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 Here are Some useful Home Styling tips for a small living if you have a Small budget.

Our living room is a very integral part of our apartment. It won’t be a waste of time to find different methods of making it comfy and luxurious on a small budget.

Some may think having a very classy living room is costly or can only be afforded by the rich, but that is not really true because you can have a luxurious living room or sitting room with a very tight budget.

Everything comes with ease as we learn and practice every day

It won’t be a bad idea if you keep seeking ways to improve the looks of your living room

 Here are ten home styling tips for your dream sitting room on a budge

1. Add colors to light up everywhere







Your sitting room is all about colors!

Great sitting room are made from contrasting, strong, and clear color combination like white, and red or grey or combination of red, white and black.

You can paint your walls white, use red throw pillows on your chairs and use a black floor tile.

2. Create a designer storage for your living room.

home styling







A great draw or cupboard can add lots of difference in your living room. It can help create space and a place to keep designer accessories.

However your storage system, it should not be too big or wide so it does not take up the space you are trying to save.

3. Use Plants

home styling








Studies shows that having a protective plant in your bedroom helps you sleep better.

Reduce pollution by removing harmful TOXINS from the air and can also calm your nerves for longer sleep.

I generally love the snake plant – It is reported to emit oxygen at night while simultaneously taking in-carbohydrate.

This plant can increase the quality of air in your bedroom and better your sleep.

Plants adds natural beauty to the living room.

Not only are they great in improving our health but they can also beautify any space.

4. Use Movable Furniture

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Living room furniture should be picked with careful creativity.

I personally love curvy, easy to move sofas.

I keep centre table that is just small enough to give relevance to the room.

Everything in the living room should be easily movable so they don’t buck up the whole place and also for cleaner, friendlier atmosphere.

5. Use Patterns

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Patterns add a lot of beauty to a living room

Most patterns are usually D.I.Ys. So, if you are not good with D.I. Ys, then get someone to match or pair your furniture with one another using curated patterns.

6. Use Affordable Accessories

home styling







home styling







Accessories have the ability to “wow” any living room. Y

living room accessories can be in form of a plastic flower on a glass vase, a beaded wall piece or drawings, a chandelier, sconces or portable antiques.

You can shop or make cheap D.Y.Y watches, vases flowers or mugs in the living room or rubber fruits on a vintage place.

7. Pattern your walls and stair cases

home styling









source:max zambelli

You can pattern your walls using natural colors, painting or wallpapers.

But choose those that add brightness to the living room.

8. Use Wainscoting to dress up your living room

home styling







source: sebring design

Wainscoting can add a classic finishing to your living room. I love those with horizontal rails and vertical stiles.

Wainscoting adds a contemporary style and perfect finishing in a living room.

9. Replace table lamps with wall sconces

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Sconces are more portable, take less spice and give more protective light. Sconces comes in different form.

But choose those that can add color, and space and relevance to your dream bedroom.

Since they are usually nailed to wall, they add more relevance and take up less space in a room.

10. Ditch Curtains for Window Blinds

home styling








Curtains often provide a warm and traditional look in a room, but window blinds are more stylish and adds a more finishing touches to your living room.

A perfect choice, if you are fighting with space.

While i generally love blinds for living room and curtains for bedrooms because of the cozy, warmth they provide.  See how to style a bedroom on a tight budget.

Styling tips for a small living room



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  1. Jessica F

    These are really some good ideas, However I had grabbed a few ideas but i might have missed a few of these.
    Nice informative article.

    1. I am glad that you found the tips helpful Jessica.

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