How to Be clean and Hygienic Everyday “22 Easy Steps”

No one is born spotlessly clean, cleanliness and good hygiene comes with regular practice. If you want to be a clean person, or learn how to be clean and hygienic everyday, you have to take the necessary time everyday to maintain personal hygiene for your body, clothes, home, car and work environment.

Taking care of your body is the first place to start maintaining good cleaning habits and personal hygiene before coming down to your home and maintaining a cleaning schedule that will finally change your hygienic state.

 Here are 10 easy steps you can try to be more cleaner and hygienic everyday without trying hard.

 how to be clean and hygienic everydayhow to be clean

1. Bath twice everyday

 Bathing twice everyday is very necessary for our body in order to kill bacteria causing body odour and to clear sweat and sticky dirt on our skin. 

Using a washcloth, soft sponge or loofah with a chemical free soap is the best practical way to have a meaningful bath everyday that will keep every part of your body clean and smelling great.

It is much better to take a bath after every heavy work that induce lots of sweat like exercising, house cleaning or other general sweaty work.

2. Brush your teeth twice every day 

Brushing your teeth at least twice everyday with a fluoride toothpaste will remove every food debris and plaque that cause bad breath and cavities.  

In addition, when you floss your teeth at least once a day, it will help keep your gums healthy and fresh.

It is also advisable to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months to avoid buildup of harmful bacteria and to maintain the functionality of your toothbrush.

3. Shave your  unwanted hairs

Shaving all your unwanted hairs from your private parts to other exposed areas in your body, is one of the best ways to be naturally clean and hygienic everyday.

Shave your hairs at least once every month and ensure you remember to apply after shave creams to soothe your skin and avoid shaving bumps.

If shaving your hairs seems so much work to you,  opt for unscented and non-alcoholic based shaving creams for sensitive skin and get your hairs off quickly and stress free.

4.  Look after your hair

 Hair care is necessary for perfect personal hygiene. 

Brush your hair at least once a day, apply the necessary hair growth serums and wash at least twice every week.

Good hair hygiene will keep your hair looking shiny, long and will also prevent dandruff/lice from ruining them.

Make sure your hair is always accessible to free air and untangled wherever possible.

5. Groom your nails at least once in two weeks

keeping your nails clean and trimmed always prevents bacteria buildup and fungal growth.

Take the time at least once in every two weeks to cut your nails while removing any dirt under the nail bed.

The look and colour of your nails is also a good way to understand your health status and be proactive whenever changes occur.

6. Use deodorant

Deodorants are necessary in order to get rid of sweaty armpit and odour.  

The antiperspirant deodorants are the best choice for controlling excessive sweating and smell.

A good deodorant can last up to 24 hours. 

Ensure to always take a bath before going to bed to clean out most of the deodorant before next application.

7. Don’t wear clothes twice 

The best way to learn how to be clean is not to repeat  clothes or wear dirty clothes.

When you repeat clothes on a clean body, you put back all the sweat and germs from the previous wear.

It certainly doesn’t make sense to take a bath and wear dirty clothes. 

Ensure to also take care of your clothes, wash them using the recommended washing instructions, sundry, fold them properly and keep in a dry place.

8. Eliminate shoe odor 

Eliminate shoe odor by always wearing socks before wearing your shoes to reduce buildup of sweat and bacteria which ultimately cause the odour.

 Wash and sundry your shoe whenever possible, sprinkle some baking soda inside the shoe when you are not wearing them to keep them bacteria-free and dry. 

How to be clean and hygienic in your househow to be clean

9. Make your bed after getting out of it

Dressing your bed immediately after getting out of it will keep your room looking well kept and mature.

Wash your bed sheets once or twice in a week and try not to eat or drink on it.

10. Clean your bathroom 

A dirty bathroom harbours thousands of bacteria causing diseases and makes your whole house smell as terrible as possible. 

Clean your bathroom at least twice in a week, use antibacterial air fresheners and always open your bathroom blinds so that it can be accessible to natural air.

Do not also forget to close the WC lid whenever you want to flush your poop to prevent germs from spreading everywhere; very important, especially when you keep your brush, medication and towels in your bathroom.

11. Keep your kitchen clean

Keep your kitchen clean by always keeping your kitchen counters clean, uncluttered and well arranged.

Make sure you do the dishes immediately you have them and remove any food particles from your kitchen surface and floors.

12. Don’t keep trash

 Get rid of your trash as soon as possible and make sure the trash can does not harbour debris or left over food. 

13. Keep a cleaning schedule

Keep a cleaning schedule for your whole house.  

Most importantly, ensure you clean your house everyday! Clean up after breakfast and before going to bed to lessen your house cleaning overload.

Spending at least 30 minutes everyday to tidy one or two places around the house will make you a more clean and hygienic person.

How to be clean in your workplacehow to be clean

14. Tidy up your paperwork, toss out the redundant ones and find a storage system for the needed ones.

15. Clear your office desk and clean it lightly before work begins and before leaving your office.

16. Replace broken chairs or tables. 

17. Do a deep clean for every corner of your office at least twice in a week. 

How to be clean and hygienic with your car how to be clean

18. Wash your car at least twice in a week

19. Keep a trash can inside your car to easily gather up dirt.

20. Organise all your papers, keys and identification cards in separate places.

21. Make sure your legs are clean before stepping into your car.

22. Keep a clean microfiber towel at hands reach.

These are helpful tips to be intentionally clean and hygienic everyday in all areas of your life. 

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