What Your Kids Can Learn From Trying Out Photography

What Your Kids Can Learn From Trying Out Photography

Photography is an enjoyable experience for people of all ages. And in this modern age, anyone with a smartphone can try it. So, if you’re a parent looking to get your children into the arts, why not try photography? Everyone knows it’s a great way to preserve precious memories, but did you know that it has a handful of mental benefits for children as well?

Benefits of Photography

Lets your kids express their creativity

Photography helps children show their creative side. It allows them to tell a story through the shots they take and also inspires their imagination.

Photography also helps them refine their artistic ideas. Finding a subject, planning their shot, and ultimately taking a photo takes a lot of creative thinking. This is mainly because photographers have to consider how to frame their shot and its overall artistic value — yes, even if your child just wants a photo of “something cool” or “something pretty.”

The freedom to capture what they want and how they want is the reason why photography can be such a powerful creative outlet.

Hones their skills in visual perception

Photography makes your child a visual observer. It helps them see the world from many different perspectives and encourages them to analyze their surroundings.

Knowing what does and doesn’t look good in the shot shows that they’re honing their visual observation skills, and this can benefit them as they try other art forms.

Improves their focus

Lastly, photography helps your kids focus on their current tasks. This improves their attention span. Plus, a feature on Medium highlights how photography can be a way of practicing mindfulness.

As your kids grow up and are met with more of life’s stressors, at least they know they can turn to photography to ground themselves and re-center in the present moment. In addition, it can help them refocus on the things that matter.

Getting Your Kids Into Photography

Take advantage of smartphones

To get your kids into photography, you can start by lending them your phone and encouraging them to take photos with it. Even a humble Android phone can take amazing photographs with the right lighting and perspective!

Try experimenting with different phone camera apps like Lightroom or VSCO to let your kids experiment with different styles.

Invest in a camera

What Your Kids Can Learn From Trying Out Photography

If they want to take it a step further, it might be time to get an actual camera to hone their skills. The wide range of cameras on Adorama shows just how many different types there are — from digital cameras to mirrorless cameras and even traditional film cameras.

These cater to entry-level photographers all the way to professionals, too! For a compact camera, a good option is the Sony DSC-WX350. It’s great for taking photos even while moving and has a powerful digital zoom that doesn’t result in blurry images. For the more experienced ones, the Canon EOS M50 Mark II should be right up your alley.

It’s a bulkier camera with a robust image processing system. This allows for more sharp and detailed photos and works well under any lighting. Whatever camera you purchase, be sure it fits your kids’ preferences.

Print their work

The work doesn’t have to end when the photography sessions are done. DIY Network suggests printing photographs, so that your family has a personal photo collection. These are great for DIY home decorations and scrapbooks.

And putting them together is a fun way to bond with your kids and for them to take pride in their hobby. For high-quality prints, opt for the Epson SureColor P900. It has excellent print quality, specially made for photographs.

It can also adjust itself to print on different-sized photo papers. For a more affordable option, you can purchase the Canon Pixma TS5320. This all-in-one printer is good for both paper prints and photography prints. Plus, it’s small, light, and can even be activated via your smart home system.

Your kids can learn a lot of things from picking up a camera. But apart from what they learn, photography also allows you to bond with your children. So, make the most of it.

If you’re looking for more fun photography-related activities, you can check out EmergingEdTech’s list of photography projects. From photo walks to themed challenges, there are plenty of ways to make your photography sessions more enjoyable.

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