Proven Ways To Teach Your Kids "How To Fall Asleep Quickly At Night"

Proven Ways To Teach Your Kids “How To Fall Asleep Quickly At Night”

A mom with a kid or kids that do not sleep early, is always a stressed looking mom.

it’s very necessary to teach your kids how to fall asleep quickly at night as that will avail you time to prepare for the following day, practice some self care routine, healthy bed-time rituals or even do yoga, or at most, add up some hours to your night sleep.

Creating personal time for yourself as a mom can go a long way in easing up your nerves and protect you from motherhood anxiety.

You realized that whenever your kids rant or throw tantrum all through the day, you get anxious and restless….

two situation that can easily get you depressed in no distant time.

In my own case, having three kids taught me to push towards positive parenting,

and in order to practice positive parenting, one has to be in their best mind and be as sane as possible.

If you juggle motherhood and a work-life, then the only time you have for yourself or your home is the “night”  when all your kids are all tucked in bed and fast asleep.

For me, I use the night to achieve so many things that will be helpful in the coming day or week.

Things I will ordinarily not be able to achieve in any other part of the day.

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Let me walk you through the exact steps you can use to make your kids fall asleep fast.

Proven Ways To Teach Your Kids “How To Fall Asleep Quickly At Night”

  • Get them busy during the day

  • Shorten their nap time

  • Try lavender and chamomile bath

  • Feed them lightly before bed

  • Turn off the lights

Proven Ways To Teach Your Kids “How To Fall Asleep Quickly At Night”

1. Get them busy during the day

In order to achieve this, a mom has to ensure that her kids stays productive throughout the day.

If school is on session, you have to ensure they do their homework after returning from school, play one or two games until later part of the day before preparing them for sleep.

Activities sharpen up children and make them tired enough to want to fall asleep fast.

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2. Shorten their nap time

When you regulate their nap time during the day, it helps them sleep very deep during the night.

For me, I do not allow my children go to bed in the later part of the evening because it will stop them from sleeping at night.

When I noticed them sleeping at anytime during the evening, I try to get them to shake off the sleep by taking them for a walk or get them to play 1 or 2 games.

3.  Try lavender and chamomile bath

The both ingredients are very useful in calming the nerves, easing tiredness and can help children fall asleep quickly.

Evidence shows that chamomile contains many terpenoids and flavonoids which contributes to it’s medicinal properties.

Chamomile can be useful in treating inflammation, sore muscles and ease up tiredness.

How to fall asleep quickly at night

You can make a bubble bath with chamomile and lavender and then wash up your kids before tucking them into bed.

4. Feed them lightly

Feeding your kids with light meals, will save them from tummy discomfort, and help them sleep early.

Light meals at night frees up the tummy and are easily digestible.

The kids have tummies that are still in developmental stages, so helping them by giving them food that are easily digestible can ease their discomfort and make them happy kids.

You can get them to drink milk or chamomile tea before bed.

Chamomile is widely regarded is a mild tranquilizer and sleep inducer so, so it’s a perfect tea to induce sleep and cure sleep troubles.

5.Turn off the lights

When I say turn off the light, I do not mean just tuck your kids in their beds, off the lights and then hit up your couch with a cup of tea.

What I meant is; lie down with them on their bed, turn off the light and pretend to sleep.

For me, I use this period to talk to my kids!… ask them about their day, what they plan to do the following day, about their friends and then around it off by telling them some stories,

and before you know it… they are all snoring already????????????

I hope you enjoy my own little bit of parenting hacks that has gone a long way in helping me.

How to fall asleep quickly at night

I very much hope, you can get a little help from it too.

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Xoxo…. and see you in my next post!

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