean and hygienic every day without losing your mind or breaking a sweat.

House cleaning efficiency will just happen seamlessly.

6. Declutter and organize regularly

House cleaning is more efficient and quicker when you keep your house less cluttered and organized.

People with clean homes have a habit of de-cluttering their homes regularly.

A home with a lot of space can save you from unwanted clutters and messes.

Throw out unused items like electronics, furniture, or broken things around the house.

To be more economical with your money, you can decide to sell out old clothes, shoes, and makeup bags to keep all of your houses breathable and fresh.

When you have fewer clutters, your toddlers won’t find anything to toss around and make a mess with, which will help them concentrate on the toys you want them to play with.

What I eventually did to save me lots of cleaning time, was to declutter my house of too much furniture to create enough space for my active toddlers to run around without mess.

7. Be prompt with housekeeping

Put things away the moment you use them i.e when you use the knife, put it back in the kitchen cupboard, when you use a cup, put it back where it belongs; try hard to keep things exactly where they belong.

Make your bed first thing in the morning when you get out of it plus, that’s an excellent way to fake a tidy bedroom “very simple”

Have a storage system for everything in your house that can possibly make clutters…yes, you need a good cabinet for your clothes, for your shoes, your dishes, your toys, your books, your makeup, your bags,  and the list goes…..

A good sense of natural housekeeping is the first step to creating a welcoming home that is always neat and tidy without necessarily killing yourself to achieve it.

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