8 Bedtime Self-Care Routine to Completely Relax and Unwind

8 Bedtime Self-Care Routine to Completely Relax and Unwind

8 Bedtime Self-Care Routine to Completely Relax and Unwind

While self-care is any activity deliberately practiced in order to take care of your physical, emotional, mental, and psychological health, the idea of a bedtime self-care routine is to totally unwind and relax your body and prepare it for good night sleep.

Good self-care routine and relaxing bedtime skills are key to improved wellbeing and reduced anxiety.

A good bedtime self-care routine should allow a complete “turn-off, the brain” to a “me” “time” begins. 

The first step to an effective bedtime self-care routine or ritual is to first get yourself in the mood. Let your body understand that it’s night time and a perfect time for a complete brain Dump. 

Sometimes we fail to realize that it’s not just about the physical activities of brushing our teeth, taking a bath that concludes bedtime self-care, but, it’s more of mental activity like; completely shutting off, shifting negative thoughts, closing your mind off work, and generally stop overthinking anything else except the moment.

You can’t say you are unwinding or relaxing when after all the physical self-care, you start watching a horror movie or trailers that jumpstart you negatively.  

You can’t also say you are unwinding when you start reading a heart-melting book that completely turns on your grief and loneliness.

Surely these aren’t ideas to practice a healthy bedtime self-care routine that your body will be happy with.

But here are 8 healthy bedtime self-care routine that your body will be happy with.

8 Bedtime Self-Care Routine to Completely Relax and Unwind8 Bedtime Self-Care Routine to Completely Relax and Unwind

1. Start by taking care of your body

Taking care of your body is a great way to uplift and improve your mental health.

Start by taking a bubble bath using chamomile and lavender to soothe away your aches and get your body relaxed for sleep.

Brush your teeth, slash on your favorite moisturizer and tie your hair in a knot.

2. Meditate for some minutes

A quiet 5 minutes of meditation can do lots of good for our body. 

Meditation is good for clearing our thoughts and helping us to enjoy the moment. Meditation is one of the best ways to practice self-improving mindfulness in our daily life. It will help you focus on the present and stop overthinking.

3. Do a little stretching

A little yoga stretches can release tension and help your blood circulate better during sleep.

Stretch your back, stretch your legs, stretch your neck, take several deep breaths.

4. Get a deep massage

Get someone to give you a deep massage or you can do it yourself. 

You can use a black seed balm or your favorite essential oil to massage your legs, your feet, back, waist, and other parts of your body that definitely needs soothing.

5. Drink a calming tea

Herbal teas are good for our digestive system and overall well-being. 

A very good combination is chamomile and mint, both are perfect for de-stressing, soothing, and great for digestion.

 I’ve actually noticed a boost in my health and improved sleep since I started taking some before bed.

6. Get in the mood

You can create a calming and relaxing bedroom by using a diffuser with calming essential oils. 

I love the ylang ylang essential oil and lavender, they are both great calming oils for good bedtime sleep.

7. Read a book

When is the best time to read a book and understand its content if not night?

The calm and quiet of the night is good for reading something inspirational and uplifting which can last till the following day.

Supercharge your subconscious mind with Intense mindfulness and positivity books Jeered towards self-improvement and personal development. 

8. Don’t leave out your environment

Your environment is a very necessary factor for a relaxing night’s sleep. You have to ensure it is uncluttered, clean with proper ventilation.

Ensure your bed sheet are clean and properly aired. Learn how to be clean and organized to help you manage daily chaos better.

All the best 8 Bedtime Self-Care Routine to Completely Relax and Unwind your entire body.

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