8 Free Ways to Spoil Your Husband On Father's Day

8 Free Ways to Spoil Your Husband On Father’s Day

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We often under-appreciate the men in our lives, they remain unsung, unheard, and underpraised, but we can actually do better.

Granted, women raise children and build a home but fathers have a very strong role they play in our lives and those of our children, most times, we can’t just do it without them.

Father’s Day is the best time than ever to show your husband how much you appreciate him, how much you love him and care for him.

You can do little things to make your husband feel appreciated without spending tons of money, plus the kids can contribute (making DIYs that are total of their own creativity)

Here are 8 Free Ways to Spoil Your Husband On Father’s Day that he will totally love.

8 Free Ways to Spoil Your Husband On Father’s Day

8 Free Ways to Spoil Your Husband On Father's Day

1. Write him a short poem

There’s something magical about poetry, you don’t need to be perfect writing any, you just have to know the right words to match together and you could potentially be setting a heart on frizzles and body to heat.

Your poem should clearly outline how much you appreciate and love your husband.

A little use of words like “PUN” or “alliterations” can create words that can put a man’s whole body on heat and ignite emotions.

You can write your poem on a card and paste at the back of his favorite item like a book or jotters, or cabinet, so he will be able to keep them longer and read all over again when he wants.

2. Make his favorite meal

Father’s Day is about “your husband” and the best day to make all your husband’s favorite meals and drinks.  

As you know, “the way to a man’s heart is through his belly” so shock him with his favorite meals and drinks and boot the happiness in him.

Make tasty meals and drinks to mark the day for his friends too. Here are some father’s day meal ideas I totally love.

3. Give him a back massage

Men can’t resist a back massage, with the number of hours they work every day, it is quite understandable.

Show care and understanding by giving your husband a light back massage to relieve stress and get him in the mood.

Black Seed oil or almond oil are great options to use for stress-relieving massages.

4. Run a hot bath for him 

A hot bath is a great way to relieve the body of stress and get your senses in the present. 

You can add some drops of fragrance and your favorite essential oil to the bathwater to make it more appealing.

You can also sit beside your husband or join him in the bath and lightly scrub him while you two chat.

5. Watch a romantic movie together

But first of all, make sure your husband is the one who picks the movie but if he is not into romance, then fine, watch thrillers with him.

You can snuggle up together on the couch and sip his favorite wine together.

Ideally, this should be the last item on your list after the kids are sleeping, so you two can enjoy your time together.

6. Turn off your phone

Using your phone while with your husband can be a huge turn-off and a poor signal that you don’t care about him but prefer your phone.

So do not make the mistake of using your phone while with him, try to give your husband undivided attention and stay in the present. 

7. Play his favorite game with him 

Although you might not be genuinely interested in the type of games your husband keeps, hey…this is Father’s Day, you can spare two hours or less to join him in his fun.

Play football with him, video games, sports, or whatever your husband loves. It is fine. 

8. Tell him you love him

Telling your husband you love him regularly is very important, in fact, it’s very necessary to keep love in your marriage intact.

Add other powerful appreciation words that will compliment him and stick his mind to you.

I love you, you’re the best husband in the world, thank you for giving me a Beautiful Life, you’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, you are the best dad in the world, I love the fact that I married you—are good words that can Ginger your husband and fuel his love for you.

These are 8 Free Ways to Spoil Your Husband On Father’s Day that will make you both happy and give meaning to the day.

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