Habits of Women Who always Have Clean Homes Even With 5 Toddlers

Habits of Women Who Always Have Clean Homes Even With Lots Of Kids

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Without any doubt, growing toddlers change the look of your house!

And then, if you’re naturally a tidy and organized mum or dad, you’ll be faced with a growing frustration if you do not pack up your act and use tactics.

In my own case, I used to be very tidy and neat before I became a mum and after marriage, it was hard for me to deal with all the mess my hyperactive son was creating for me.

The growing frustration with my always messy space began to make me think of everything and anything possible I could do to change the situation.

And after several tries, I was able to come up with an arrangement that suits me, my active son, and the home.

I realize that some things have to be put in place in other for parents to enjoy a clean home while raising toddlers.

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So here are the habits of women who always have clean homes even with 5 toddlers that I have copied and mastered.

1) They have a perfect storage system

a)  They have perfect storage space for shoes

Although it’s not about having a shoe rack or space, you need to consider airing and quality. Your shoes need lots of air. 

I saw this amazing shoe rack and It’s everything air and space with less cleaning effort.

clean home tips

b)  They have a good dishes system (both dirty and clean)

Having a place for your dishes is awesome for your space.

Habits of Women Who always Have Clean Homes Even With 5 Toddlers Habits of Women Who always Have Clean Homes Even With 5 Toddlers

c)  They have a place for spices

Yes we all need a convenient spice rack

Habits of Women Who always Have Clean Homes Even With 5 Toddlers

d)  Place for toys

Having a space-saving toy organizer like this Habits of Women Who always Have Clean Homes Even With 5 Toddlers

g)  They have a place for toiletries and makeup.

I love this Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case Organizer Portable Artist Storage Bag with Adjustable Dividers for Cosmetics, Makeup Brushes, Toiletries, Jewelries, and Digital Accessories.Habits of Women Who always Have Clean Homes Even With 5 Toddlers

It’s not also just about having the storage system, it’s about properly utilizing them in the best possible ways.

Having a proper storage system in your home will save you a lot of mess and will prevent your toddlers from reaching out to those things to scatter them and use them to make a mess everywhere.

A storage system will give your house a lot of space and a breathable environment that is safe and spacious for your kids.

2) They have a cleaning schedule

As in, they have time to clean the living room,

a time to clean the bedroom,

a time to clean the toilet, kitchen backyard, the porch.

They have a very tight and proactive schedule for cleaning up the whole house.

When you have a cleaning schedule, house chores become easier.

A good cleaning plan ensures you schedule a day or every other day to every part of your house to make the chores easily doable and perfect.

You will be better motivated to clean up a part of the house every day rather than the whole house.

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3) They get their laundry done every other day

Habits of Women Who always Have Clean Homes Even With 5 Toddlers

Laundry can get a house really messy if you heap them up for longer than just a few days.

In order to have a clean home, you have to try to wash your clothes and those of your kids every other day or every day.

A washing machine should be a must in every home, even in the houses of those who live on one income.

Do yourself a favor by saving to get one, especially an automatic washing machine which will save you lots of stress, and productive hours and will even help you become tidier.

4)  They Declutter regularly

People with clean homes have a habit of de-cluttering their homes regularly.

A home with lots of space can save you from unwanted clutters and mess.

People with clean homes throw out unused items like electronics, furniture, or broken things around the house.

To be more economical with your money, you can decide to sell out old clothes, shoes, and makeup bags to keep all of your houses breathable and fresh.

When you have fewer clutters, your toddlers won’t find anything to toss around and make a mess with, which will help them concentrate on the toys you want them to play with.

What I eventually did to save me lots of cleaning time, was to declutter my house of too much furniture to create enough space for my active toddlers to run around.

5)  They buy quality not quantity

People with clean homes or moms with clean homes have the habit of buying quality things.

This is the winning habit that people with clean homes often adopt.

Quality things save you money and space.

Instead of having two big messy tables taking up space, people with clean homes will buy one portable one that is classy and easily adjustable when the need arises.

Buying quality things ensures you don’t buy the same thing over and over, which sometimes you find difficult to trash out, which ultimately leads to too-much clutters.

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Wrap up

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In other for you as a parent to have a clean home,

Or master the habits of Women Who always Have Clean Homes Even With 5 Toddlers, then you should endeavor to have a storage system, a cleaning schedule, a habit to declutter unwanted things, adopt the habit of buying portable things and doing your laundry every day or every other day.

Let’s start up a conversation in the comment section below.

As a mum or dad with more than one toddler, how exactly do you ensure that your house stays clean?

What are the habits that you have adopted to ensure that your house stays less messy and tidy?

7 Genius Habits of Women Who Always Have Clean Homes Even With Many Toddlers!

Habits of Women Who always Have Clean Homes Even With Lots Of Kids

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