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WHAT DO I REALLY THINK ABOUT GETTING A TUMMY TUCK DONE? A few years ago, I would have asked “exactly why do people do cosmetic surgery? Why do some women tuck in their tummy? Why do healthy people not choose to burn away their excess fat rather than having to lay on a hospital bed … Read more

“10 Truth About Cosmetic Surgeries” According To WebMD

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If you are desperately in need of a cosmetic surgery to boost your body looks or confidence, then here are 10 Truth About Cosmetic Surgeries (According To WebMD)   41 is the average age of people who do cosmetic surgery The average age of someone who has cosmetic surgery is 41. Younger people tend to … Read more

“Clear Skin Diet”: 11 Foods to Eat For a Flawless Skin

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Clear Skin Diet; are food types that can help you achieve a flawless skin/diet for clear skin and weight loss Certain foods have been confirmed by dermatologist world wide in helping our skin become clear and healthy. Often times we forget that skincare starts from the inside. No doubt we can achieve clear skin through … Read more

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin

Habits we develop over time contributes to the look of our natural skin. Our skin is delicate and needs regular care to look their very best. There are good and bad skincare routine which we must practice or abstain from. Do you wish to know what constitute a bad skincare routine, then, here they are; … Read more

Home Remedies to Lighten Your Dark Inner Thighs Fast

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This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through affiliate links help support this website. Home Remedies to Lighten Your Dark Inner Thighs Fast for a perfect christmas touch. It is usually self-satisfying to have spot-free private areas in our bodies. It boosts body confidence and it also enhances our self-confidence as women. A lot of … Read more