Essential De-cluttering Checklist to Keep Your House Clean During The Winter

De-cluttering Checklist

During winter, your aim is to stay as healthy as possible by changing your diet, drinks, and all other lifestyle adjustments that come with the cold season. The last thing you want to add to the list of your worries will be house cleaning, but here are the Essential De-cluttering Checklist to Keep Your House Clean During The Winter

During cold weather, I love to snuggle up in my bed till very much later in the morning (rarely though) and then boot my brain with a cup of coffee before I can understand my work for the day.

I know it’s mostly the same for everyone if they get the chance!

The cold is just too good to be true! When you are in bed, sometimes, you just want to sleep all day long…except, you have to make money…( laughs…everyone needs to make money!)

Our house gets very dusty during winter because the air is so warm and very dry, managing the level of dust that enters your house will help you control germs and allergens floating around and also help your furnace run more efficiently.

I also prefer to keep my windows and doors locked at all times except when I absolutely need fresh air. It helps me contain the sand, pollen, and insects that fly around with the wind.

De-cluttering and organizing are some of the fast house cleaning hacks that will keep your house manageably clean during the winter.

When your house is a little organized+clutter-free, then, It is much easier to tidy your home every day even for as little as 20 to 30 minutes.Essential De-cluttering Checklist to Keep Your House Clean During The Winter

It is quite possible to clean your house in one hour every day.

Below is a good de-cluttering checklist for your winter cleaning.

Essential De-cluttering Checklist to Keep Your House Clean During The Winter

De-cluttering checklist for your Bedroom

  • Sheets (burn or give out an extra sheet)
  • Pillow Cases (toss out those extra ones you don’t remember to use)
  • Blankets (you don’t need so many heavy blankets, having three or four at a time is just fine)
  • Bed pillows (more than four on your bed constitutes nuisance more often than comfort)
  • Books (toss out the old books, trust me, newer ones are much better)
  • Magazines.
  • Move out extra rugs so you can have more space and also spend less time cleaning your house.


  • Clothes that no longer fit (I know you have lots of them)
  • Trash clothes that are stained, stretched out or torn.
  • Move out the extra bags, shoes, and jewelry. 
  • Toss out mismatched pairs of dresses you won’t wear.


  • Discard empty containers of soap, cream, shampoo, conditioner, and lotions.
  • Remove the extra towels.
  • Clear your bathroom counter and keep only the useful things. 
  • Empty medication bottles.
  • Clear out broken mirrors and storage systems

De-cluttering checklist for your Living Room

The living room can be damn messy during the winter, With all the cold going on, you really want to spend less time cleaning your living room. 

  • Remove extra rugs. 
  • Trash empty disc plates. 
  • Discard all broken discs.
  • Pack your electronic wire together.
  • Move out broken electronics. 
  • You don’t need so many throw pillows. 
  • Reduce your furniture so there will be space. 
  • Reduce the extra decorations so you won’t have to be cleaning them all the time.

De-cluttering checklist for your Kitchen

  • Broken plates, cups, and spoons.
  • The collection of plastic spoons, water bottles, and disposables.
  • Torn/stained tablecloths.
  • Old coolers and warmers.
  • Drink koozies.
  • Old knives, pots, and other cooking utensils.


  • Weed out your backyard.
  • Burn dead plants, dirt, and collectibles.
  • Rearrange tools and equipment.
  • Torn or soiled furniture pads. 
  • Trim or remove unnecessary houseplants.
  • Trash yard decor that is old, cracked and faded.

De-cluttering checklist all set and easy so you can start decluttering your house this winter if you don’t even know where to start. 



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