5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday
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It’s holiday, so you need these 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday Without Breaking Down.


Now that schools are closed and kids are all at home, plus Christmas is just a few days away, the look of our house will change!

kids love to make messes so much that they can’t handle a clean space????????????

It’s holiday and the mess is bound to triple especially if you have a house full of children and visiting adults.

If you’re not careful, you going to keep cleaning and cleaning until you break down because the only way the kids can get themselves busy is with your house- if you don’t know how to get them busy.

The truth is, whatever strategy you intend to come up with to keep your home clean, you’re still going to experience occasional stress and lots of discomfort which is quite normal.

Because, surely, you have to cook three times a day, wash loads of clothes, make extra snacks, plan play activities, clean up the house and manage loads of dishes.

My home is currently filled up and even my neighbor has a house filled with kids. Her sister’s 5 kids are visiting for the holidays plus her own 3 kids and other relatives.

Below are tips that helped me control my house mess which I also shared with my neighbor and has greatly relieved her of some extra cleaning time.

So here are the five easy tips to keep your home clean this holiday.

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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday

1). Lock up some rooms

If you have a large house, then, it is time to look up some rooms during these holidays because if you don’t, your kids plus other visiting kids will play in all of the rooms and get them all messed up for you to clean.

I have four rooms in my apartment but I have locked up two rooms and make sure my kids play in just one room that is very spacious with minimal stuffs.

This quick holiday room has toys, a large camping air mattress, a large cupboard, a large round foam chair, so that they can play safely and also doze off when they play themselves silly!

Plus almost all our activities takes place in this room!

You can also simply re-open all the rooms when it’s bedtime.

This idea has saved me lots of cleaning hours and mess!

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2). Perfect your storage system- 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday

This holiday is the best time to perfect your storage system.

You have to organize your house in such a way that you deal with less clutters and organisation hours.

You need a perfect place to keep your shoes, the perfect place to keep your dishes, your laundry- both dirty and clean, kids toys, your bags, your groceries.

You have to perfect your storage system in such a way that your kids have 0 reach to any of your stuffs or anything to make a mess with.

When you have a perfect storage system in your house and a minimal home decor that is kid friendly, then, you would have cut your cleaning time and organisation in half.

3). Encourage outdoor activities

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday

Encouraging outdoor activities will keep your kids busy and save your house from mess.

Some great outdoor activities are; planning extra snacks ideas outside, gardening- you can get them busy by teaching yourself and them how to plant one or more flowers or any plants of your choice.

You can also plan sports like football, tennis or building a sandcastle.

You can also choose to have them eat their snacks outside while all of you gather together and make it fun.

4). Make meals in bulk

This holiday is the best time to start making food in bulk, if you do not want to be cooking every waking minutes.

To be successful at this, you need to buy groceries in bulk using a budget friendly meal plan.

You should consider a healthy balanced diet while making your bulk meals.

Since most meals require sauce, stew, soup, or creams, you should consider making these food items in bulk so you just have to make their eatable counterpart when the need arises.

Make sure you consider long-lasting and easily preservable food stuffs while stocking your kitchen.

5).  Clean as you go- 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday

In other not to get stressed with cleaning your house everyday, it is best to tackle mess as they come.

How should you clean as you go?

Do the dishes immediately after eating, involve your kids and make sure you understand kids chores by age, clean up any part of the house immediately you notice a mess, do the dishes immediately, try to wash one load of laundry everyday.

It is better to clean as you go because, if you allow the whole house to be messed up and laundry to be packed up and your dishes to be everywhere, then you are surely going to break down.

Cleaning as you go with the kids help will keep your house in a little bit of order this holiday and will save you from over-stressing.

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6)  Declutter- “keep it simple”

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday

The holidays are the best time than ever to declutter and keep your house simple.

Throw out those unusable furniture, electronics, shoes, bags, clothes, bottles, plastics etc.

Throw out all the unusable or excess clutters that could pose harm to your kids, the environment or cause unwanted clutters.

When you keep everything simple, children are most likely going to concentrate on their toys with nothing to mess around with.

Keep every part of your house as minimal as possible, and if you do not like it that way, you can decide to switch over to your regular furniture when the schools are opened.

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Clearing the clutters will also save you lots of cleaning time too, since everywhere stays spacious and no unwanted lingers around.

Clearing the clutters also makes cleaning easier, you can quickly sweep under your chairs, tables and all around unhindered.

Isn’t that perfect enough!

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In other words, to save yourself from cleaning stress this holiday, you need to lock up some rooms if you live in a large house.

Perfect your storage system by making sure everything in your house stays in a proper place and out of the reach of kids.

Encourage outdoor activities by playing, cooking and having fun out of the house for some hours every day.

Make food in bulk so you don’t have to go into the kitchen every waking hours to make meals and then ensure you clean as you go and make sure to involve kids in your regular cleaning routines.

All these are helpful tips that will save your sanity this holiday and allow you enjoy yourself and your kids company in one piece.

Helpful 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Holiday.

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