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5 Comfortable Heels For Beginners

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Here are my picks of gorgeous heels to wear, if you are just starting out on wearing heels.(5 comfortable heels for beginners)

Wearing heels can be a lot of pain for some women. In truth, heels are a little uncomfortable to wear even with experts. And also these so-called experts did not just get around with being great with heels, they practiced and discovered tips and tricks that helps them get comfortable in them.

But for beginners, and all those who intend to start out on wearing heels, you can pick some basic heel types to practice before hitting on the regular stilettos.

Here are 5 comfortable heels for beginners that are easy to use and gorgeous.

They are not just easy to wear but can make you drop-dead gorgeous if properly styled.

1.  Wedge heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

Wedges are great picks for women who are just starting out on wearing heels or who do not really like to wear the regular heels but wish to have an elevated look.

Unlike other heels, wedges are elevated with their weight equally distributed throughout the shoes, making them comfortable to work in.

Fashion tip

Wedges can be worn with any kind of dress.

2.   Platform heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

Platform heels can in some case be mistaken for wedges because they somehow share a chunky look. But platforms are different because they have a chunky front and a very thick heels while wedges have no heel demarcation at all.

They are well balanced and very comfortable to walk. I particularly do not feel  comfortable with regular heels but i find platforms really comfortable.

Fashion tip 

Platform heels are perfect with well fitted dresses or bodycons.

3    Espadrille heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

Espadrille shoe types have been in vogue for a very long time and they intent to stay that way.

The shoe has a thick elevated base usually made of fibers and an upper part made of either leather or cloth. They look almost like wedges and can easily be classified as one. 

Fashion tip

Espadrilles shoes match lots of modern dresses and can be worn on official or unofficial outing.

4    Fantasy heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

This type of heels can be used on days you wish to go really wild and outlandish with your style.

The shoe became a trend with celebrities like lady gaga who seem not to get enough of it.

Fashion tip 

The shoe can be won with shorts, jeans, body-cons or flexible gowns.

5     Comma heels

5 comfortable heels for beginners

The Comma heels have also been a long time trend that still remain in Vogue. 

They are usually a first pick for some celebrities or regular women who wish to be on heels but on shorter ones.

The shoes is not as stylish as regular heels but some women have them as their go-to for parties or slaying on the red carpet.

Fashion tip

I hope these tips are useful to you in your heels training journey? 

 If you love them; pls. do not forget to share.

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