Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin

Habits we develop over time contributes to the look of our natural skin. Our skin is delicate and needs regular care to look their very best.

There are good and bad skincare routine which we must practice or abstain from.

Do you wish to know what constitute a bad skincare routine, then, here they are;

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin. 

(i)     Using creams wrongly

(ii)     Overusing antibacterial creams

(iii)     Not bathing twice every

(iv)     Using strong lightening cream and bleaching soap together

(v)     Mixing creams

(vi)     side-lining sun creams

(vii)     Bathing with water

(viii)     Not changing bed sheet

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin.

1)  Using creams wrongly

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin





Most of us do not know that creams are actually meant to be differentiated. There are morning creams and also night creams, these creams are not just made with a change of name in mind but made with our skin in focus.

Night cream or moisturizers are usually very strong and made with highly potent ingredients that work on your skin while you sleep. While day creams nourish and protect your skin while you are out and about in the sun.

Some creams are not meant to meet with the sun. Have your ever put your cream under the sun for hours, and notice how easy it loses its solidity and fragrance, so do creams react negatively on your body while you wear them under the sun. Such reactions can burn and damage your skin as you are not supposed to wear them under the sun.

My best day cream

Nivea natural fairness body lotion is an active daily moisturizer which is specially produce to enhance one’s natural skin tone and radiance. My skin tone and looks has never been better it has even out my blemishes, grades my skin tone and smoothen out rough patches from my previous pregnancies.

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin

How it works according to manufacturer.

The Nivea body lotion has being produced to work via two mechanism.

Even tone Skin by reducing or inhibiting overall skin pigmentation. It has active ingredient added to the formula like licorice extract and octadecenedioic acid which are known to facilitate even toned skin by acting on  melanin producing enzyme, tyrosinase.

UV protection- the SUNSCREEN added to the formula help in maintaining skin color by protection the skin  from hyper-pigmentation and darkening. And it is suitable for all skin types.

2)   Over using antibacterial creams (Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin)

As the name suggests, antibacterial creams are meant to be used when you suffer from microbial infections. They are not to be used as creams or mixed with creams. Continuous unrestricted use of this products put your skin at risk or exposed to microorganisms because they can sufficiently reduce your skin immunity against infection. They can even make your skin resistant to tropical treatment when you actually have a skin disease or infection. They can also put you at risk of cancer and skin thinning.

3)   Not bathing twice everyday

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin




Some women see bathing every night before bed as another chore, they rather prefer to ladder up every morning, be up and going until they hit the bed and ladder up again the next morning. But what they never realize is that the most beautiful and successful ladies with fine skin actually confess to bathing twice every day as their skin care success.

In the real SENSE just imagined sleeping every night with stuck up dirt and sweat on your body, what damage it can actually cause to your skin. I have witnessed the powers of bathing every night. You  actually don’t need to run after costly skin care that won’t work if you try it.

4)  Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin- Using strong lightening cream and bleaching soap together

It is not wise at all to keep using both bleaching cream and soap at a time. Bleaching creams wear-off your skin melanin. So just imagine stripping away your skin melanin with both bleaching ingredients. Sooner rather than later, your skin will be so thinned out or burnt that it becomes useless to your inner organs. My advice is that you use a nourishing cream together with a bleaching soap or vice versa.

5)  Side lining Sunscreens (Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin)

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin






If you know you work for hours under the sun, then try to invest on a good sunscreen. Stop buying and applying creams into the sun. Instead buy a sun screen to use for the day and apply your cream at night. Sunscreens are great if you learn to invest on one.

Read benefits of using sunscreens.

6)  Bathing with just water

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin





Really!!!… some people just have the habit of bathing with just water. Imagine running water on an oily plate, does the water wash off the sticky oils? So also, is the human body which is oily in nature and cannot be cleaned with just water. Invest on a good soap and give your skin a healthy treat.

7)   Sleeping on a dirty bed sheet

bed sheet






Is a bad practice for your skin. Your bedsheet mock –up all the dirt, sweat, your body produced throughout the day. Living it without a wash for more than 5 days put your skin at risk of microbial infection, do you know that dirty sheets can give you so many skin infections?

So why not keep them clean and enjoy great health, beautiful skin and a good night sleep.

8)   Mixing creams- Is The Worst Skincare Habits That Is Damaging Your Skin

Emptying one cream or moisturizer into another is one bad habit Africans can’t seem to get a hold of. We age quickly because of this practice.

Some people love to bleach so hard they don’t mind mixing anything and everything into their cream, just to get a strong lightening effect. While nothing last forever, you can get toned today, in months but get a damaged body as the years pile up and as you age. You can choose to stop making the above mistakes and design a healthy skincare routine, you and your skin will be grateful for, or you can get smart and prefer harsh toning and grow old and ugly with time.

I will love to hear feedback on this.
Talk to me! have you being making the above mistakes? have you already repent of them? Do you have lessons to share on them? Did i miss something? tell me everything in the comment session below.

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