Actionable and Relatable Road Trip Hacks with Toddlers

Actionable and Relatable Road Trip Hacks with Toddlers

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Seriously, when I have not had kids, I used to see posts where moms talk about “hacks to travel with kids without running mad” and I would be like “duhhh… Who the hell needs hacks to travel with their little one?”
Hmmm… Fast forward my first trip with my three toddlers some years later.
The trip was hell for me!
I practically hated traveling.
The thought of traveling with my toddlers became overwhelming for me and at the end of the day, I just packed up the idea and rest my case.
Not until I had to go for an emergency long road trip with them.
I became really anxious, and then I started researching ways to travel with kids on a long road trip.
Funny enough, I stumbled upon same post I ignored when I wasn’t a mum yet.
The tips were really actionable and I wished I had read it earlier.
I was able to come up with my own personal ideas to add up with some other mom’s quick hacks I got online.
The tips below are great for any number of toddlers or even few years old children.

Here are actionable and relatable road trip hacks that will surely work for every mom and her toddlers

1.  Morning pap to induce sleep

Actionable and relatable road trip hacks with toddlers

The first thing I did differently this time, was to give my toddler’s corn pap for breakfast before the journey.
This is to ensure they stay full and sleepy for some part of the journey.
Surely, the pap won’t keep them sleepy all day, but for some hours, enough to give you time to do one or two things in the car- adjust comfortably or even nap before they wake up.
You can purchase a ready made corn pap from a grocery store.
Look here for preparation guide.
For me, I use this period to make my calls, do my makeup, take some personal photos, eat and write useful blog post.

2.  Give them light food throughout the journey

Actionable and relatable road trip hacks with toddlers
When they wake up, feed them with light meals.
This is to ensure you don’t fill up their tummy so they don’t get constipated or suffer a runny stomach.
I give my toddler cereals, rice or french fries.
I noticed when I feed them with light meals, they fuss less, no tantrums, and they’re able to focus and stay comfortable.

3.  IPad for entertainment (Actionable and Relatable Road Trip Hacks with Toddlers)

Actionable and relatable road trip hacks with toddlers
Photo credit: cardswedrew
I don’t just use screen time immediately.
I use it when it is absolutely necessary, when they start getting uncomfortable.
I play Kids games, kid’s movies or any kids friendly movies which I get on YouTube or downloaded before starting the journey.
Screentime will keep them occupied for the next hour or longer before they become fussy again and want something more fun.

4.  Pack up useful Toys

Actionable and relatable road trip hacks with toddlers
For toys, I prefer light, singing and colourful toys.
I took along their singing guitar with buttons which has combination of different colorful Light while playing some cool tunes..
I hate noise, which is one of the reason I prefer these guitars.
The guitar is friendly to my sanity and keeps the atmosphere manageable.
I use a backseat organiser to pack all the useful toys and all other items we need for the journey.
You can look up a good road trip checklist for toddlers here

5.  Serve them lollipop sweets

Actionable and relatable road trip hacks with toddlers
Trust me, a lollipop sweet can keep a toddler busy for some time.
In my own case, lollipops keeps my toddlers busy for an hour or closer.
My kids system do not react to sugar so I give them strawberry or vanilla lollipop but if your Toddler cannot stomach sugar or anything sweet, you can make a DIY lollipop using non-sweet ingredients like coconut, milk or even meshed banana.
Depending on how you package the lollipop, it can keep your Toddler busy for an hour or even longer.
You can serve them other  low-sugar snacks and drinks.

6.  Wear them comfortable clothing

A comfortable clothing for your little one in a long road trip can cut your stress in half.
Try wearing them dresses that can allow them stretch their legs freely from their sitters and also prevent them from getting sweaty or uncomfortable.
Don’t forget to also wear them easy ones that will allow you to change their diapers more easily…don’t even try using reusable diapers!

7.  Hang up a disposable car dustbin


Actionable and relatable road trip hacks with toddlers
Without one, you surely will have to deal with a moving vehicles filled with trash.
But with a car dustbin you don’t have to deal with that, all you need to do is purchase one and have it handy to throw all your trash.
You can even have your Toddlers throw their leftovers in it while you occupy yourself with other things.

8.   Play some music

Actionable and relatable road trip hacks with toddlers
My kids love music especially those with tough beats!
The music keeps them so occupied, that you and them won’t even realise you have gotten to your destination.
Happy Parenting!!! ????????????
Road trip with kids


These are the 8 Actionable and Relatable Road Trip Hacks with Toddlers I used to get on a Long road trip with my 3 toddlers without going crazy in the process.

Which in summary;
1.  Morning pap to induce sleep.
2.  Give them light food throughout the journey.
3.  IPad for entertainment.
4.  Pack up useful Toys.
5.  Serve them lollipop sweets.
6.  Wear them comfortable clothing.
7.  Hang up a disposable car dustbin
8.  Play some music
They are easy, relatable and any mom can easily replicate same with her little ones.
Now it’s your turn, “how do you go on a road trip with your Toddler that is absolutely fun?”
Add up your experience below!

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