25 Ways To Stay Healthy and Prevent Rapid Aging.

ways to be healthier

Do you wish for a much better and healthier ways to live your dream life? then, here are 25 ways to stay healthy and prevent aging.

They are painless ways to apply evidence-based well-being to your everyday life.




      4. Brush your teeth/floss twice everyday


      6. Drink at least 4 liters of water every day.

       7. Write out a daily to do list

       8. Keep a daily budget

       9. Read and write everyday


        11. Concentrate and eat your food one bit at a time

        12. Work on your Abs.

        13. Plan your weekly meals

        14. Eat vegetables for breakfast

        15. Eat more protein

         16. Use Epsom salt bath.

         17. STICK TO AN EXERCISE.







Green Tea is said to be the healthiest Tea on this planet while it is not so surprising, because it is loaded with powerful antioxidants and nutrients that has an overall benefit for the body.

Studies shows that green tea can reduce inflammation and fight cancer, as it is rich in polyphenols and large amount of a catechin called EGCG. Catechins are natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and provide other health benefits.

Green tea can also improve brain functions, increase fast burning, lower cancer risk, protect you against brain- aging diseases, diabetes, and help you live longer.

Drinking green tea is one of the healthiest ways to stay healthy

ways to stay healthy
KBH writings











ways to stay healthy







Coffee is a dark colored liquid which contains different compounds and caffeine and which has some important health benefits several studies recently conducted show that people who consume coffee on a daily basis have reduced  risk of diseases like Alzheimer, diabetes and they also tend to live longer.


ways to stay healthy








According to health cold shower benefits includes reducing muscles soreness, post workouts, help your blood to circulate at a faster rate to main ideals temperature, boost weight loss and calm itchy skin, so get out of bed and take a cold shower, it is great for your body.

Brush your teeth/floss twice everyday

ways to stay healthy







Dentists advice we brush our teeth twice every day morning and night, most importantly at night because bacteria feast on food particles on your teeth while you sleep in the process, they release by-products which causes tooth decay and plaque.


ways to stay healthy





Sleep for at least 7 hours every day. According to sleep experts, sleep disorder can have major health consequences like medical conditions such as obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes.

So, prevent health issues by taking quality amount of sleep on a daily basis.

Fight insomnia by staying away from things that take away your sleep.

Drink at least 4 liters of water every day.

ways to stay healthy







Our body is all about water. Every part of our body uses water. When we don’t drink enough water, you risk becoming dehydrated.

Drinking plenty of water everyday has an overall great health benefits as it flushes out toxins from the body and prevents infections from spreading all around the body.

Also drinking water on an empty stomach cleans our colon and help ease digestion, burn fats and help our body absorb nutrients more easily.

Write out a daily to do list

ways to stay healthy







This will help you ensure you to use your time efficiently. You achieve lots of things you ordinarily won’t even remember if you do not have one in place.

A to-do list can help you stick to a plan and maximize your everyday life goals.

Keep a daily budget

ways to stay healthy








We all need one. Aimless spending is a bad habit for anyone. In order not to get into debt or waste handful resources, it is best that one keeps a daily budget to guide you on your spending and to help you meet up your most important needs.

Read and write everyday

ways to stay healthy







Writing and reading everyday has numerous benefits. Reading helps in brain  stimulation, increase your knowledge, reduce stress, improve your focus and concentration and expand your vocabulary.

While writing calm your nerves, help you concentrate and wake your brain.   


A 2003 study in the Journal Nutrition found that women who ate three apples a day for three months lost more weight that those who were fed oat cookies for snacks.

So, eating apple every day to keeps the doctors away and prevent your waist line from expanding.

Concentrate and eat your food one bit at a time

ways to stay healthy







Mindless eating is bad for your health according to experts. A 2011 study published in the American journal of clinic Nutrition found that people who multitask while eating, felt less full and ate more food in 30 minutes than those who were not distracted.

 ways to stay healthy: Work on your Abs.

Do planks every day to lose those funny fats and strength your core. Planks are very effective even when you practice them a few times or few more every day. They can help you tone your biceps, strengthen your core and flatten your tummy.

Plan your weekly meals

Crash diets are those one minutes foods you hustle on fire every day as you don’t have any meal plan. Crash diets are bad for health as they lack any nutritional values. Take 30 minutes every weekend and pan your whole week, food time table. Following a weekly nutritional plan will help you stay healthy and maximize your food nutrients.

A good nutritional meal plan should contain all the six classes of food.

Eat vegetables for breakfast

healthy food






Get vegetables every day for breakfast to maximize your health living practice vegetables boost your body digestive system and reduce your risk of cancer.

When you eat vegetables in the morning, you boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat more easily.

Eat more protein

ways to stay healthy






Replace those rice, paste, cereals, bread, yam, garri in your time table with meat, eggs, fish, beans, nuts etc.

According to shape.com, a researcher at the University of Illinois put different people on a traditional high carbohydrate diet, low-fat diet and moderate – protein diet. And at the end of four months, all the participants in each study lost the same amount of weight, but those who ate more protein lost 22 percent more fat, and gained more muscles, leaving them looking fit and trim.

Use Epsom salt bath

ways to stay healthy







Epsom salt bath contains magnesium sulphate, which according to science helps muscles relax and reduce inflammation. Epsom salt is a strong vasodilator, which means it will help increase blood flow to the muscles as well as the surface of the skin.

The magnesium in the salt helps you build strong bones, manufactures protein and release energy from muscles while keeping them fit.


ways to stay healthy








learning to stick to an exercise routine is an important decision we can make for ourselves. The human body has been naturally wired to be constantly exercised. You can try interesting exercise like running, jogging, bicycling and swimming, and walking too. But if for one or more medical reasons you can’t do any strenuous exercise, then practice walking a few miles every day. Exercises keep our body healthy, well-toned and strong.

How to start an effective walking exercise?.



ways to stay healthy







Striving to eat healthy is a must for everyone. Don’t just fill your tummy with food but ensure you are eating what’s right for your body. So, know what you eat, how you eat and when you eat. Schedule your meals between eating proteins, fruits and healthy fat. Stay away from canned food but if you must eat them, cook them properly. Eat less salt, sugar, do starchier carbohydrates and drink lots of water.

CLEAR SKIN DIET: 11 foods for a flawless skin


25 Ways To Stay Healthy and Prevent Rapid Aging.










Hobbies are sweet to indulge, after a hard day working, do something that will make you forget your day. You can try watching your favorite shows, reading a breath-taking romance novel or write your story. But make sure which ever hobby you love is truly helping your body DE-stress or you can simply nap in your free time.


 ways to stay healthy







Sleeping on a dirty sheet is a bad practice for your skin and health. Your bed- sheet mock –up all the dirt, sweat, your body produced throughout the day. Living it without a wash for more than 5 days put your skin at risk of microbial infection, do you know that dirty sheets can give you so many skin infections?

In the real SENSE just imagined sleeping every night with stuck up dirt and sweat on your body, what damage it can actually cause to your skin. I have witnessed the powers of bathing every night. You actually don’t need to run after costly skin care that won’t work if you try it.

So why not keep them clean and enjoy great health, beautiful skin and a good night sleep.

(Anti-ageing skincare)-Perfect ingredients to exfoliate your delicate skin.


ways to stay healthy








Your bedroom is the most important part of your home after your kitchen, it is the place you get to rest, meditate, and rejuvenate those tired bones after every day work. So, it has to look and feel it best for it to serve that purpose for you. Little changes can do an over good for your bedroom like a calm lightening, dim colors, flowers, fragrance, and accessories.

These are tips to make it cozy


ways to stay healthy







A diary is a private note, where you keep record of present and past events, discuss your experiences or to keep track record of mistakes and successes. Some people may find keeping one very old-fashioned but surprisingly most successful people did keep a diary.

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