20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

Redesign your bathroom with vintage dark & moody bathroom vibes! Embrace rich hues, antique details, and plush accents for a captivating retreat.

Opting for the allure of a vintage, dark, and moody bathroom or opting for the classic and timeless charm of black-and-white bathrooms offers a design choice that stands the test of time. By choosing this enduring color palette, you create a space that exudes sophistication and elegance, ensuring your bathroom remains stylish without succumbing to fleeting trends.

The beauty of a Vintage Dark & Moody, black bathroom lies in its ability to effortlessly blend with various design elements, providing a versatile backdrop for your personal style. The monochromatic scheme not only withstands the ever-changing landscape of design preferences but also avoids the risk of appearing overly contrived.

What makes vintage dark & moody bathrooms particularly appealing is their adaptability. As time passes, you can introduce color accents or incorporate accessories that align with evolving tastes, breathing new life into the space without the need for a comprehensive remodel. This flexibility allows for a dynamic and ever-evolving aesthetic that remains consistently chic.

In essence, the choice to decorate your bathroom in a vintage, dark, and moody style or the enduring black-and-white palette transcends mere trends. It is a deliberate decision to curate a space that radiates timeless elegance and stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of thoughtful design. You can also find inspo for a modern bathroom, boho bathroom, and farmhouse bathroom.

Vintage Dark & Moody Bathrooms

Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom
Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom

Luxurious Touches Of Vintage

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

 Jamie Bush + Co

Designed by Jamie Bush + Co, this luxurious powder room exudes a dark and opulent charm. Low-hanging lights, vertical black subway tiles, and rich dark wood create a cozy, comfortable ambiance. The addition of botanical wall art brings vibrancy to the space, transforming it into a secret sanctuary—a stylish escape from the outside world.

Accenting With Plants

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

 lisacohenphoto / Instagram / Wood Melbourne

The all-black bathroom by Wood Melbourne achieves balance through thoughtful design elements. Low-hanging light fixtures cast a warm glow, complemented by abundant green plants that add a touch of nature. A floating light wood cabinet adds a contrasting element, contributing to the overall equilibrium of this stylish space.

Vintage MURALS

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

Richard Powers

In the renovation of his 1950s ranch house on the Hudson River, Ernest de la Torre ingeniously expanded his compact bathroom. He achieved this by extending a mural by Shantell Martin across the room and onto the door. The wainscoting, adorned in Benjamin Moore’s Midnight, adds a stylish touch to this creatively designed space.


20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

Francesco Lagnese

In the revitalization of this Upper East Side prewar home by designer David Netto, a bold approach with mixed materials and vibrant colors takes center stage. The clever interplay between the stone shower and the terrazzo floor results in a modern and nuanced environment, showcasing a tasteful fusion of classic and contemporary design elements.

The Classic Dark Black

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations



20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations


Old Vintage Look

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations


Imbue your bathroom with an old-world charm by incorporating beadboard and an eclectic array of curiosities. Integrate brass picture frames and vintage light fixtures to infuse a timeless aesthetic, creating a space that exudes a nostalgic and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era.


Vintage Pattern Design

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations


In this trendy bathroom, a chevron tile wall on one side harmoniously coexists with floral wallpaper on the other, showcasing that two distinctly different patterns can complement each other seamlessly when thoughtfully integrated.

Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations


Harmonize dramatic floor-to-ceiling tile by incorporating a striking piece of wall art and a stylish pendant. This thoughtful approach ensures that while making a statement, these elements won’t overpower the overall design scheme, achieving a balanced and cohesive aesthetic.

Paint The Latest Mauve

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations


A charming blend of country and chic defines this small bathroom. Wooden panels painted in a calming mauve shade create a warm backdrop, complemented by elegant gold fixtures. The addition of a rustic cow portrait adds a touch of character, completing the unique and inviting ambiance of this stylish space.


Add Abstract Wallpapers

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations


Make a bold statement in your space by embracing abstract black-and-white wallpaper, drawing inspiration from female beauty. To enhance the intrigue, incorporate a gold rectangular mirror adorned with bird motifs and unique wall lights. This combination not only adds a touch of sophistication but also infuses the room with a distinctive and captivating flair.

Vintage Stained Vanity, Artwork

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

A vintage stained vanity serves as the focal point, exuding character and warmth. Artwork and a well-placed mirror enhance the visual interest, while blooms and carefully chosen decor elements bring a touch of freshness and personality to this quaint and inviting space.

Fantastic Gothic Bathroom

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

Black molding graces the walls, creating a striking backdrop for the polished metal tub that stands as a centerpiece of luxury. A parquet floor adds a touch of classic elegance, while black refined furniture complements the overall aesthetic. Above, a commanding black chandelier casts its ornate glow, completing the scene of opulence and Gothic allure.

A Chic and Vintage Bathroom

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

A navy tub takes center stage, adding a touch of sophistication and depth to the space. Adorning the walls is a fantastic marine gallery that infuses a nautical charm. Completing the look is a glam gold lamp, casting a warm and stylish glow that enhances the overall elegance of this refined and welcoming bathroom.

Country Bathroom With Floral Wallpaper

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

Experience the warmth of a cozy English country bathroom adorned with charming floral wallpaper and soothing green panels. A navy clawfoot bathtub stands as a luxurious centerpiece, inviting relaxation. A free-standing sink and accompanying side tables enhance the classic, country aesthetic, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and timeless style in this inviting space.


20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations



20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations



20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations


Vintage Marble Bathroom

20 Vintage Dark & Moody Bathroom Inspirations

A taupe wall provides a soft backdrop, complementing the classic aesthetic. A dark-stained vanity adds a touch of richness, while a clawfoot bathtub exudes old-world charm. Vintage lamps cast a warm glow, completing the ambiance of this sophisticated and nostalgic retreat.