An Open Letter To My Mom Who I Never Listened To!

An Open Letter To My Mom Who I Never Listened To!

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I never really told you how much I loved you but after three children, I realized you are and still the most beautiful gift in my life!

I never listened to you when you told me to choose a career that I love, though I judged you by being only a Basic Grad, but now, I realized that education is not the training to read and write but the training of the mind to become extraordinary.

Several years now mama, I realized I just want to write, pour my story on paper while I put money in my pocket and I don’t have to bath and rush to work everyday to achieve that.

I should have listened to you when you said marriage comes only when you have empowered yourself as a woman.

And  years now Mama, I realized that you can only live your dream life when you alone make the money that you spend.

We all need money to survive. Life without money is a risk. A life depending on someone Financially is also a risk.

The pride of a woman comes Only from being able to cater for herself and her children.

You told me not to choose a Husband because of his Handsomeness and Impeccable Diction but to choose a man whose eyes, hands and ears I could reach easily.

A man who will see me as the apple of his eyes! A man who will be handy to hold me when I am down.

A man who will sit with me under the evening breeze and listen to my crazy sojourn to adulthood.

A man who love me with the same Passion with which I will Love him too.

You told me money does not buy happiness. It comes only from within. It is a measure of how you see yourself, what you give out to others and what you take back from them.

Though everyone should strive to live in this harsh world in some level of comfort, but you told me never to chase money blindly. you told me that money often eludes those who chase at it with a blind race.

You told me I will never get into dept when I shun Inferiority Complex.

When I love myself. When I love what I see and not act on it.

Though I picked your advice late, I can now walk unto a room full of the most costly, classy, halloween accessories and still feel like the most sexiest woman in the room.

Now I realized that everything you told me was a voice spoken out of experience.

Pray!!! Tell Mama!!! hope!!!

Now that my daughters will not be like me, they will listen to me and not wait to get first hand experience which has wasted my time and DE-value me!

You told me to have children only when I am ready.

Only when I have prepared my mind and body for them. Only when I believe I can take care of them even without a helper. Only when I have loved myself enough to love whatever comes out of me. Only when I have the found someone whom I believe can take my place in their lives, when I am no more.

You told me, the best way to recognize lnferiority Complex, Is when you are not contended with what you have.

When you can’t see the beauty in simplicity. When you force people to respect you. When you don’t express yourself for fear of disrespect. When you don’t greet people because you feel you are better than then.

You told me that a Garden looks Green from the other side, but I can make mine Greener when I come close, when I tend it with the Colors that I love.

True! With time Mama, I have learnt to embrace what is truly mine and explore them to their fullest potential.

I have tendered my garden Mama….


A piece written with Love and Dedicated to all the head-strong daughters, who are mothers now.


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