How to Clean Urine On a Couch “( Kids Urine Or Pets)”

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Have your toddler or pet pee on your fabric couch and you’re desperately seeking how to clean urine on a couch, then here is a quick tip.

Urine spills are unavoidable in the house when you have babies, toddlers and pets.

The only way you can make a difference and stop your house from smelling like a leftover garbage bin is to be proactive and very quick when spills happen.

Urrrrgh…It can be very annoying when you’re dealing with constant urine spills in the house.

Eveyone will want to run out from it the moment they step inside.

All the reason why you should potty-train your toddler quickly, ensure that your baby is always on diapers and train your dog or pets to know where to dump their waste.

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So how to clean urine on a couch?

First thing you should do when spills happens, is to bloat the area with a thick hand towel as hard as you can to ensure that the urine does not soak deeper into the couch.

How to Clean Urine On a Couch

If the spill is happening on your watch, quickly use your hands to scrape out the urine from the couch to the floor before it soak into the couch.

It’s better on the floor (especially on tiles) than on the couch.

What you need to get urine off a couch?

Hydrogen peroxide is great substance for breaking down smelly urine
crystals when added to natural baking soda-another perfect
substance for ridding off smell and moisture.

How to use

Add ½ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to a cup of baking soda and mixture is
ready to use.

  • How to clean
    First, quickly clean up the urine spill with a dry towel and press as
    hard as you can to soak up as many urine as you can manage.
  • Sprinkle generous amount of the mixture over the stain, let it sit for
  • Spray some dish liquid around the spot and clean thoroughly again.
  • Spray some Antiseptic odour neutralizer.
  • Vacuum and couch is good as new.

Second Option

After using a dry towel to soak up as much urine as you can manage, sprinkle generous amount of baking powder over the area.

Leave for 5 minutes and then vacuum.

Sprinkle mixture of vinegar and water lightly to the area again and then
clean deeply with your towel.

Spray some Antiseptic odour neutralizer.

This a quick method to help you rid of urine on your couch without leaving urine smell or damp environment for germs to breed.

Now you know how to clean urine on a couch, get on with it, start tackling all the urine spills in your couches.

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