5 Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms.

Real time balancing of “work” and “home” for some busy mom can be quite soul draining.

It becomes even more Complex when you are unable to drag your body off bed at an earlier hour of the day,

So you can Start Chores.

A working mom has to cook, clean, do laundry, bath kids and get them to school everyday before heading to her place of work.

Keeping these type of stressful routines everyday can actually be soul draining.

But not to worry….KBH writing has got amazing hacks to get you going without getting burnt-out from stress.

5 Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms.

Here are Real-Time Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms.

  1. Keep a meal timetable

  2. Iron and fold your whole week work dress

  3. Cook meals that are easily microwavable

  4. Do your dishes before going to bed.

  5. Organize your child or children school uniforms and lunch bags before going to bed.

1. Keep a meal timetable

A weekly meal timetable can make your momprenuer life less cumbersome. Map out one every weekends and ensure you include all the classes of food on the menu.

Create dishes that contain carbohydrate, protein, vegetables, fats, water, fiber, vitamins and spread them or rotate them all through the week.

Keep focus on rich but quick fix meals. Add up lots of vegetables that won’t need too much time to be prepared.

2. Iron and fold a whole-week work-dress.

Organize a whole week work dress. Start by putting together head-to-toe pieces you will need from Monday to Friday, i.e. put together matching shirt, skirt, accessories, bags and shoes.

Line them up separately into five categories (Monday to Friday).

These will ensure you spend less time every day with your clothing choice or makeup.

If you don’t, you end up spending much indecisive moments dressing up.

Naturally as women, we take lots of time dressing up every day.

3. Plan out morning meal before going to bed.

The best way to do these, is to cook the breakfast and put in the refrigerator or parboil any ingredients that needs extra cooking or slice and put aside any vegetable that will most likely take much of your time in the morning.

This is one of the tips that has made most of my mornings less frustrating and stressful.

If I am making veggy meals, I make sure all vegetables are sliced and well-preserved and if I am making any sauce or stew with rice,

I ensure they are both ready so I will just  boil my rice and microwave the stew the following morning.

4. Do your dishes before going to bed.

If you are not an early-riser, these tips will really save you from being late for work.

Although, you might be very tired after the day hard work, but what I normally do, is to sleep for some hours and wake up before midnight and do the dishes.

The few hours of sleep will ensure you are a little rested and ready to do some other works.

So take the time to do the dishes, slice your vegetables, cook your stew or lay out your children lunch bag.

5. (5 Daily Life Hacks For The Most Busiest, Late-Rising Moms) Organize your kids lunch bag and school bag before night fall.

Clean up the lunch bag, put water into each water bottle or buy bottled water if you have more than one kids.

Put clean spoons together with the water bottles and put aside.

Make sure to wash their lunch box or flash when doing your late night dishes. These will ensure that after waking up late, you can easily access everything in one place.

I am a late riser but these tips and hacks allows me to enjoy all the benefits early risers enjoy every day.

Subsequently, I became even more quicker than my neighbor who wakes up as early as 4:00am.

This mom’s time organisational tips will be useful for very busy moms.

The above are sure tips for any mompreneur who is really feeling down with her work-family life.

Daily life hacks for busy moms

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