Women’s Sexual Health Tips All Women Should Know!

women's sexual health

These tips serve as a basic reminder for some useful tips, you may know but unwittingly skip off sometimes.

Women’s sexual health needs to be discussed more often. It will boost our longevity and maternal success.

So many women are still shy about delving deep into their Sexual health but it is also part of a basic knowledge of womanhood.

If you are wondering what tips are the most basic and necessary to boost women’s sexual health, then this 10 tips is a pack of it all.


1. Always wash your vagina after sex to avoid smell and infection.
2. Drink at least 4L of water everyday so as to wash bacteria and infections out of your body.
3. Always massage your breast before bedtime or let your man suck it so hard to avoid cancer.
4. Don’t wash your vagina with any kind of soap. Clean water alone is enough.
5. If you’re the type that likes giving her man #BlowJob, try as much as you can to brush your teeth/mouth morning and night, then take a cup of lemon warm water every morning to avoid mouth odour/mouth infection.
6. Always shave your armpits and pubic hairs. They are ugly!
7. As a lady, take lots of yogurts and pineapple because, it helps in making vagina healthy and sweet during sex.
8. Use good pads during your periods and change it when it full. You can easily breed bacterias if you don’t!
9. Take your bath at least two times everyday especially when you’re menstruating.
10. Change your sets of panties and bras always at least once every three months to prevent infection and odour.

For more information about sexual health, pls read this wonderful article from WebMD here


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