walking exercise health benefit

walking exercise health benefit:10 things walking can do to your body.

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10 things walking everyday can do to your body

There are too many benefit walking 30 minutes every day can do for our body. It is one of the most cheapest and hassle free exercise in the world. It is also very easy, I mean we all walk, and we need to walk every day. But you should know that a general movement is different from a purposeful walking done for exercise purpose. I mean you need to get out of you house and walk without stopping for at least 30minutes. Only then can you get the benefit of a walk exercise. It is also necessary that you create your daily walk routine.

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These are the 10 things walking can do for your body according to science

                1.  It keeps your heart strong

Walking is just as useful as running according to the American Heart Association. It can help in avoiding heart related issues like strokes or other heart related issues. It improves circulation, reduce cholesterol and can stabilize blood pressure.

2.  Enhance better vision

It sounds really unfamiliar, but research claims that walking every day is of great benefit to the eyes. According to the buggzodiac, walking improves some eye pressure thus reducing glaucoma in some cases.

               3.  Increase brain function

According to buggzodiac, a study shows that walking has impact on the brain. According to the study endorphins increase and stress levels becomes significantly lowered. Stating that lower impact exercises like walking aids in overall brain health and reduce the percentage of Alzheimer’s and DEMENTIA.

               4.   Aids digestion.

Keeping a healthy gut is vital to prevent colon cancer and problems such as flatulence and constipation. Walking can help keep your gut healthy and keep your colon very active.

               5.  Balanced mind

Walking can improve your mind, body and soul. It can improve your mind activities, lower stress, anxiety and reduce depression.

               6.   Reduces your health risk.

A good walk plan reduces the risk of many conditions, including obesity, health diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer.


7.    Helps you live longer.

Studies show that people who participate in regular aerobic exercise live longer than those who don’t exercise regularly.

             8.    Walking improves both leg strength and toning.

Walking preserves lean muscle mass while helping you lose unwanted fat. Though walking will burn calories immediately; it takes approximately 18 minutes for any aerobic exercises to burn fat. According to the physician Katherine zeratsky, R.D, L.D, if you add 30 minutes of brisk walking to your daily routine, you could burn about 150 more calories a day. To lose a pound a week, you generally need to eliminate 500 calories a day. And of course, the more you walk and the quicker your pace, the more calories you’ll burn.

9. Healthy pancreas- 10 things walking everyday can do to your body

A study was done that showed people who only walked had better glucose levels than those who ran 6 times as much. This means that people can practically walk their way to preventing diabetes and walking is the better option over running.

The above are walking exercise health benefit. they are amazing things walking everyday can do to your body.

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walking exercise health benefit:10 things walking can do to your body.

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walking exercise health benefit:10 things walking can do to your body.

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