How to Finally Get Rid of Sentimental Clutters

Sentimental Clutters

Sentimental clutters are those memory-attached things in our lives that are very hard to get rid of.

We keep them despite the fact that we don’t need them.

The struggle to get rid of sentimental clutters is very real and it varies from person to person.

Some people have sentimental clutter from as far back as 30 years ago.

Let’s start with our mothers, they have unbelievable loads of sentimental clutters and then down to our grandparents, those ones have unimaginable loads of sentimental clutters that when you come across, you will be like…. arrrghhhh…

Some are even gross…

My grandmother still has some dresses she wore for her children when they were still babies and then the same with my mum. Your mom does too!

The circle seems never-ending!

In a very quick summation, we all just keep so much trash in our house that makes it unhealthy and takes up so much space that we could use it to do a whole lot of other useful things.

Clutters are clutters, there are no special clutters. If you haven’t used an item in the last 5 years, then it’s definitely trash, except, of course, your credentials.

And this is definitely the hardest part because not everyone will agree with me on this.

At least you will agree with me that someone somewhere desperately needs the item you are keeping and not using.

Someone somewhere will give up body parts just to have that item that is collecting dust in your closet.

When you die, people will ransack your things and throw them without respect but when you give out this item when you are alive, you stand a chance to save a life, clothe a life, and to better the life of someone.

Whatever memory you hold with an item, know that that memory is with you and not with the item.

Decluttering is the first part and step to finally downsizing and simplifying your life so that you can make your life a little easier.Sentimental Clutters

Here are 3 quick tips to help you rid of your sentimental clutters so you can finally get your life back.

1. Revisit all your clutters

Look through all your possessions, including those you have kept far away for over 10 years ago, look at them one more time, bask in the memory, and then put them away again for another year.

Any item that you didn’t use and did not miss even after one year can be discarded and you won’t miss it.

if you are still uptight with your sentiments, you can decide to elongate the number of years and see whether you will need that item or even miss it.

If you did not, except you stumble upon it, then it’s time to get rid of it and create space.

2 Take a photo of the item

If the memory attached to an item is the reason you’re keeping it, then taking a photo of it can serve the same purpose.

You can quickly take a clear, sizeable image of the item and then get rid of it.

You may be surprised that you don’t even need to revisit that photo in several years and you may completely forget about it except you stumble upon it again.

Thank God photos are not cluttering in some way, Google can keep it for you as long as you have the account.

You can still back up your photos or put them on an external drive.

3  Repurpose your sentimental clutters

Repurposing your sentimental clutters especially those that you hold very strong memories of and simply can’t let go of, is a good way to still keep them useful in your life.

Depending on the particular type of item, you can look through Google or find a way to creatively remake the item so you can be able to use them more frequently.

Taking note of what we bring into our homes is very important in order to cut down unnecessary clutters.

If you don’t use an item, do not keep it even though it’s free, give it out immediately to someone who needs it desperately.

Do not buy items on clearance sales or discounts just because they are sold for too cheap, desist from the temptation because you won’t need that item thereafter.

Now that we are driving through uncertain times, giving up items that are collecting dust in your cupboard is going to save a life and that life, will, in turn, save another.

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