40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Discover the allure of stylish black & rust bedroom ideas. Explore design ideas that harmoniously blend the deep, bold elegance of black with the warm, earthy tones of rust. Create a bedroom retreat that exudes sophistication and coziness, all in one captivating space.

The combination of black and rust in a bedroom design can create a striking and inviting ambiance of peace. Black adds sophistication and a touch of drama, while rust, with its warm and earthy undertones, brings in a sense of coziness. Let’s explore some inspiring ideas to incorporate this stylish new duo trend into your bedroom decor:

1. Wall Colors.

  • Feature Wall: Paint one wall a deep, matte black to serve as a striking focal point. The other walls can be painted in rust or a warm, terracotta hue to balance the darkness of black.

2. Bedding and Linens.

  • Black Bedding: Dress your bed with black sheets, duvet covers, or a comforter for a bold statement. Crisp black and white bedding can also add a touch of elegance.
  • Rust Accents: Introduce rust-colored throw pillows, blankets, or a bedspread to infuse warmth and contrast.

3. Furniture.

  • Dark Wood: Choose bedroom furniture with dark wood finishes to complement the black elements. Rich, espresso, or walnut wood tones work well.
  • Metallic Accents: Incorporate black metal or wrought iron bed frames, side tables, or lamps for an industrial touch.

4. Textures.

  • Layered Rugs: Place a black or charcoal area rug atop a rust or terracotta one to add depth and texture to the floor.
  • Velvet and Leather: Incorporate velvet or leather upholstery in rust-colored chairs or cushions for a luxurious feel.

5. Lighting.

  • Statement Lighting: Hang a black chandelier, pendant lights, or modern black wall sconces to create visual interest.
  • Warm Bulbs: Opt for warm, amber-hued light bulbs to enhance the cozy atmosphere.

6. Decor Accents.

  • Artwork: Hang artwork or framed prints with black frames to tie in with the color scheme. Consider art featuring rust-colored accents.
  • Copper Details: Copper decor items, such as vases, candle holders, or mirrors, can complement the rust tones beautifully.

7. Plants.

  • Greenery: The addition of indoor plants with lush green leaves can contrast beautifully with the black and rust palette, adding life and vibrancy to the room.

8. Minimalism and Balance.

  • Keep it Balanced: Balance the boldness of black with ample rust and terracotta accents to prevent the room from feeling too dark.
  • Minimalist Approach: Embrace a minimalist design by decluttering and focusing on essential pieces to maintain a sense of spaciousness.

9. Window treatments.

  • Curtains: Choose rust or terracotta curtains to frame your windows, adding warmth and color. Blackout curtains in black can provide a cozy atmosphere.

10. Personal Touch.

  • Gallery Wall: Create a gallery wall with a mix of black-and-white photos, artwork, and mirrors to personalize your space.

The combination of black and rust in your bedroom design can result in a harmonious blend of sophistication and comfort. Experiment with different shades, textures, and decor elements to tailor the space to your unique style, creating a bedroom that’s both elegant and inviting.

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40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas
40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

a gallery wall on a ledge, wooden and rattan furniture, neutral and colorful bedding, a canopy, and an eclectic bedroom with a terracotta accent wall

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

A tiny bedroom with terracotta accent walls, a white bed covered in the material, and a big braided lamp

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

a calming bedroom with terracotta walls, an orange and white comforter set on a grey upholstered bed, wall-mounted shelving, and nice furnishings

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Zeke Ruelas


John McClain designed the master bedroom for his Hollywood Hills residence to pay homage to its 1960s origins with deep colors and multiple levels of texture.

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Julie Soefer Photography


This bedroom design plan by Ben Johnston, who is renowned for his traditional, aesthetically pleasing rooms, combines earthy tones and textures.

a bright bedroom with a terracotta accent wall, a white bed with eclectic bedding, a gallery wall and rust-colored lamps

A light-filled bedroom with a terracotta accent wall, a white bed covered in unusual bedding, a gallery wall, and rust-hued lighting

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Alyssa Rosenheck


The bedroom in this Washington, D.C., condo has chic black walls that make the perfect backdrop. French white wood floors, delicate landscape paintings by Tennessee-based landscape artist Megan Lightell, and white sateen bedding by Tribute Goods soften the decor.

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Simon Upton


Alisa Bloom adopted a dark color scheme for the master bedroom in her 1920s Chicago penthouse, choosing to cover the walls in a black Holland & Sherry fabric. The room includes unsigned paintings by Redefined Chicago, a Lucien Rollin desk, an Oscar de la Renta for Century chair, and a B&B Italia bed in a Holland & Sherry wool.

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

a striking bedroom with terracotta walls, a burnt orange bed and blue linen, groups of pendant lamps, and a striking piece of art

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

dramatic bedroom with terracotta accent wall, bed with neutral bedding, gold sconces, and potted plants


40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Mike Schwartz

Interior design company Studio Gild used a gloomy and dark color scheme to create this Lincoln Park residence. The area is elevated and has a cozier feel thanks to the cushioned walls.


40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Martin Westlake

This Bali master bedroom has a domed canopy made of curved bamboo and is reached by a black bamboo stairway that swoops upward.


40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Mikkel Vang

A lesson in how to decorate around dark gray walls can be found in Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland’s Manhattan loft, which features Farrow & Ball’s Modern Emulsion in Down Pipe. The chairs are by Eames, the picture is by Thilo Heinzmann, and the bed by BDDW is dressed with linens from Ralph Lauren Home and a cushion covered in an old grain sack.

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Richard Powers

A rancher in Upstate New York enjoys glam blue walls draped in Ralph Lauren wool suiting, a Stark tea-leaf ceiling, a handmade wool carpet by Hokanson, and Richard Serra artwork (over the bed).


40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Cynthia Lynn

Sally Grimes of PROjECT Designs used a Moroccan wedding blanket covered in sequins and a black channel-quilted leather headboard to up the chic factor in this guest bedroom.

MUTED Under Tone

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Douglas Friedman

By using Benjamin Moore’s Indian River, a classic, rich neutral, to paint the walls, 1stdibs founder Michael Bruno created a calm bedroom aesthetic. The 1940s bedside tables are from a Paris flea market, the bedding is from Deborah Sharpe Linens, the custom bed is upholstered in a silk mohair, and the gilt-wood mirror is an 18th-century piece.


40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Patrick Cline

This Brooklyn bedroom has calmer-feeling navy walls. Interior decoration for the welcoming room was done by AphroChic’s Bryan Mason and Jeanine Hays.

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

 Brett Napoli

Enjoy playing checkers! This design has always been popular for a good reason. A black and white throw is the ideal accent for this monochromatic room.

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas


Choose a variety of patterns to make the most of the timeless black and white combination in your room. Elegant abstract artworks, stripes, and swirls round out this bedroom.

Weave In Some Leopard Print

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

 @_theleopardlounge_ / Instagram

Black walls should be combined with chic animal patterns and pink accents for a glam look. This room is only made more opulent and romantic with a crystal chandelier.


40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Douglas Friedman

A black and ivory rug from Loloi’s Kahlo Collection, Bermuda Blossom’s drapes from Schumacher, and black Greek Key bedding from Williams-Sonoma Home are also included in the design.

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Dana Meijilson


This bedroom design by Mark Cunningham is finished with a sophisticated pairing of black and gray tones. The sleek, refined look is enhanced by cozy materials and chrome accents.

Mid-Century Modern Furnishings

black bedroom with mcm furniture
 @abbyontheinternet / Instagram

Black walls can look beautiful when paired with wooden, midcentury modern style furniture. These pieces often have a low profile and take up minimal visual space in a bedroom, allowing the paint color to really shine.


40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Simon Upton

The master bedroom in the Parisian apartment of French A-Lister Jean-Louis Deniot features a serene color scheme of black, white, and blue. The portraits are from the 16th century to the 1960s, the crystal lamps and bronze ceiling chandelier are by Deniot, and the leather rug is by Serge Lesage. The walls are painted a unique shade of slate.

40 Stylish Black & Rust Bedroom Ideas

Trevor Tondro

The lavish master bedroom of a Central Park condominium steals the show with textured black walls and a blend of deep browns and reds.

Use pattern prints with dark accents.

wood wall behind dark gray upholstered bed with open shelves above headboard
Wood wall in earthy bedroom via Square Inch Home

Large Crochets Throw

brown bedroom idea with crocheted throw blanket
@kaekooshop via Instagram

When you pair your blankets in colors that go with the rest of the selected color scheme, your natural, earthy bedroom decor (or perhaps your winter wonderland?) is prepared to keep you warm through the frigid days.

Rusty Black



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