7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child

7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child

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As parents, we all want the best for our kids. In almost all cases, we are ready and willing to do everything in our power to protect and raise our kids in some level of comfort.

Some of us push much harder that we do not realize that we have become too over-protective and have over-pampered our children.

The result is often understandable, as in most cases, our kids grow up to be dependent, ungrateful and unable to stand up for themselves or do basic things without aid.

The one thing that always spring up from my mind while raising my young kids is;

  • What if I am not always there with them…(they have to go to school).
  • What if I drop them off with someone?
  • What if I’m suddenly no more?

What will happen to my precious and pampered kids?

In other words, how will he/she cope?

And what about time for creche?

I know you will say they will cope and learn when they start one.

But what if they can cope before starting one? Wouldn’t that be better?

Wouldn’t that be fair enough? They won’t have to go through roller coaster of emotions, they won’t have to start learning to unlearn vigorously!

We could save them so much before then!

All of these are questions and certainties that drives me to start teaching my 2+year old survival skills as early as they can manage.

Basically my 2+year old can; wear their clothes, play on their own, open doors, close doors, pick toys, clean spills, eat unaided, wear shoes except those with complicated laces.

Sleep on their own, get drinking water, use water dispenser to get water.

The list goes on.

Some mothers do not agree with me on this. They feel I’m less caring to my kids but in truth, I care for mine than they do theirs because I don’t believe in raising pampered kids who sing my name non-stop but kids who are less dependent and resilient.

With exposure and experience, I was able to learn the difference between pampering and raising independent children.

When I was still in the university, I took a job as an instructor in a pre-school. I fell in love with two kids from the same parents. The older child was a boy of 3 and his little sister 2.

The little kid sister was able to do so many things on her own that all the other kids do not even have a clue about!

Later on, I drew the conclusion that they were probably orphans trying to maneuver this world alone.

Until later in the week I got to know the kid’s parents.

It was a shocker!  

The mom was not only well-to-do but also a stay-at-home.

I got a little angry and I stylishly told her that her kids were too independent for their age. Her reply took me off balance, she told me “I brought them up that way so that they will be able to cope with you”.

I stood transfixed for several moments and allow her reply sink into me. It sank even deeper because I made up my mind to do the same with my own.

The mom of those 2, did do me and the school a favor, because, I was both a nanny and an instructor to over 20 children.

And almost all of them were terribly dependent even if some were almost 3. They were unable to do anything except cry, poo and throw tantrums. Most of them couldn’t eat unaided, they each have to cry just as hard before I could get to them each by turns.

Now to the next point – Ready to start intentional parenting? Then, here are 7 survival skills you need to teach your 2+years old.

7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child.

Teaching your young kids survival skills earlier on ensures they stay resilient, brave and adaptive to overcome most tender challenges they will face according to their age.

Some basic survival skills you can teach your 2+ year old:

  • Teach them how to eat on their own
  • Teach your 2+year old how to play on their own
  • Teach your child to sleep on their own.
  • Teach them to understand personal hygiene
  • Show them how to pick up their toys and do basic chores
  • Help them learn how to brush their teeth

1. Teach them how to eat on their own

7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child

Teaching your 2-year old to eat unaided is not a punishment, is not irresponsibility. It’s called teaching your 2-year old to be independent and productive. You are teaching your child not to be a burden to themselves. You are teaching your child how to survive in this harsh world. You are teaching your child not to be a burden to his teacher or family members.




2. Teach your 2+year old how to play on their own ( 7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child)

7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child

As from age 1+ and above, your child should be able to play on their own without clinging so much to you. They should be able to entertain themselves and be happy even when you are out of sight. You can start by teaching them how to play with their own toys, watch cartoons, draw randoms and actually get entertained by it. a clingy toddler will not only cause you serious discomfort but a harm to themselves and can hinder their growth and capabilities.

So do not mistake the fact that your child is clingy to you to mean you are raising them super lovingly.



3. Teach your child to sleep on their own.

7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child

As from age two and above, your child should be able to pattern themselves to sleep on their own. It’s not good if your child of 3 can’t sleep except on your laps. The harsh truth is, if you are not there, your child won’t sleep.

Nobody will have the time to continue your petting for him/her.

And believe it or not, there is always a time you will have to let them out of sight whether planned or unplanned and they will have to learn the hard way.

And at the end of the day, it’s not even love anymore.


4. Teach them to understand personal hygiene

7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child

Your 2+ years old should be taught to understand basic personal hygiene.

  • They should learn not to play or pick trash with their hands.

  • They should learn not to pick food from the floors.

  • They should learn not to mess up their clothes and hands.

  • Wash hands after using the toilet

  • Not to play with poop or urine

  • Not to sit and play in trash, and the list goes on.

  • Teach them to clean up their spills:

It’s necessary for kids to learn not to spill drinks on the floor and clean it up should in case of accidental spills.

Spills are not just house mess but can cause injuries and discomfort from a fall.

5.  Teach them to pick up their toys or do basic chores ( 7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child)

Your 2+ years old should be taught some level of discipline. They should learn to tidy up a little bit after themselves. 

  • They should pick up their toys and put in it’s storage place.
  • Keep cups and spoons in the dishwasher.
  • Clean up spills; 
  • put off their dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

6.  Teach them to brush their teeth

7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child

When I say brush their teeth, I do not mean you should entirely allow them brush their teeth because they can’t! Even a 6+ year old shouldn’t be left to brush their teeth, you still need to brush their teeth at least every other day.

Back to the former, I mean, allow your 2 yr old have a feel of brushing their teeth. Give them a toothbrush plus paste and allow them to graze their teeth for a while before assisting.

Doing these will allow them to cultivate the habit of brushing their teeth and also to enjoy the process.


7.  Teach them to dress themselves up

7 Survival Skills to Teach Your 2+ Year Old Child

My 2+year old twins can wear simple clothes, shoes except complicated ones. It’s a beautiful thing, and the funny part is, I didn’t teach them, they just love to be by themselves. It’s such a blessing really especially during school runs.

While you are trying to get so many things done, your toddlers are busy maneuvering their pieces of clothing on!

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In recent times, motherhood depression has become a growing concern because mothers keep adding babies to babies and the stress load skyrockets. 

What do I mean?

A mother who has an over-dependent two-three-four-year-old, becomes pregnant again, in such a case, she has four babies already.

In most cases, some pregnant mothers have more than two other dependent children and result because dire.

Motherhood then becomes a silent burden and you become angry and silently suicidal. Teaching your kids survival skills earlier on will not only improve quality of life for you and your child but will save you from motherhood depression as you tilt towards other pregnancies.

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