Positive Affirmation For Kids

“Positive Affirmations For Kids” Why Our Kids Need Them+21 Best Affirmations

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positive affirmations for kids

Positive affirmations are one of the most effective ways to nurture a young child’s mindset and self-belief, which often influence their overall health and well-being as they grow further into adults.

Positive affirmations when instilled in young children can help build them to become socially, emotionally, and spiritually balanced individuals.

It can also perfect their cognitive abilities and help them maintain a self-identity. 

what are positive affirmations for kids? 

Positive affirmations are phrases or statements that challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts.

Positive affirmations are words used to motivate, encourage, and boost a person’s self-confidence and also neutralize their subconscious pattern of negative thoughts.

In order for your child to make the most from positive affirmations, you have to ensure they practice them on a regular basis to make long-term and lasting changes to the way that they think and feel.

Why are Positive Affirmations For Kids important?

By exposing kids to positive affirmations at a very young age, kids can become much more prepared to navigate successfully through various untold challenges in life.

It will build their self-confidence, improve their mental health, and make them smarter kids.

When a child is raised with the idea that they are important, loved, creative, kind, brave and intelligent-

then they are surely going to be successful at whatever stage they are in their respective lives.

It is super empowering for a child to create a positive belief system within themselves, so much so that it becomes almost impossible for anyone to break it down.

Positive affirmations can be a powerful and holistic tool in building a positive mind and happier children in whichever degenerative stage the world becomes.

The fact is, how we feel about ourselves, is how we develop!

If you feel worthless, then you’ll behave like one who is worthless!

But if you believe you are special and loved, then you will behave like a special and loved person.

Same with children- a child behaves the way they feel about themselves, which is why you need to take the time to teach them how to feel good about themselves and be proud of whoever they are.

How to introduce Positive Affirmations For Kids? 

Positive Affirmation For Kids

Introducing positive affirmations to kids is not a difficult feat, it only requires implementing them into their daily routine.

 You can start by explaining what positive affirmations are to your kids and why it is important that they get serious with it.

Some useful tips to get started. 

1. Start by playfully placing positive affirmation cards around the house with a random selection of positive words.

2. Make a long poster calendar containing a long list of super positive affirmations that kids can repeat every day or every other day.

For a child who is easily bored, pick just one word and make them repeat it at least three times every day to themselves. Affirmations are more effective when repeated until they sink in.

3. If you have a fearless child, you can make them look into the mirror and repeat some words of positive affirmations to themselves before heading out to school or before going to bed.


4. Repeat words while driving out to school or other activities.

Some words of Positive Affirmations For Kids includes;

  • I am beautiful inside out
  • I am special to my parents
  • I am unique
  • I am beautiful
  • I am creative 
  • I am confident 
  • I am kind 
  • I am intelligent 
  • I am important 
  • I am smart 
  • I am lovable 
  •  I am a joy giver
  •  I love myself
  •  I have an awesome life
  •  I am a survivor
  •  I have everything I need to be better
  •  I will grow up to be successful
  •  I am a winner
  •  I can conquer any challenge
  •  No one can make me feel inferior
  •  I love myself

The next generation of better kids starts with how intentionally we are raising ours now. 

We can set the pace for a more balanced generation by patterning our kids into proper, happier, and well-behaved adults.

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