80 Habits For a Much More Better and Productive Life

Believe it or not, everyone can improve upon themselves every now and then with a little tweak in their lifestyle.

Which at first, may seem insignificant but quite necessary.

No one is born with an enviable habit, but practice, together with an open mindset can triple personal growth to enhance a much more better and productive life.

Are you out searching for ways to improve upon your life?… which of course everyone needs!

Myself inclusive!

I, writing this post, have a die-hard interest in improving myself daily.

I read blogs, podcasts, audios and what have you, in a bid to challenge myself to be much more better, focused, productive and happier.

Here are 80 habits for a much more better and productive life.

For Great Health

80 Habits For a Much More Better and Productive Life

1 go to bed early

2 wake up 5 a.m. everyday

3 drink 8 ounces glasses of water every day

4 eat more protein and fiber-rich foods

5 take a probiotic daily

6 exercise three to five times per week

7 limit smoking or quit altogether

8 stay fit by walking some miles everyday

9 stay away from alcohol

10 sleep at least 8 hours every day

11 reduce screen time i.e limit the number of hours you spend on social media and internet

12 be serious about work breaks

13 have a meal timetable

14 use beneficial houseplants

15 do regular eye check-up

16 do regular teeth checkup

17 don’t binge eat your meals

18 cook your meals yourself

19 get fresh air daily

20 experience sunshine to increase vitamin d

For Self-love

21 cut off toxic energy

22 cut off toxic friends

23 cut off toxic habits

24 replace one bad habit with a good one

25 make time for self-care

26 speak your mind

27 be yourself at all times

28 love yourself

29 make yourself happy

30 compliment yourself

31 say No at times and mean it

32 follow your dreams

33 it’s always you first

34 follow your heart

35 bath twice everyday

36 have a skincare routine

37 take care of your private parts

38 cut off toxic relationships

39 make a simple to-do list daily

40 be tidy

41 dance and enjoy the moment

42 find a support system

43 find an accountability partner

44 love “you” for “you”

45 manage your personal finance

46 save to travel the world

47 make new friends


48 pray as often as possible

49 create time for meditation

50 let go of the past

51 appreciate the little you have

52 read motivational books daily

53 practice mindfulness

54 always mind your business

55 don’t gossip or slander anyone

56 don’t spread rumors

57 pay attention to yourself

58 pay attention to the people around you

For mindset

59 use positive affirmations

60 believe in yourself

61 set flexible goals and achieve them

62 journal your experience daily

63 reduce procrastination

64 block negative thoughts

65 have a vision for your life

66 declutter your mind and body

67 practice habits of mentally strong people

68 embrace minimalism

69 read as often as possible

70 broaden your vocabulary

71 be open to suggestions

72 be flexible to life

73 listen more than you talk

74 take failures as a feedback

75 emulate good behaviors

76 be a good example

77 be kind with your words

78 block self-doubt that leads to depression

79 you are enough

80 don’t put anyone down and never let anyone put you down too!

80 Habits For a Much More Better and Productive Life


















































Practicing a couple or dozens of any of the above, is a meaningful way to kick-start a change in your life!

It’s one of the best ways to Change your life for the better.

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