60 Self Discovery Journal Prompts For Finding Your True Self

60 Self Discovery Journal Prompts For Finding Your True Self

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60 Self Discovery Journal Prompts For Finding Your True Self for when you want to journal prompts to find your purpose.

In life, we humans run after so many goals and try all our utmost power to achieve them, and strive to be as successful as we can manage.

But the simple fact remains that 80% of people are still failing to be what they want to be and where they want to be in life, because, while we’re striving to achieve big goals- we fail to understand ourselves.

Self-discovery is a crucial part of personal growth, it is the only way to get the road map to our success and well-being.

Part of the reasons why we should make self Discovery a priority in our lives!

Getting to Know Ourselves, is the first step to becoming a better, stable and focused being.

Ways Journaling Benefits Relationships

Ready to start your self-discovery journey?

The best way to start a self discovery journal is by accepting you need one and setting aside some days in a week to complete the task.

Here is a helpful post on how to start a bullet journal.

It is essential that you stick to it for a number of months or years, since our answers to self discovery changes over time due to experiences and events that shapes our personal lives.

The goal of self-discovery is to dig deep and get to know yourself by answering abstract, face-to-face questions that will help you discover your real truth.

When you finally commit to starting a self discovery journal, it is necessary that you do not over task yourself with it and end up making it a chore else you get bored and trash it to the background.

Rather establish a habit that only you can stick to, adjust as needed and over time you will make progress.

60 self-discovery prompts (journal prompts to find your purpose)

60 Self Discovery Journal Prompts For Finding Your True Self

  1. How do you feel right NOW? And how exactly do you want to feel?

  2. What steps do you need to go after your own dreams and desires?

  3. Is there any particular reason why you compare yourself with others?

  4. How can you make your own personal opinion the first priority in your life?

  5. Why do care too much about what others think of you?

  6. Who do you want to be? Are you who you want to be?

  7. How do you feel when you compare yourself with others?

  8. Does it really matter to you what others want you to be? why?

  9. Are you meeting your own expectations?

  10. Do you feel like you are meeting or you are not meeting other people’s expectations? why does it matter?

  11. What are you struggling with right now?

  12. What are the things that make you feel better?

  13. What are the things you are grateful for right now?

  14. What steps will you take to start taking responsibility in your life instead of blaming others?

  15. What steps will you take to prove to yourself that you are worthy of every good thing in your life?

  16. What do you term “success” and what does it mean to you?

  17. What steps will you take to enjoy your life more?

  18. What are the habits and characteristics you like about yourself?

  19. Are you constantly feeling lost? What steps do you think you can take to find yourself and what will it mean to you?

  20. How can you accept yourself for who you are, or how can you be happy with who you are?

  21. How do you take personal mistakes? Do you believe everyone makes mistakes?

  22. How can you love yourself a little more?

  23. What are the characteristics you admire in people?

  24. Who are the people you admire and wish to be like in your life?

  25. How can you develop the characteristics you admire in people?

  26. What habits do you need in order to live your best life?

  27. Who is the person you need the most to achieve your life goals?

  28. Journal everything about your ideal day – what you like to eat, wear, drink, to-do-list?60 Self Discovery Journal Prompts For Finding Your True Self

  29. What are your good qualities, what are your best 5 qualities?

  30. What does your dream job look like?

  31. How do you simplify your life, what can you do to simplify your life?

  32. How have you changed in the past three, two years?

  33. What does self-confidence mean to you?

  34. What are ten things you love about yourself, why?

  35. If I am given the chance to own three things, what would they be?

  36. If I should die today, what would I want people to remember me for?

  37. What are my dreams like, what do I dream of and why?

  38. If I have just ten words to describe myself, what would they be?

  39. What is my biggest passion in life?

  40. What is self-worth to me, and how do I define what self-worth is?

  41. What are my three biggest priorities in life?

  42. If today was my last day, how will I spend it?

  43. What does self-care mean to me?

  44. How do I cope with insecurities? What will I need to change?

  45. What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received and did not take?

  46. Describe one of your most memorable experiences?

  47. What can you do today to make it better than yesterday?

  48. If you can give your future self five pieces of advice, what will it be?

  49. Why are you avoiding, why?

  50. What do you focus on most at this time of your life?

  51. How are you moving towards achieving your biggest goals?

  52. What are the five things that easily get you angry and what can you do to suppress them where the need arises?

  53. What activities bring joy to you the most and set your soul free?

  54. Describe 1 toxic habit that you need to let go of?

  55. In what areas of your life would you like to see change and growth?

  56. Are you being true to yourself and living authentically? why or why not?

  57. What does love mean to you and how do you express it?

  58. What are your 3 big stress, what are the things that ignite them?

  59. Do you feel confident about your looks? if not, why?

  60. Who are you?

Here are 50 great self-discovery journal prompts to start immediately that could change your life and help you discover the true “you”

All sprinkled with a dose of happiness, self-fulfillment and social success.

Good luck with finding the real “you” and changing your life for the better!

So Your 60 Self Discovery Journal Prompts For Finding Your True Self (journal prompts to find your purpose)

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