diy aleo vera face mask

Face Beauty: D.I.Y Face Mask Using Aleo Vera

 D.I.Y face mask using Aleo Vera

Fake and harmful beauty products have flooded the market, so much that it has become increasingly difficult to determine the original from fake and harmful mix.

Original products tends to be very scarce, expensive and unreachable.  And sometimes when your skin is already accustomed to the many benefits of some types of original beauty creams, its sudden disappearance can be very frustrating. 

 Bad products go a long way in causing serious, unrecoverable damage to our skin especially to sensitive skin types.

It has been discovered by renowned cosmetologists and dermatologists that cosmetics produced with unchecked and harmful ingredients, when used over time causes gradual premature aging. Hence, it has been confirmed that natural or organic products for skin care is the best solution for all types of skins!

 (Face Beauty Tips)

Why do our face become dark, oily and acne prone?

These could be the reasons;

    • using comedogenic products.

    • overusing over-the-counter spot removal creams.

    • not cleaning face properly before bed.

    • long hours under the hot sun.

    • using the wrong soap and cream. 

    • over exfoliating.

    • unhealthy fatty foods.

    • infections.

    • hormonal imbalance.

    • poking face with dirty hands and nails

I will let you in on one of the ways you can use some of the groceries found in your home to make a simple but effective (DIY _do it yourself) face mask to help protect or rid your face from eczema, ringworm, rashes, spots, sunburn, dryness,blackheads, pimples, and give you an overall face beauty.

What you will need!

2 teaspoons of Aleo Vera juice, natural honey and warm water.



  • In a clean bowl,
  • Add 2 tablespoon of Aleo Vera juice.
  • Add the natural honey.
  • Mix thoroughly and apply mixture to every part of your face.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • Then wrap your face in a cling film and put your face over hot steaming water.

        This is to ensure that the steam from the water gets to the face  for maximum of 1 minutes. But if you can’t get a cling film you can just do without it and            place your face close to the steaming water.

  • Rinse and pat face dry.
  • moisturize.

Ensure to repeat this process once every week for fast results.

I assure you that at the end of three weeks, your face would be spotless, smooth, have a natural glow and will help bring out your natural, evenly toned color.

This home made remedy can also serve as an exfoliator or recombination for oily skin, dry skin or acne skin to help remove built-up dead, unhealthy skin cells that can’t shed on their own because of age, sun damage or burns from creams.

As well as to cleanse your face from accumulated make up products.

It is perfect natural ingredients for achieving a natural smooth, spotless, and glowing face for those who prefer to spot a natural look or apply as little make up as possible so that their natural facial  features stands out amongst crowds.

The Aleo vera face mask is very effective, free from toxins and 90% safe for any skin type.

So do not hesitate to try these perfect DIY face-mask, since you will sooner be a few steps to achieving a perfect face.

How Aleo-Vera and honey mix -can GIVE YOU SMOOTH AND TONED FACE? 

Aleo-Vera is an evergreen age-old solution to so many skin related issues. Aleo Vera is one of the best natural products for body and skin. its benefits and uses for body and skin is countless and in-exhaustible.

Aleo vera can help moisturize your skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a perfect solution for burnt so skin. It can also keep microorganisms away from skin due to its anti-microbial properties.

Aleo-Vera contains lots of vitamin C&E, beta carotene, minerals, water which is necessary to fight aging, improve skin elasticity, promote collagen synthesis and reduce dark spots. A skin treated regularly with Aleo vera has a deep sheen, glow and soft touch.  you can read more; benefits of using Aleo Vera for skincare and more.

Honey benefits for face beauty includes;

Exfoliating– honey is very good for exfoliating the skin.

Dark spots – honey has bleaching properties which is useful for whitening blemishes and spots in skin.

Acne– honey is a natural antibiotic, which can help reduce acne and keep face clean.

nutritional– honey is rich and contain powerful anti-oxidants.

Oil control- honey melts oil and can clean- up build-up of excess oil on the face, which also helps in protecting the face from pimples, acne and whiteheads.

The combined mix of Aleo Vera and honey is a powerful mix to tone and smoothen your face to a desired result.

NOTE: Do ensure to slay on your sunscreen before going out, if you are in a place with a very sunny climate.

Although the above ingredients have been tested and proven to be an effective facial remedies, including myself, I will still advise that you seek medical approval with your doctor before starting with any beauty routines, if you suffer skin-health related issues.

Homemade beauty remedies and natural/organic skin care products are now our best picks!!!

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