10 Sanity Saving Daily Routines For Working Moms

10 Sanity Saving Daily Routines For Working Moms

Oh my gosh…mommy-hood is so exhausting!!!….

I am currently in bed, yawning continuously as I write this post.

I have cooked, washed, bath and my kids are all in bed sleeping, so I have all the time to share some helpful tips to all other moms who keep unbelievable schedules.

I’m a mom of 3, a full time Blogger and sometimes a VA when the pay is worthwhile.

As a mom blogger, time is the one thing that is not on our side, because blogging can be soul draining sometimes.

To be a mid-level expert blogger, you have over 20 things to tweak here and there, and in most cases for a single business owner, the list goes on and on.

And then as a mom, these are the realities that we come face-to-face with… The realities of a working mom!

As a working mom, the list of task we have to complete every day is just so endless, and to not get burnt out, we should at the very least try to seek out best daily practices that can ease our stress big-time.

Here are some daily routines that has helped me slash my stress level in 2.

Here are 10 sanity saving daily routines for every mom.

1. pray and meditate first thing in the morning

Meditation and some prayers are one of the best morning routines every mom should imbibe.

Early mornings are the best time for anyone to ponder over their lives and connect deeply with their innermost self and then to God.

A 10-minutes quiet time every morning will teach you how to be calmer, patient and resilient.

It is worthwhile to dedicate your “everyday” to the highest God and allow him to take charge of your life and those of your children.

I usually encourage moms not to rush through chores after getting out of bed but to spend at least the next 15 minutes after waking up to practice some healthy self-care routines that are needed to help you stay healthy and productive.

2. Follow a productive evening routine (10 Sanity Saving Daily Routines For Working Moms)

A productive evening routine includes; cleaning up the house for the following day, ironing out clothes, washing dishes, doing laundry, getting a little bit of massage, bathing and then writing out a to-do list for the following day.

3. Do laundry every day

Try to wash dirty clothes everyday or as soon as you can to save your house from mess and ‘you’ from stress.

when you keep your clothes tidy and in order, it naturally relieves you of some level of disorganization stress.

4.  Clean as you go ( 10 Sanity Saving Daily Routines For Working Moms)

Cleaning as you go is one of the best ways to save you from pent-up stress and keep your house clean.

It is much easier to do chores one after the other as they come rather than combining them all together.

Sweeping some part of your house every day is better than sweeping the whole house!

So when a part of your house is dirty, try to sweep it immediately, when the dishes are dirty, try to wash them immediately, when the trash is filled up, send them out immediately.

Do chores as naturally as they come!

5. A meal plan will save you not only time and money but stress

A meal plan will help you organize your whole week’s meals and the necessary Budget for them.

Try to incorporate healthy food choices in your meal plan and then change a part or whole once in a while to include other food varieties.

6.  Prepare for the following day, is one of the best Sanity Saving Daily Routines For Working Moms

It is much easier to prepare for the following day in the evening rather than in the morning.

In the mornings, everything gets so crazy, with so much to do!

You have to bathe the kids, get them dressed, get yourself dressed too, eat, dress the bed, cook or warm-up something and then try to get them early to school and yourself early to work.

The list goes endless, that is why it is better to prepare for the following day the night before.

To prepare for the following day, you need to line up all your clothes for the following day; I mean you need to put together your kid’s uniforms, their shoes, socks, their hair bands, put out your own work dress, your shoes, your bag, accessories.

Line up everything!10 Sanity Saving Daily Routines For Working Moms

You need to wash your kid’s water bottles and clean up lunchboxes and then line them up together.

7. Practice relaxing bedtime rituals

A relaxing bedtime ritual will help you neutralize the day’s stress and prepare you better for the following day.

A relaxing bedtime rituals include;

  • Taking a warm bath,
  • getting a little bit of massage,
  • drinking a soothing tea,
  • stretching,
  • and then slowly falling into sleep.

8.  Assign chores accordingly.

It is a great idea to learn to assign chores to someone else everyday, the truth is, no one can do it all!

Everyone needs assistance.

If you are assigning chores to your kids, make sure you understand kids chores by age so that you will actually be keeping them productive and getting help rather than adding more worries for yourself.

It is good to once in a while take a little break to rejuvenate and ease pent-up stress.

9. Sleep earlier

When you sleep earlier, you’ll be able to wake up earlier!

10.pm is a good benchmark to start sleeping. If you sleep by 10 p.m, you’ll be able to wake up 4 a.m and you will still have gotten enough rest.

A long night’s rest will relax your body, mind- accordingly.

10. Try to cook meals in bulk

It is a good idea to have some bulk meals in your refrigerator for when you need them, especially during the mornings.

You can make some bulk salad, meat, soup, sauces, cookies for the whole week.

Cooking bulk meals will save you lots of cooking stress and money too.

In other plain words,

To save yourself from anxiety and stress as a mum, you need to follow a productive daily routine.

Some of the daily sanity saving routines.

10 Sanity Saving Daily Routines For Working Moms

1 praying and meditating

2 having an evening routine

3 doing laundry everyday

4 cleaning as you go

5 using a meal plan

6 preparing for the following day

7 assigning task accordingly

8 having bedtime rituals

9 sleeping early and

10 cooking meals in bulk.

If you enjoyed these tips, please do not forget to share with a loved one- a mom somewhere might be needing this!

These are productive and sanity saving tips that have helped me cope better as a working mom.

Let’s take the time to discuss this and get to know one another!

As a working mom, what tips or routines do you follow everyday to help you stay top of your game?

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