The Quickest and Easiest Way to Declutter Your Home Right Now. (60 Things to Trash In 60 Days)

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Declutter Your Home Right Now. (60 Things to Trash In 60 Days)
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The move towards minimalism is the best positive decision anyone can make for themselves and their environment.

If everyone decides to live with fewer personal belongings, it will not only help everybody become happier but will also help us live healthier in our chosen environments.

Too many personal belongings are actually just excess baggage!

They are just clutter that needs to be discarded!

Who has excess luggage and a piece of everything?

Embracing the philosophy of minimalism represents a profoundly positive decision that can significantly enhance both personal well-being and environmental harmony.

The choice to adopt a lifestyle with fewer material possessions holds immense potential, not only for individual happiness but also for cultivating healthier living conditions within our chosen surroundings.

The accumulation of excess personal belongings can be likened to burdensome baggage, ultimately resulting in unnecessary clutter. Such superfluous items contribute little to our lives and, in fact, often detract from our overall quality of living.

The mere presence of these surplus possessions fails to provide any meaningful benefit.

It is worth contemplating the rationale behind holding onto an array of possessions that ultimately yield no substantial advantages.

In light of this, it becomes pertinent to identify the items that fall into the category of “Clutter Items,” which can be safely relinquished to streamline our living spaces and minimize their ecological impact.

For those seeking a comprehensive and ecologically conscious approach to organizing their lives, here are a myriad of strategies to effectively declutter and promote sustainable living.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Declutter Your Home Right Now. (60 Things to Trash In 60 Days)

Don’t forget to shop for decluttering bags before starting your decluttering journey. You might want to label them in three useful categories: #1 for keeping, #2 to dispose of, and #3 to donate or as needed.

Here are some decluttering organizers you will need:

Clutters Organizer

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Declutter Your Home Right Now. (60 Things to Trash In 60 Days)

Toy Basket Storage Bin Organizer

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Declutter Your Home Right Now. (60 Things to Trash In 60 Days)


The Quickest and Easiest Way to Declutter Your Home Right Now. (60 Things to Trash In 60 Days)


This all-purpose cable organizer below can be your 3-in-1 go-to.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Declutter Your Home Right Now. (60 Things to Trash In 60 Days)

IBosins Wall Mounted key organizer

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Declutter Your Home Right Now. (60 Things to Trash In 60 Days)

Wondering what exactly falls into these “clutter items” that you don’t need in your home?

Then here’s a list to help you rid yourself of the excess baggage in your life!


  1. Dispose of non-functional electronic devices that occupy valuable space in your home.
  2. Part ways with shoes that have languished unworn for a year or more, freeing up storage space.
  3. Bid farewell to books that have already been read and are unlikely to be revisited.
  4. Eliminate accumulated newspapers, ridding your living area of unnecessary bulk.
  5. Cull water bottles and empty plastic containers that no longer serve a purpose.
  6. Pare down your wardrobe, relinquishing clothing items that have fallen out of favor.
  7. Release bras and pants that are no longer supportive or comfortable.
  8. Discard expired makeup and creams, maintaining a fresh and uncluttered cosmetic collection.
  9. Dispose of grocery receipts and paid bills, preventing unnecessary paper accumulation.
  10. Bid adieu to expired boarding passes, freeing up space and simplifying your records.
  11. Relinquish empty CD cases, optimizing storage and eliminating visual clutter.
  12. Dispose of leaky or outdated pots, streamlining your kitchen essentials.
  13. Gift or donate items that do not align with your preferences or needs.
  14. Address broken kitchen items, maintaining an efficient and clutter-free culinary space.
  15. Purge expired spices and raw foods, ensuring your pantry is organized and up-to-date.
  16. Remove refrigerated foods beyond their two-week prime, promoting a healthier diet.
  17. Recycle or repurpose used notebooks and journals, minimizing paper clutter.
  18. Tackle piles of paper and tissue, maintaining a tidy environment free from unnecessary debris.
  19. Dispose of expired medications, vitamins, and supplements, prioritizing your well-being.
  20. Replace depleted pens, markers, or paints, curating a functional collection of writing instruments.
  21. Streamline your electronic clutter, parting ways with old phone boxes, wraps, and irreparable devices.
  22. Recycle empty beverages and grocery cartons, supporting eco-friendly practices.
  23. Relinquish plastic buckets and rubber items that are no longer in use.
  24. Dispose of broken baby gear, ensuring safety and efficient use of space.
  25. Bid adieu to unused and broken toddler toys, maintaining an organized play area.
  26. Address broken furniture or seating, optimizing your living space for comfort and utility.
  27. Dispose of expired cosmetics, promoting a fresh and functional makeup collection.
  28. Part ways with empty soap or detergent containers, minimizing bathroom clutter.
  29. Eliminate faded or unused accessories, maintaining a refined personal aesthetic.
  30. Consider downsizing bulky furniture pieces, enhancing the spaciousness of your home.
  31. Dispose of malfunctioning cables and extensions, decluttering your electronic setup.
  32. Eliminate broken flasks and warmers, ensuring functional kitchen utilities.
  33. Tackle broken tools, promoting a well-organized workspace.
  34. Release redundant keys, padlocks, and keyholders, streamlining your daily essentials.
  35. Unused kitchen gadgets: kitchen tools and gadgets that have fallen into disuse.
  1. Expired cleaning products: Discard cleaning supplies that have exceeded their shelf life.
  2. Obsolete technology cables: Rid your living spaces of outdated and unnecessary cables.
  3. Old magazines: Let go of magazines that have accumulated and are no longer relevant.
  4. Unused or broken jewelry: Declutter your accessories by releasing items that no longer suit your style.
  5. Worn-out linens: Replace frayed or damaged linens to maintain a fresh and inviting atmosphere.
  6. Duplicate kitchen items: Streamline your kitchen by eliminating duplicate utensils and tools.
  7. Outgrown children’s clothing: Donate or pass on clothing that no longer fits growing kids.
  8. Unused hobby supplies: Clear space by letting go of supplies for hobbies you no longer pursue.
  9. Unused or broken electronics: Dispose of non-functional or outdated electronic devices responsibly.
  10. Excess decorative items: Pare down decorations to showcase those that hold the most value and meaning.
  11. Unused workout equipment: Free up space by parting with exercise gear that goes untouched.
  12. Outdated calendars and planners: Discard old planners and calendars to make way for the new.
  13. Unused or broken gardening tools: Organize your garden shed by removing tools you no longer use.
  14. Expired pantry items: Regularly review and eliminate expired or stale pantry goods.
  15. Duplicated kitchen spices: Simplify your spice collection by keeping only the essentials.
  16. Outdated technology manuals: Release old manuals and guides that are no longer relevant.
  17. Unnecessary furniture accessories: Declutter by removing superfluous cushions, throws, and covers.
  18. Unused travel bags: Let go of travel bags and luggage that are no longer in use.
  19. Excess vases and containers: Streamline your collection of vases and containers.
  20. Unused craft supplies: Discard crafting materials that you haven’t used in a long time.
  21. Old and worn-out shoes: Part ways with shoes that are beyond repair or excessively worn.
  22. Unused office supplies: Clear your workspace by removing unnecessary office items.
  23. Unused or broken outdoor furniture: Organize your outdoor space by addressing unusable furniture.
  24. Expired or duplicate toiletries: Declutter your bathroom by discarding expired or duplicate toiletries.
  25. Obsolete or broken children’s toys: Sort through toys to remove broken or outgrown items.
  26. Unused baking supplies: Clear your kitchen by letting go of baking supplies you rarely use.

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  1. Rosey

    I did a decluttering. I thought it would be no big deal and instead I filled up three big garbage bags…one for trash and two to donate.

    1. That sounds interesting!

  2. Kiwi

    I try to be a mininalist in a minimal form. A little bit of the lifestyle could change a life!

  3. I will do this list now. as soon as possible i got home. . And it’s enlighten me what is not needed in my house now. Thanks for this bright idea!

  4. A long list but I’ll check it out! I need to do the clean up before Christmas or else I’ll have this another pile again.

  5. Erik the Hungry Traveller

    I love decluttering. I always let go of shirts i never use. It always nice to live in a house thats very spacious

    1. I’m glad you find it helpful!

  6. Bad cables and wires are such a mess in my house, I need to pack all those to the bins.

    1. With immediate effect samar! Fasterrr….

  7. F-P

    very interesting list.
    And a lot of what is on there is just laying around somewhere.
    Just like emptry cd-cases, i know they are somewhere in the house. And they need to be thrown out.

    1. I am telling you, need to throw them out!
      It will save you lots of cleaning time and space.

  8. I understand matt, but overtime you come to realise that it’s taking up lots of space, and effort to clean them up, even when they are not really useful anymore.

  9. Yes Rowena, it’s the best way to simplify your life.

  10. Krysten Quiles

    Amen! I have been working on decluttering, clutter drives me CRAZY! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    1. I’m glad you like the post, thank you!

    2. I’m happy you enjoyed the post, thank you!

  11. I do this often. Clearing up the boxes, wardrobes etc. at a gap of few months and rearrange them. Many unused are either thrown out or granted to the needy. Spaces are adjusted appropriately. Very good post on keeping house clean and proper.

    1. Thanks kuntala, I’m glad you found the post useful!

  12. Exactly Michael, and thanks for the head-on

  13. I like your tip on empty-ing the boxes. Most of the time, things inside are not organized. Take time to fix it then more space will come. 😉

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