30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Infuse your living room with the magic of the season with these Christmas decor ideas for the living room.

Christmas living room decor ideas are crucial for infusing the most significant room in the house with festive charm and creating an inviting, cozy atmosphere for visiting guests during the year-end celebrations.

Setting the right ambiance with your Christmas decor enables us to relax and relish this special time with loved ones. The living room, with its cozy fireplace and twinkling Christmas tree, is the perfect gathering spot for exchanging gifts and creating cherished holiday memories. Check out our favorite ways to adorn this central space for the festive season!

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Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

4 Wreaths Galore

Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room


Why limit yourself to a single holiday wreath when you can showcase four? Create a dynamic and eye-catching display by mixing wreaths of different sizes and styles. This eclectic arrangement adds visual interest and captures the spirit of the season.


Silver and Gold Living Room

white gold livingroom holiday decor

Opt for coordinating gift boxes that complement the color scheme, adding a touch of sophistication to the presents under the tree. To infuse a dash of glamour, incorporate an embellished wreath and hang plush velvet stockings for a regal finishing touch. This opulent holiday setup will undoubtedly cast a spell of festive enchantment throughout your living space!

Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room
Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Modern Decor

modern Christmas living room

Elevate the contemporary aesthetic with the addition of geometric boxwood wreaths, strategically placed to bring cheer to the windows and adorn the built-in bookshelf. This thoughtfully arranged decor will impart a touch of holiday spirit to your living space while maintaining a sleek and stylish ambiance.

Red and Whitey Christmas Living Room

Living room decorated for Christmas with tree and wood

Evoke the timeless charm of baker’s twine with a farmhouse-inspired Christmas living room adorned in classic crimson red and crisp white hues. Stylish accents, including a traditional pine garland, a rustic galvanized tree collar, and a flocked evergreen wreath, infuse the space with simple yet festive holiday touches.

Eclectic Christmas Decor

eclectic, vintage living room with chalkboard art above mantel
DAVID A. LAND Design blogger Kelly Elko

Kelly Elko’s living room exudes an eclectic vibe, featuring a striking blue velvet sofa, an outdoor rattan chair, and a mid-century interpretation of a wing-back chair. In this dynamic space, abundant red accessories set the tone for festive holiday cheer. To complement the vibrant decor, Kelly chose white ornaments for the Christmas tree, creating a balanced and visually appealing holiday display.

Rustic Elements

Living room with Christmas tree and wreaths

Transform your living room into a rustic holiday haven by incorporating simple and natural elements such as grain-sack stockings, olive leaf wreaths, and touches of French blue in pillows and Christmas ornaments. Elevate the cozy atmosphere by covering your sofa and chairs with linen sheets, providing an effortless and charming furniture transformation for the festive season.

Add Citrus Colors

Living room with Christmas tree and large wreath

Capture the spirit of a bygone era with a simply groovy living room that features retro-inspired furniture. Embrace a warm and inviting color scheme, complemented by playful accents such as paper Christmas ornaments, polka dots, and a festive bar setup. Create a funky and vintage-inspired Christmas decoration atmosphere that exudes a lively and nostalgic charm.

Cheer Without a Mantel

Fireplace with large wreath and red trees

Turn your fireplace into a festive focal point with lush accessories, even if you don’t have a traditional mantel. Adorn the space with an oversize wreath and berry-covered cone trees to infuse your modern fireplace with a dose of Christmas coziness.

Choose a Patterned Greenery

Christmas tree between two windows with gifts

A small tree can pack a big festive punch when you give it a boost with a taller planter and coordinate its colors with the rest of your Christmas decorations. It’s a sure way to spread holiday cheer throughout the room.


30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Jenny James

I love Jenny’s approach—minimal, colorful, and a touch of vintage sounds like a winning combination for holiday decor! Sticking to a cohesive color scheme helps create a visually pleasing and harmonious look. And who can resist a pop of festive orange? It adds warmth and a unique flair to the holiday spirit.


30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Helen Norman

Absolutely, a touch of natural elements like magnolia, kumquat, and pine cone garland brings a timeless and elegant holiday charm. It’s a beautiful way to infuse the spirit of the season into the decor without overwhelming the space. Plus, the longevity of these elements makes it a practical and enduring choice. Andrew Howard’s design approach sounds both sophisticated and enduring!


30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Justin Jordan

Bethany Adams sure knows how to make a statement with her design theme! The cohesive use of starburst elements, from the light fixture to the mantel and even on the pillowcase, creates a captivating and unified look. It adds a playful and festive touch to the decor, making the room feel truly magical!


30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Kylie Fitts

Havenly’s winter wonderland-inspired Christmas tree is a delightful blend of natural elements, featuring pinecones and a dusting of snow. It brings the enchanting beauty of the outdoors inside, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere. Mother Nature would definitely give her seal of approval to this charming setup!


30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin from Dimples and Tangles brings a burst of festive energy with her rainbow-themed Christmas decor. Embracing every color of the spectrum, from vibrant miniature trees to a Technicolor garland, this setup proves that there’s no limit to the joy of embracing a multitude of hues during the holiday season.


30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Monika Hibbs

For those who favor making a statement with a single color, cooler blues offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional Christmas palette. As demonstrated by Monika Hibbs, a touch of teal in the room adds a distinctive and cool vibe to the holiday decor.


30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Getty Images

To maintain the simplicity of a minimalist home, choosing simple geometric decor is a no-brainer. The white metal tree, graphic pillows, and triangular table accents are understatedly festive.

Ornamental Overload

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room


String any extra Christmas tree ornaments along the mantel for an unexpected garland. You can also place them in bowls on end tables around the room.

Pops of Plaid

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room


Enhance the coziness of your space by incorporating plaid stockings and throw pillows. Elevate the ambiance with a luxurious garland and a well-crafted floral arrangement to complete the look.


Include Doses of Red

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room


Whether it’s enlivening a dull sofa with vibrant red checkered pillows and throws or finally putting your red teapot to use, fully embrace the opportunity to highlight one accent color.

DIY Country Look

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room


Who needs store-bought decor when you can create your own Christmas living room magic? Fill vases with handmade paper flowers in festive red and white hues, then use string to artfully display your favorite holiday cards on the mantel.


Fake Mantel

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room


Who needs an actual mantel to add festive charm to your space? Simply place a garland where the mantel would be using Command hooks. Illuminate the “fireplace” below with lanterns filled with LED twinkle lights for a cozy touch.

Side Windows Home Decor

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room


If you’re fortunate to have large French windows in your living room along with a Christmas tree, consider hanging stockings and various types of baubles. Place your Christmas wreath above the couch if you don’t have a fireplace, and arrange the stockings below the wreath for a festive touch.

Plaid Cheer All Red

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

SaveImage: Shutterstock

This arrangement is ideal for those who appreciate the charm of red and plaid. To infuse a vintage touch, utilize the frame of a white mirror. Wrap red ribbons around your trees and embellish them with your favorite trinkets for a unique and festive living space.

Christmas Stockings Wreaths

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Even in a small space with a modest fireplace, you can create a cozy and festive atmosphere with warm Christmas decor. Just ensure that safety measures are in place to avoid any mishaps. Whether it’s a mini Christmas tree, stockings, or other holiday touches, you can transform your space into a festive haven.

Large Living Room Space

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Decorating a large living space can indeed be a delightful challenge, allowing you to spread holiday cheer throughout the room. Whether it’s a grand Christmas tree, multiple festive vignettes, or creative seating arrangements, the possibilities are vast. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between coziness and the grandeur of the season.

Make It a Trio

christmas living room decor ideas
 Finding Lovely

Bringing the outdoors in with a touch of alpine charm—how delightful! The use of natural elements like trees harvested from a National Park and displayed in vintage crocks adds a rustic and cozy feel to the Christmas living room. The mercury glass balls on the centerpiece tree add a touch of elegance, creating a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the season with a nod to nature.

Gold Star Decor

christmas living room decor ideas
 Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

A mountain living room adorned by Emily Henderson Design embraces the grandeur of the soaring ceiling with a tall Christmas tree. The tree, decked in shades of white and adorned with large star-shaped ornaments, resonates beautifully with a lighted star on the mantelpiece. The decor exudes a cozy and family-friendly atmosphere, emphasizing a streamlined palette of green and white.

Pair Cream and Green

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop has crafted a serene and Scandinavian-inspired Christmas living room, blending shades of green and cream for a soothing atmosphere. The decor emanates a fresh and natural vibe, capturing the essence of a peaceful winter retreat.

Choose the Blues

30 Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room

Thistlewood Farms transformed a blue-and-white themed living room into a festive and inviting space for entertaining. The addition of a blue-and-white Christmas tree and strategically placed bright red ball ornaments brought a touch of seasonal cheer to the room. This holiday decor scheme blends seamlessly with the existing color palette, creating a harmonious and elegant atmosphere that radiates warmth and celebration.

Gold Tree

christmas living room decor ideas
 Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Emily Henderson Design introduced a touch of holiday glamour to this modern living room with a bright gold Christmas tree. The festive gold tree serves as a dazzling focal point, enhancing the room’s contemporary aesthetic. Complemented by vibrant red accents, the gold tree injects a festive spirit into the blue, black, and white color palette, creating a lively and celebratory atmosphere.

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