10 smart things productive moms do before 9a.m.

There is usually no set rules for mom to follow to become perfect at motherhood, but implementing some positive set of rules in our lives can push us toward better success.

Mommyhood is hard, but we can choose to make it enjoyable by doing small things that could contribute immensely to our happiness and well-being.

To be a happy and well-balanced mom, you have to strive to be as productive as possible and try to make the most of your day so you can have enough time to be a mom to your kids.

To be a much more better and productive mom, here are the 10 things you should at least try to achieve before 9 a.m.

10 smart things productive moms do before 9 a.m.

1.  Take a bath

It is a good thing to take a bath as the first thing you do when you jump out of your bed in the morning.

A cold or hot bath (whichever you prefer ) will rejuvenate your mind, and body and clear sleep out of your eyes.

A cold bath will help you feel fresher and better!

2.   Dress the bed10 smart things productive moms do before 9a.m.

It is a good habit to dress your bed after getting out of it, so your room looks a bit organized and your space inviting.

 When you properly tuck your bed, you feel more comfortable sitting on it, writing on it, arranging items, or even organizing your handbag.

3.   Take a cup of warm coffee or water

10 smart things productive moms do before 9a.m.

If you’re one of those moms who can’t do without coffee, then it’s not a bad idea to take one immediately after taking your bath to clear your head and give you more energy while beating off sloppiness.

But if you are those who generally prefer water, then drink a little warm water- you can add some drops of lemon to it to spice up the water and give you more energy. 

4.   Do small stretches or yoga 

Doing small stretches or yoga first thing in the morning, will ease your body from tiredness and strengthen your bones and relieve you of some stress.

Yoga can keep your body all firmed up and your core session all straightened up.

Doing small yoga and stretches every day will improve your body’s resilience to better handle stress and pressure.

5.   Pray and meditate 

Whether you are religious or not or you believe in prayers or not, it is a good thing to mouth positive affirmations first thing in the morning with the hope that they actually manifest in your life.

You can practice slow meditation by quietly mouthing positive affirmations in your life and asking God for guidance and support in your daily life and those of your children.

Meditations and prayers are a good way to start your day as a mom to build your resilience and teach you to be a calmer mom. 

6.   Tidy up a bit 

It is usually best for working moms to keep an active evening routine that involves tidying up the house a little bit so that you don’t get to stress yourself in the morning with chores when you have so many other things to do already.

You can just do one or two things that you left out the night before and keep everything organized.

how to keep your house clean

7.   Bath, dress and feed your kids 

As a mid-level productive mom, you should at least be able to bathe, dress and feed your kids before 8 a.m. to avoid getting them late to school.

Dressing your kids is usually easier if you had laid out all their clothing, lunch bags, water bottles and shoes the night before- so that you can easily get to them in the morning. 

Try feeding the kids light meals so they don’t get all bloated and forget what they’re supposed to be doing in school.

8.   Drop them off at school 

You might want to beat traffic and get your kids to school as early as possible or at least before 8 a.m.

When your kids are at school much earlier, they get to settle down and relax a bit before learning begins. 

9.   Write out a handy to-do list 

Your to-do list should be simple and straight to the point and they should be things that you can easily achieve.

Do not overwhelm yourself by writing too long and unachievable tasks on your list and make everything boring.

A handy to-do list could contain all the things you intend to do that day like; shopping, what to cook, where to go, the day’s budget, appointments and other necessary engagements.

10.  Be ready for business or work by 9 a.m. 

To be a successful and highly productive mom, you should try to get to your office or your business early enough and make sure to complete most tasks before rounding off the day.

It is much easier to achieve this when you get to your work or start your business of the day early enough.

It’s one of the best 10 smart things productive moms do before 9 a.m.

The most important thing is to have fun with the whole process, try to be a natural mom and do the basic things to ensure you’re being productive instead of being busy, and don’t get too hard on yourself.

Take everything one step at a time until you’re actually enjoying the whole process.

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