how to make your washing machine wash soiled clothes faster.

Here’s How To Make Your Washing Machine Wash Your Kids Soiled Clothes Faster

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Doing laundry even with the best washing machines can take up most of your time ( time which you most likely don’t have)—

If you are not Conversant with easy tricks you can throw in here and there ????

( Or simply called “washing machine hacks”)

Most times our kids clothes get so soiled especially with food or drinks, so much that washing machines takes too long to wash them perfectly clean without leaving out one or two dirt’s on Standard wash.

In most automatic washing machines, you need to set them to “strong wash” or “prewash“- which will take over an hour or two before they can properly wash and spin soiled clothes.

And then, if you live in places where electricity is inconsistent or in Nigeria, where most of the times, people use generators to do laundry…

then you most definitely need to employ tricks to help you wash faster and save money used in buying fuel.

But do you know you can still set your washing machine to “Quick wash”

which is usually the fastest in an automatic washing machine and still get the most dirtiest clothes clean?

how to make your washing machine wash soiled clothes faster.

Here’s how to make your washing machine wash soiled clothes faster.

  • Get all your kids most dirtiest laundry together in a in a bowl
  • Put some detergents and fill it up with hot running water from your bathroom (make sure the water is very hot)
  • Allow clothes soak for 15 to 30 minutes
  • Throws them in the washing machine and sets to which ever button is for ‘quick wash’ and… tadaaa… your clothes are ready, so just pack them out and spread to dry.

Here’s the happy tip; your machine will wash them perfectly clean because all the dirts are soaked and easy to remove.

Another happy tip; you can actually wash so many clothes at a time using this tricks.

Happy parenting busy mom’s!!! ????????????????


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