“20 Powerful Life Lessons” To Help You Understand Life Better

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Life coaching: 20 most powerful life lessons are those Secret Lessons I have learnt in my three decades alive.

life lessons are very important to everyone of us. It not only coaches but inspires. Follow me on Instagram as i pitch the best of life experiences.

We are all a composition of our experiences.

They are

  1.  It doesn’t really matter, how we grow up, how serious we like to look, how we see ourselves, how others see us. What counts is the luck that nature has folded into us, propelling us towards success.
  2. Starting off well is not a determinant that you would end off well.
  3. There is a power in what we say and sometimes the directions of our thought.
  4. Taking life too serious, stress and break you.
  5. Sometimes we grow up hating or criticizing our parents but for some unexplained phenomenon, we end up becoming just like them.
  6. Our hearts can do so many things; like strongly loving someone who doesn’t even knows we exist.
  7. Avoid doing evil to anyone, not because you are too nice or a weakling, but because it serves as a rite of passage into a less complicated life. Repercussion waits in your path to ruin you as much as the person you have ruined.
  8. If nature is against you, you start hating the most beautiful people God has paced in your life and then you start loving those who can’t wait to see you suffer.
  9. Life coaching: Bad parents can sire a very well-behaved child. Miraculously God sent some children into this world who naturally need less guidance.
  10. For whatever reasons, our paths always seem to cross with the same people whom we try so hard to avoid.
  11. Secrets, lies and deceit ruins any good relationship. You simply can never be careful enough not to get caught.
  12. Your life might keep opening up bad chapters but being strong and resilient soars the good, successful pages unexpectedly up, so never, ever give up on yourself.
  13. Never be a sticker to ‘first impression matters’, because sometimes the people God sent to stay for good in our lives actually turn-up in an awkward first meeting.
  14. At one time in our lives, you will meet someone who would hate you, even when you have given them so much. They would take everything from you if you let them- but they will still hate you. And you can get to see through this type of people when you learn not to judge a book by its cover.
  15. If you keep cheating on a partner, just because you feel you possess the powers to cheat and still get away with doing so, then you are trying to face-off with the Almighty himself; because nothing angers nature more than you destroying a weaker vessel, you have been chosen to protect and build.
  16. There is always someone who completes and understand us, however the type of characteristics we possess.
  17. Life coaching: Learn to take care of yourself. Self-care is a necessity. When you look after yourself, you feel good and cheerful and only then can you be able to take care of someone else. ( You Will Never Be Depressed Again When You Understand These 5 Things)
  18. Stop trying to chase respect haughtily from people. Just learn to embrace inner disciplined, then respect will come to you naturally and stay.
  19. Don’t continue being a ‘yes’ person. Say no when you need to. Bring out the real you even when it is too late-even when people will hate you for it. Time changes us, mold us.
  20. Stay away from matters that do not concern you. You will live longer.

These are the best of life coaching, secrets lessons I have learnt clocking almost three decades. My question is; what are  your own secret lessons at two, three, four, five, six decades alive? Do share as we would be glad to learn from you too by using the comment session below.


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