Boho Bedroom Ideas

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

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Looking to create a bedroom that stands out? Boho Bedroom Ideas might be just what you’re looking for to give your bedroom that extra edge. Perfect if you like to mix up the things that surround you, boho bedroom Ideas mix different styles and themes to create something new, yet cohesive at the same time. After all, what better way to show off your personal style than in your own bedroom?

How to Blend Your Boho Bedroom Ideas

Adding a boho style to your room is easier than you think. Here are some ideas on how to achieve that trend.

  • Clean out all furniture in a room, then pick one feature piece of furniture (e.g., a nightstand or chest) to keep.
  • Purchase two matching headboards, ideally with dark-stained wooden frames and wrought iron or bamboo detailing on top. Place one headboard against each wall at the foot of the bed, leaving space between them for a seating area.
  • If you’re going for a bohemian look in your bedroom, then invest in colorful throw pillows, fuzzy blankets, and throws.
    For an added layer of texture, place large tapestries over your headboards or hang thin tapestries along the perimeter of your walls.
    For added design detail, use brightly colored pieces from vintage finds from markets and flea markets as well as new items from up-and-coming designers who are doing fun things with traditional materials like metalwork and woven textiles.
  • Finally, don’t forget about lighting!

How to Choose Between a Boho Bedroom and a Romantic Bedroom

Choosing a bedroom theme comes down to deciding between boho and romantic. Do you want it to be natural, a little offbeat, or quaint? You can find combinations of all three in boho bedrooms, so that might be a good choice if you’re not sure. If you decide on boho, focus on these elements: mixed textures, rich fabrics, unexpected patterns, and bright colors; while romantic bedrooms feature everything soft and silky like down-filled quilts and pastel tones.

Modern Touches to a Boho Bedroom

One way to update your bedroom’s style is with modern decor. A few key pieces can make your space feel fresh and like you’ve given it a much-needed facelift. Of course, furniture and décor are always available in both contemporary and traditional styles, but it’s worth investing in pieces that have a modern look. And if you’re on a budget, that’s not a problem.

Some of the most popular contemporary bedroom furniture include: textured rugs and area rugs, mid-century modern furnishings, LED lighting, IKEA ps lamps, or cordless table lamps. If you prefer a more classic touch there are plenty of options as well! Think reclaimed wood headboards with shabby chic mirrors or even art deco dressers paired with streamlined bedroom sets. Whichever your preference is, chances are that these pieces will give any room an instant facelift.

Modern Boho Bedroom Bed Ideas

Minimialist Cottage Boho

Boho Bedroom Ideas
 House of Harvee / Instagram

With bedding in gentle blue and white hues, an antique rug, a pair of hanging plants, a woven window cover, and a rustic corner stool, House of Harvee gave it a straightforward, lovely boho design twist.

Display Books.

Boho Bedroom Ideas

Don’t tuck your books away in a bookcase; boho bedrooms are designed to be warm and inviting. Show off your collection with pride for all to see to give the space even more personality.

Add Contemporary Art

modern boho bedroom

But don’t be scared to incorporate contemporary art into this design. Your boho bedroom will get some artistic refinement, for instance, by adding a contemporary interpretation of an impressionistic picture.

Include a Gallery Shelf

boho bedroom decor

Shelves can be used to display bohemian home decor items like dream catchers, pottery, and statuettes while also adding visual interest to your room.

Showcase Black-And-White Images.

boho chic bedroom decor

Black and white boho photography is a fantastic method to give your boho bedroom décor personality. Lean them against the wall, put them on a gallery shelf, or hang them in eye-catching frames.

Draw Clouds On Wall

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Your boho bedroom design can be creatively enhanced by painting clouds on the wall. It takes only a few minutes to complete and gives your bohemian room design a boho charm.

Utilize Eye-Catching Wall Accents.

boho bedroom aesthetic

To add splashes of color and texture to your boho bedroom décor, incorporate many wall accessories. For a lively visual experience, utilize distressed hanging decorations, interestingly designed mirrors, or wooden wall accents.

Accent With Bleached Wood.


To create an organic look in your space with a wooden accent, try adding bleached wood. Additionally, it complements the natural feel of boho decorating trends.

Add a Bed Foot Rest

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

In addition to giving you somewhere else to relax, adding statement pieces like a chair or bench seat offers your room character and depth.

Include a Unique Egg Chair.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Egg seats that resemble bamboo are becoming increasingly popular on Pinterest, and for good reason. They easily match the majority of boho bedroom design themes and are cozy and stylish.

Hang Hammocks.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

A hammock is an ideal place to unwind read or sleep. Nothing rivals the allure of a comfy hammock if you have adequate space in your bedroom. Just make sure the ceiling is high enough so that while you’re lying down inside, it won’t touch the ground.

Layer Floor coverings

boho chic bedroom decor


The addition of boho rugs to your boho room is a simple boho bedroom concept that can quickly change your boho space, whether it’s one enormous bohemian rug with colors and patterns inspired by nature or many rugs in varying shapes and sizes.

Fairy Lights

boho bedroom decor


In addition to exuding a bohemian mood, fairy lights are a terrific boho bedroom decor concept because they’re so simple to place in your room.

Fill In Natural Plants

boho chic bedroom decor plants


In fact, if you want to capture the boho style in any area you’re capturing, plants are a need. Snake plants and ficus elastic are two of the best indoor plants for a bedroom.

Add Lots of Bohemian Accessories And Accents

boho bedroom decor


Bohemian home accessories are the key to achieving that boho vibe. Boho-chic decorators adore boho décor that makes a statement. Berets, dreamcatchers, bohemian tapestries, mirrors, candlesticks, vases, clocks, and mirrors.

Install Hardwood Floors

boho chic bedroom decor


Boho-styled wood floors will ideally match the boho room design because these rooms are often warm. Additionally, wood laminate or vinyl alternatives are a less expensive alternative if real wood floors are out of your decorating budget.

Hang a Wooden Chandelier With Beadwork.

boho bedroom decor

Lighting fixtures are a subtle way to infuse your bohemian bedroom with boho feelings. To instantly enhance the mood lighting in your home to a bohemian feel, try changing your light fixture with a beaded wood chandelier.

Combine Live Plants And Pampas Grass

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home


If you want to add refinement to your environment, combine pampas grass with real house plants.

Plants Up

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home


Houseplants improve the air quality and are fairly simple to maintain. Therefore, if your area is lacking greenery, think about adding more boho houseplants to your bedroom for an authentic repository of free spirit emotions.

Curate Treasures

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Boho is all about showcasing your possessions, but you definitely don’t want to wake up every morning to the sight of your entire collection on your nightstand. Curate your possessions to prevent clutter and add a few finishing touches to make it seem truly at home. For your most treasured possessions, a candle, a flower, and possibly some books are the ideal complements.

Suspend Sheer Drapes

boho chic bedroom decor


To let in more light, shield yourself from the sun’s rays, and add visual appeal with their distinctive pattern, drape them over your windows.

Add One or Two Poufs

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home


By including one or two soft ottomans in your bohemian area, you may create additional seating. Due to their opulent bohemian aura, Moroccan-style decor items make ideal boho bedroom accessories.

Add Some Contemporary Furnishings

boho bedroom decor ideas

A stunning white modern chest of drawers is an illustration of how to incorporate more contemporary furniture without detracting from the bohemian-chic bedroom aesthetic.

Add More Edgy Bohemian Elements.

boho bedroom ideas

To achieve the boho bedroom look, mix and match a lot of earthy eclectic accents, textures, and accessories.

Hang Ceiling Plants

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

You can hang plants from ceiling hooks if the ceiling is high enough. This creates a very boho aesthetic appearance of a hanging garden.

Build a Garden Shelf

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Add accent elements like cement urns and a green accent wall. Then, for the ideal boho chic accent, place long trailing vines like ivy or creeping Charlie along the wall.

Use Accent Lights.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Place candles on tables and shelves for an even more romantic atmosphere, and use accent lighting to draw attention to specific features of your room, such as a reading nook or canopy bed.

Use Blanket Ladder.

boho bedroom aesthetic

A piece of furniture used to store blankets is called a blanket ladder. It usually consists of wood and has a number of rungs where blankets can be hung. This is a fantastic method to keep your blankets accessible and organized.

Include Exotic Patterns.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

A prominent trend that takes inspiration from European, African, and Native American motifs. To add an instant touch of international flair, place a fabric rug with a tribal pattern in the middle of your space.

Woven Jute Rug.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

A woven jute rug is one of the best ways to give your bedroom some personality. Rustic and all-natural jute carpets provide a great pop of color with their golden tones.

Hang a Tassel Chandelier.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Consider hanging an intriguing tassel chandelier from your ceiling in place of a conventional ceiling light. Simple yet exquisite tassel lighting fixtures have a natural attraction for anyone wishing to embrace their inner gypsy. Additionally, this will make the space feel snug and inviting for visitors.

Rope and Rattan Headboards

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Headboards made of rope and rattan go perfectly in a lush boho bedroom. It’s entirely up to you whether you select a bed with an organic, wild form or something more opulent, and that’s the charm of bohemian.

Maintain Simplicity.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

One of the most crucial boho room decoration tips is to keep things simple. If your room is cluttered with too many accents and features,

Try a Palette Bed.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

A palette bed is a fantastic way to affordably add some boho style to your boho bedroom. Additionally, it makes a fantastic one-day DIY project. When local businesses discard wooden palettes, you may frequently find them for free.

Center Your Bed

boho chic bedroom decor

Even if you would not expect to place the bed in the exact middle of the room, this boho bedroom decorating idea is one that merits a shot. It widens the space and gives the space a less cramped appearance. If the elements of a boho bedroom, like pillows and bedding, are not crowded too close to the walls, they will appear more spacious and inviting.

Boxspring On The Ground.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Although most individuals would find it uncomfortable to sleep on a mattress that is directly on the floor, you can give the mattress some height by supporting it on a boxspring. This low bed position will give the space a more open, airy sense while maintaining a bohemian ambiance.

Use Fabrics.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

The key to a boho-chic bedroom is striking the ideal harmony between traditional and modern. And adding stylish materials like velvet into your space is one incredible way to achieve that. Velvet has long been a popular fabric option, but as more people begin to appreciate its opulent features, it is seeing a major resurgence.

Headboard On The Wall.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Painting the headboard on the wall is another easy boho bedroom décor option. This not only has a distinctive appearance, but it also makes room for you to put some furniture in front of the bed.

Include a Bed Canopy

boho chic decor

Another boho bedroom decoration tip that can bring romance and a dreamy quality is the addition of a lovely canopy. Although bed canopies have been used for many years, they are now becoming more popular as more people seek out a little bit of luxury in their lives.

Statement Headboard.

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

The focal point of your design should be a bold headboard. It can be fashioned from a variety of materials, such as metal or wood. A rattan headboard is ideal for exuding that free spirit vibe and is strong enough to last you for many years.

Use Bold Colors.

boho chic bedroom decor

The finest ideas for boho bedding and other boho décor elements frequently have a lot of whites, beiges, and other light colors. However, don’t be afraid to use warm, bright hues like red, orange, and brown.

Boho Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Bringing the outside in is the central theme of boho wall art. Over the past few years, this style of decorating has become more and more popular as individuals explore methods to incorporate natural elements into their homes without sacrificing beauty.

Use Naturals

boho chic bedroom decor pampas grass

Boho-chic decorators adore incorporating aspects of nature into their designs for bohemian bedrooms. A few examples of these materials are wood, branches, pampas grass, plants, hemp, and linen cloth. Natural materials like wood have the power to add warmth and a rustic feel to any space.

Boho Rattan

Boho bedroom with rattan headboard
 House of Harvee

In this inviting boho-style bedroom from House of Harvee, a quirky vintage rattan headboard sets the mood. A collection of wide-brimmed hats, a velvet pouf, simple layered bedding, and a distressed-looking carpeting complete the happy space.

Make a Gallery of Hats.

boho chic bedroom wall art

Create a hat gallery wall; this is possibly one of the most imaginative boho bedroom ideas. You may build your boho hat gallery as big or as tiny as you’d like, regardless of whether you’re into hats or not.

Leave The Walls Empty

100+ Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Stylish Home

Even though wall art is usually a lovely addition to any room, leaving the walls empty is one of the greatest boho bedroom ideas for fostering a relaxed atmosphere. Lighting and decorative elements can be used to add interest.

Colorful Kids Boho BedroomStyle

Boho kids room
 Mindy Gayer Design Co. 

This vibrant kids room from California’s Mindy Gayer Design Co. has a beautiful boho feel thanks to an antique rattan chair, colorful wall art, and textiles in a combination of bright hues and patterns. White painted walls, a wooden paneled slanted ceiling, and a matching brilliant white four poster bed with vintage curves give the cottage bedroom a light and airy appearance.

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