My Painful Experience with Severe Morning Sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum)

My painful journey with severe morning sickness Hyperemesis Gravidarum).

In the later part of 2016, I became pregnant with “my sweet ones.” The twin pregnancy was long, hard and tortuous. I was one of those few women who wonder why some women are so ill and very lazy during pregnancy. Well, since I had a first child whose pregnancy was seamless.

I would judge every mother who will sleep all day or vomit all day as being lazy and trying to abstain from duties by pinning illness to pregnancy.

Come on, I finally learnt very hard when I became pregnant with my sweet ones.

I experienced and got to understand pregnancy from varying angles. I got to understand that pregnancy can change your own body in a way that is absolutely unbelievable.

I realize that not all of us experience pregnancy in the same degree of difficulty, that some women will never actually understand the full meaning of morning sickness gone sour.

Like for real, I remained permanently ill all throughout my pregnancy.

To cut the story, here are the list of A-Z unbelievable things that happened to me month by month during my twin pregnancy.

  • In the first one to three months, I battled unbelievable tummy cramps. Those types of cramps that makes you feel like you have just been poisoned with the most potent poison and about to die. They were so painful I lost concentrations most of the time.

The cramps were followed by horrible nausea and vomiting Hyperemesis Gravidarum).  My tummy practically wasn’t accepting anything inside it or keeping it. And so my nutrition mostly came from drugs.

  • In my third to sixth month, I lost my great voice. My once envious voice became frail and broken followed by a failing eyesight that keeps getting blurry as my pregnancy advances.

My voice became so thunderous, I could practically wake anything dead if I yell hard.

I managed to keep a failing eyesight as I beg God frantically everyday not to let me go blind.

  • During the 6th to 8th month of my pregnancy, I battled tirelessly with hair loss and Relaxin (pregnancy hormone) that was eating away my bone density.

All my hair seems to be falling off as I was also leaping my way everywhere.

My bones were so frail, I sometimes feared it won’t be able to keep me upright anymore.

  • In my 8th to delivery time, I suffered blastful baby kicks which did really bad things to my stretch out and thinning belly skin. I also had a permanent feeling of the babies coming out as they both took spaces to invaded the tip of my cervix. The pains that shut through me all through those periods was better left imagined.

In my final month, I suffered Anxiety and Depression.

I battled a constant feeling that one of my twins was not okay.

I could not stand to look at my body as it was gradually becoming a complete ruin.

My once great hair all fell off.

My skin was covered in endless spots. Hyper pigmentation stayed glued to me and forced me to romance with it, subsequently a once light skinned “me” became dark skinned.

My voice cracked so bad you will hate to hear me talking.

My knees wobbled, and it was very difficult for me to stand upright and walk.

At the peak of my anxiety, I would run to any house that just birth twins to say congratulation. And I would cry more than the bereaved for every twin lost. But in all, I thank the Almighty God. Who snatched me from the shackles of death and gave me a happy ending.

  •  And in May 2017, I gave birth to two beautiful and very healthy twin girls. In the end of everything I learnt varying lessons.

I valued a child more.

I cherished a child even more.

I understood that pregnancy goes onto a very different degree of hardship for every woman.

I learnt that a child becomes more precious when we have it when we are ready for it.

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