Weight loss drinks

 Weight loss drinks that helped me lose 30kg in 3 months.

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 Weight loss drinks that helped me lose 30kg in 3 months.

Weight gain is of the greatest health challenge most of us are facing in today’s modern world.

With lots of factors contributing immensely to our weight fluctuations.

Some of the reasons for weight gain includes:

  1. Eating uncontrollable portion of food
  2. Type of food
  3. Too much carbs.
  4. Junk food
  5. Lack of exercise (sedentary lifestyle)
  6. Stress
  7. Hormonal imbalance

These are some of the reasons for weight gain. But irrespective of how weighty you are, you can still control your weight and lose some if you want.

In 2013, after I birth my first child, I gained so much weight and i did not like exercise. And I couldn’t diet too because I had gastritis.

I wasn’t one of those who can boost of great health, so I added an extra drink into my diet which helped me  lose 30kg in 3 months without diet or exercise.

Wondering what is the amazing drink ?

”Teas”….Yes! “Teas”

I used teas to reduce my weight to an enviable size.

Teas are powerful to lose weight.

 “what type of teas did I drink to lose weight? ”

I drank black and green tea in a row to lose 30kg.

HOW DID I DRINK THESE Weight loss drinks?

I drank black tea in the morning (Top Tea)

And green tea before bed (matcha)

How to brew teas to suit your body system?

So many people complain of the effect they get from teas. Like being unable to sleep after taking tea or become high or light headed. But the secret to enjoying teas according to your body system, is the brewing strength.

One should endeavor to control brewing strength of their tea to maximize the benefit of tea with little or no side effects.

How to control brewing strength of tea.

  1. Don’t boil your water to boiling point (600C is enough).
  2. Pour over tea bag and make sure you leave for few seconds before withdrawing.

Tea is ready to serve.

I alternated between these two tea twice every day for three months and lost 30kg.

I also got seven other amazing benefit from alternating between these Weight loss drinks.

  • I got more strength for work
  • I wasn’t fatigued anymore
  • I stopped craving sugar
  • My eyesight became more sharp
  • My body was able to withstand exercises
  • I felt less drowsy
  • My metabolism was in their best optimal state.

I have spent lots of years fighting with my weight.

I can comfortably teach you one or two things, you do not know about losing weight- if you are currently struggling with your weight.

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