How to Clean a Hoarders House!

It does sound funny 🙈🙈🙈…. how to clean a hoarder’s house? or how to clean up a hoarder’s house?

This may sound very abstract to some who never got to experience any of this, but to some who are currently frustrated or trying to help out with a hoarders house cleaning task, then these tips are all for you.

Who is a hoarder?

A hoarder is someone who holds sentimental value to things and refuses to let go even when they become obsolete and useless.

Hoarding can go from minor to major disaster behavior especially those associated with anxiety and depression.

Some Symptoms Of Hoarding

Unable to throw away or let go of things with no value whatsoever.

Getting seriously overwhelmed when trying to get rid of things even when they hold no meaning.

Fear of running into a financial rut makes them want to hoard existing items.

Fear of lack of replacement for the hoarded items.

Inability to organize or tidy up the home.

Why Do People Hoard?

People hoard for many different reasons, from plain old-school habits to strong depression or other kinds of triggers.

The obvious reasons are, of course, that they feel that the items they are keeping are of value ie could be used someday when they are out of cash or when they are no longer in existence, and therefore, in all the cases, the sentimental items cannot be replaced.

Some of us might get seriously angry when we are called hoarders, I mean, you can’t get it together…!

Why would someone call you a hoarder when you’re trying to keep something that you bought with your own hard-earned money?

It kinda sounds legit but is it really ok? Nope!

Cuz you bought something with your hard-earned money does not mean that you have to keep it forever.

You don’t want your house a cluttered mess and your environment a polluted disaster.

How to Help a Hoarder Clean Up Their House?

how to clean up a hoarders house?

how to clean up a hoarders house

Cleaning a hoarders house is very tacky and overwhelming but it’s quite possible and can be done in a matter of days.

The good news is, if you are at this stage, then you have already gone past the stage of convincing your loved one or relative or client that they need to declutter their house.

They are already ready to let go of the clutters and start afresh.


First Step

1. Get the hoarder out of the house

Let the hoarder prepare to vacate the house for the duration in which the house is going to be decluttered.

This will ensure that the hoarder does not get emotional and disrupt the process.

If you are employing a house cleaning service, this will ensure that you don’t slow down the process and waste more time which also means paying more money.

2. Organise necessary supplies.

You will need a large rubbish or recycling bag, hand gloves, extra pair of hands, vacuum disinfectant, sprays, air neutralizers, donation boxes, and also hire a skip.

3. Begin Sorting- Donate /Recycle /Burn.

You should have at least 2 boxes and two large bags with you in each room.

On one bag, you will throw anything that is meant to be burnt immediately, on another, you want to put items that could be donated to those that need them and you should have another box where you put items that need to be recycled like plastics, glasses, bottles, breakables, cables and electronics e t c.

The most important factor here is to ensure you understand what the owner of the house will most definitely not want to lose or want to be toasted out.

You might want to make a list of that before you start.

4. Start the actual cleaning.

The quickest tip here is to sprinkle soapy water on any surface to soak up the dirt before you are ready to clean.

You can check out some of my earlier posts to see how you can clean/organize your house quickly and effectively without all the nerve-breaking pains that come with house cleaning.

5. Set up a cleaning schedule for the house owner.

A cleaning schedule will help the house owner get the right idea of the necessary house maintenance.

Write out a list of items that should not be kept or that should be decluttered after a while and also put an easy cleaning schedule for the whole house starting from the bedroom to the backyard.

how long does it take to clean out a hoarders house?

Professional cleaners can thoroughly clean a house in three to five days. Hoarding can last for several weeks or even months depending on the individual who is exhibiting the behavior.

how much does it cost to clean out a hoarder house

It is possible that cleaning costs for hoarding environments will range from $0.90 per square foot to $4 per square foot, depending on the amount and severity of the cleaning required. When obtaining a quote for cleaning a hoarder’s home, take the factors listed above into consideration. The lower the threat to a person’s safety, the lower the cost of the job is expected to be.

Here you have it!

This is the quickest guide to help clean out a hoarder’s house, or how to clean a hoarder’s house fast if you’re one of those who are stuck up with ideas on how to clean up a hoarder’s house quickly and effectively.

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