7 Reasons Why You Will Never Be Successful!

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Be Successful!

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Be Successful; SIMPLE AND PLAIN!

Some people can’t help wondering why they simply can’t be as rich as their next-door neighbor. They often hope to get the same level of success as those they covet. If you fall into this category, then these may be the reasons why;

  1. You can’t take risk
  2. You are too arrogant
  3. You are very lazy
  4. You don’t believe in entrepreneurship
  5. You chase at it blindly
  6. Indiscipline
  7. You can’t bear the success of others.

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Be Successful!


Many Millionaires today will tell you that they made their money by a trial and error method. Most millionaires are willing to take the risk to invest their money for a business that others will never even try to think of. You won’t be a millionaire when you have not taken a risk. When you have not tested or sampled with money-making ventures. Most unsuccessful people tend to rather enjoy their cash as it comes than lose it on a wide chase of risky trial&failure attempts.


A lot of arrogant people can never millionaires and if they manage to be, it hardly lasts long. Some people are very arrogant, they so much hate to take orders from anyone. And if they manage to take an order, they execute it with so much anger and haughtiness. Arrogant people are very choosy with jobs or business, as they will rather not belittle themselves doing a lot of things that would have made them millionaires.


Lazy people can never be millionaires. One needs to be hardworking to make money. Success is a lot of sacrifices. A successful person keeps lots of rules In their lives. They know when to sleep or wake, when to work very seriously and when to relax a bit. You can’t be a millionaire when you are always tired and unwilling to go extra-miles to fulfill anything.


unsuccessful people do not believe in starting a business of their own. They only work hard to get a high paying job. Forgetting that it becomes so much better when you go fishing rather than being given a fish.

7 Reasons Why You Are Still Unsuccessful


I often notice how money eludes those who chase at it with a blind race. The harder you worked just to make so much money without caring for anything else, is the harder the money keeps getting out of your reach. Becoming a millionaire requires discipline, patience, kindness, some level of humanity and becoming a “giver”


You can’t be a millionaire when you lack personal discipline. Personal discipline with money means you are conscious of your spending habit. You are able to differentiate your needs from your wants. You are able to stick to a budget. You don’t allow yourself to be dwindled by inferiority complex enough to get you immersed in dept. That you can be happy with what you have already and save the rest for a rainy day.


Some people are just like that. They can’t understand your hard work neither are they happy with a success story. Your hard work pisses them as your success depresses them. These types of people are the “get rich quick” types who never record a success story. They are naturally manipulative, deceptive, lazy, and very haughty. Great men or women with a record-breaking success, do not get weighed down but challenged with other peoples’ success. They are willing to celebrate and emulate success.  

So these could be the 7 Reasons Why You Will Never Be Successful no matter how hard you have been trying.

Get rid of them and watch your life improve drastically!

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2 responses to “7 Reasons Why You Will Never Be Successful!”

  1. Emmanuel Obarhua Avatar
    Emmanuel Obarhua

    Hello Kuburah; how are you?

    First up, I’m glad you wrote this. It’s kind of like a checklist through which one can vet themselves to predict the future.

    A lot of persons stick to white and never go for blue collar jobs because of the fear of taking risks. Taking advice isn’t really belittling oneself. Yet, oddly, some people (the arrogant ones indeed) abhor it. No comment on laziness, as we know it is a constant cause of failure. This is very true. And good for me, I have a premium on entrepreneurship. Working for money without following best practices and exercising patience would give the airplane of your blitz a nosedive. Well done.

    Best Wishes.

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