How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge ( Best Steps For 2023)

How to change your life in 30 days?

A Life-Changing Challenge is one of the best milestones that one could set once in a while to help checklist your life and propel you to be much better.

Setting Challenges meant to inspire change in one’s life is one of the best moves to kick-start any significant and meaningful change you desire in your life.

Sometimes we feel down and we do not like how our lives are turning, all the monotonous rounds of events that we rope Ourselves through.

It’s normal!

You just feel choked!

Overwhelmed and Full of Grief!How to change your life in a 30-day challenge

At this point, you desire change, positivism, and hope for contentment that nothing else can bring except within.

If at the moment, you’re right here… at this stage, then;

Here are Ten Positive Life Changing 30-day-Challenge You Might Want to Start Now.

They may be little or appear insignificant, but you can never tell what difference they will add to your life until you start now.

“Nothing in life is ever permanent and Nothing in life is ever predictable”

So start now and marvel at the awesome results!

They might be the exact ways to change your life for the better!

1) Become an Early RiserHow to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

You might wonder why people keep hampering being a morning person or why you should wake up at 5 a.m?

It’s no news, the positivism, and life-changing circles that waking up early brings is immense.

I am a living witness.

Waking up 5 a.m. changed not just my sloppy Demeanor but my overall life!

I have time to drink my favorite coffee at a slow pace, go for a walk, take care of my body and even go to work early and relax, plus even my kids go to school early.

2) Read a Motivational Book or Blog For Some Minutes Everyday

How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

Some of us get bored with too-serious self-help books and long motivational speeches…I do too!

But over time, I realize that no matter how much you think or feel about yourself, you still need some push that someone else can give you.

This push may be in form of stories or events from people with real-life experiences.

“We are all created to be inspired continuously else everything begins to dwindle and fade into nothingness”.

3) Kick Out Some Friends

How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

Some friends are not worth staying in your life!

Whatever change you desire or progress you wish to attain, some friends will confuse you to never achieve them.

Nobody is telling you to become enemies with your current friends but to start 30-day withdrawal tactics to help you rid of them not permanently but at least for the period you desire to change.

4) Exercise For 30 minutes Everyday

How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

Exercises are beneficial for our mental and physical well-being.

Our bodies have been wired naturally to be exercised to stay their optimal best.

When your bones are active and free, it gives you the willingness to try new things and adopt a productive lifestyle.

5) Eat a Balanced Diet(How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge)How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

Diet can change your life positively, for me, I used to be very sloppy and tired everyday, which made me unable to perform well as either a mother or an employee.

But everything changed when I adopted a change in my diet which is protein, fiber and black tea for breakfast every morning.

Here is an Evidence-based reason to eat more Protein.

6) Listen to Something Relaxing

Music is food to the soul!

Allow your body to relax and feel good by pumping it with some positive energy which can be music, podcast, lecture, or even a rhyme.

7)  Keep a Positive Relationship

How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

Keep a positive relationship by recognizing the right partner and keeping them.

If you are in the wrong relationship, you will never come close to the positive change you desire in your life.

Wrong relationships can weigh you down emotionally, physically and spiritually.

8) Draw Closer to God

How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

Everyone knows there’s an ultimate power in heaven!

A power that can transform nothing into everything that you ever desire without even lifting a finger from your part.

Getting closer to that power will naturally shed a positive light on your life, helping you get away from bad, self-damaging habits, to being free and purposeful.

9) Sleep For at Least 8 hours Every day

How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

A body without sleep is akin to a walking corpse!

Sleep eases all your worries, and rejuvenates your mind, body and soul.

According to sleep experts, good Sleep Can Improve Concentration and Productivity.

Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function.

This includes cognition, concentration, productivity and performance (See Evidence).

Sleep is all the positive habits you need to practice religiously today.

Of course, this advice is not for sloppy people….who sleep all through the day!!!!????????????

Here’s why you should sleep more

10) Regulate TV and Social Media Time

How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

Limiting screen time in your life can actually be very rewarding.

Excessive use of screens i.e T.V and phones will make you not only to forget important things that matter every day but will weaken your eyes and blunt your cognitive abilities.

Limiting T.V and social media to do something more productive is one of the best ways to change your life if you care to ask (How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge)

11) Date Yourself

How to Change Your Life In a 30-Day Challenge

Be comfortable enough in your own skin, find yourself worthy to date.

Loving yourself is very necessary, not a boisterous and ego-filled kind of love.

Loving yourself positively helps you love other people in your life better.

You can date yourself by taking yourself out to dinner, enjoy a private moment in a beautiful garden or stay some days in a cozy hotel room.

11) Let go Of Grudges and Hate

Bring positivity into your life by letting go of grudges and hate.

Don’t allow anyone to take away your innermost happiness and Peace.

No one is worth the trouble!

You can use a 30-day challenge to let go of every single grudge you are holding with someone and allow those who offend you to ward off from your mind.

It’s so worth it!!!

12) Make New Friends

Making new friends is a way of expanding your experience.

It is a positive journey and very rewarding.

Life is filled with differences!

Difference filled with awe, mixed feelings and joy!

When you are free, go for a long drive, meet new friends and laugh your sorrows out.

Wrap Up

A 30-day challenge to change one’s life is actually a fun and rewarding way of adding positivity to your life.

It’s not a must, neither is it a command…it’s just a reminder, a positive vibe and voice yearning to spread positivity for a better you!

Try something new today and reek into the magic that it brings!


  1. These are great ideas for making a positive change in your life in 30 days. Personally, I need to work on #9!

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