Best Tea to Help You Fall asleep Fast According to Science

In recent times, more and more research are been carried out by scientists all over the world-

with the aim of improving Quality Of Life of humans which “Sleep” happens to be one of.

Proper sleep is one of the Personal Self Care Routine that everyone must embrace.

In classic times, drugs and Strong herbs were the only way people use to induce sleep or to help them sleep longer but now, we are privy to several healthier ways to Fall asleep Fast and longer.

Chamomile is one of the best natural teas that has been confirmed to be useful in dealing  with sleep related Issues.

Chamomile tea is one of the world most popular teas and several cups have been reported to be consumed daily.

Chamomile is widely regarded as a mild tranquilizer and sleep inducer, so it’s the perfect tea to Induce sleep and cure sleep troubles.

A whole lot of calming effects has been attributed to chamomile tea.

Chamomile is one of the best medical herbs according to ancient doctors.

The dried flowers of the plant is reported to contain terpenoid and flavonoids which contributes to its medicinal properties.

Chamomile is used to treat ailments such as; hay fever, Inflammation, muscle spams,

menstrual disorder, Insonmia, Ulcers, wounds, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatic pain, hemorrhoids, and other known ailments.

Essential oils of chamomile are also used extensively in cosmetics and aromatherapy.

The above statements are all the necessary evidence you need to start considering consuming a cup or two before bed after a very tired day to help you sleep quickly and ease your sore muscles.

In same vain, other food sources like high Carbohydrates, unrefined Sugar or Fat can impair your sleep when you ingest them before bedtime.

A few chamomile questions answered.

What is the best drink to help you fall asleep fast?- Drink Chamomile tea to fall asleep fast

  • What is the best type of chamomile?- the herbal ones.
  • How do you make chamomile tea?-make it like all other regular teas by pouring hot water and allowing them to Infuse.
  • What is chamomile tea good for?- it’s the perfect tea to treat sore muscles, ease tiredness and mildly induce sleep.
  • What is the best way to use chamomile?-Drink chamomile tea an hour before bed and then use some of the essential oils to massage your body in the case of sore muscles and extreme tiredness.

Now is the best time to Improve Productivity, Stress less and Live Mindfully.

So drink Chamomile tea to fall asleep fast and wake up at an earlier hour.

Chamomile tea to fall asleep fast

Your turn!…. How do you use chamomile?


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