My Take On Woman Who Spent $30k To Look Like Meghan Markle

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Na wah…wonder shall never end!

The way we humans are becoming so uncontented with everything, soon it will be with “Breath”

Soon, some people will be looking to change the type of breath they draw.

This woman is spending $30k for stupid surgeries just to look like Meghan Markle, when I have a great mentor who has just being diagnosed with cervical cancer and needs same amount for her surgery. And she is still unable to raise the money.

Such is the travesty of life.

People never get contended with what they have; forgetting that some are badly praying for what they neglect.

She could have easily become more prettier and generous or whatever she admires from Meghan by working on her self esteem and mental state.

I know loneliness and depression can chase and fall just anyone, and make them do all things stupid.

But in truth, You Will Never Be Depressed Again When You Understand These 5 Things

See the video below and tell me what you think?

Say No Depression!

Say No To Mental Disturbance!

My Take On Woman Who Spent $30k To Look Like Meghan Markle

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