30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget

30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget

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No matter what your grilling plans are, you’ll find the perfect outdoor kitchen for the summer months. Many of these can be built over the course of a weekend or less.

As if you were assembling a portable picnic stove, there is a cute little outdoor kitchen that you can build in a couple of hours! These plans include a gas grill, a rinsing sink, and a mini-fridge, all of which can be customized to your specifications.

There will be a cost and a time commitment associated with all of these projects. The difference is that they are generally cheaper to DIY than to buy, and some of them can be built using reclaimed wood and other items, which reduces the cost even further.

I’ve always wanted an outdoor kitchen, as you know. If you like entertaining outside in the warmer months, then you will love a casual outdoor kitchen that will be perfect for parties and even small family dinners. There’s no doubt that having a construction professional come out and build an outdoor kitchen will cost a lot of money.

To find a nice DIY project, I began searching the web for interesting ideas for my outdoor kitchen. There are 15 incredibly awesome DIY outdoor kitchen plans you can build yourself in just a few days. And while most of these will cost you a little bit of money, most of these DIY plans are significantly cheaper than hiring a professional to build them for you.

Let’s run over 30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget

30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget

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30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget
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30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget
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30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget

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DIY Outdoor Deck Kitchen
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A delightful outdoor kitchen, complete with every cooking and serving tool you might need, can be designed into your deck. If you would like, you can of course choose and mix and match what you include and the type of finish you want, such as stainless steel or cast iron. This project is simple to build and you can build a small patio area even if you don’t have a deck.

30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget
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Repurposed Cabinet Outdoor Kitchen
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You can look in thrift stores or salvage yards to see if you can find some old kitchen cabinets that you can use for your outdoor kitchen.

Complete the process, you will just have to redo those and position them in your outdoor cooking area. These areas would look so much better with some extra pieces of concrete or stone to dress them up a bit.

This is a great way to quickly and cheaply build an outdoor kitchen, and it can be done in just a few days.

diy grill surround
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Wanting to accomplish something? Instead of purchasing an expensive outdoor kitchen, you can construct your own from stacked stones and a DIY wood structure.

outdoor kitchen
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Infuse classic with modern and drive a new style to outdoor kitchen styling

stone outdoor kitchen

While we’re enjoying this delightful spot with its stylish stone fireplace and grill station, we are deeply enthralled. Painted wood pergolas have a difference in color as well as an added layer of privacy.

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cooking area, prep area, and serving area; additionally, provide storage for cooking essentials, along with garbage and recycling bins that make cleanup simple If you want to cook outside, first you should think about the kinds of dishes you want to cook and the style in which you want to do it.

Next, you should look for a grill with an appropriate number of burners, work surfaces, and storage compartments.

Would you like to expand the use of your outdoor kitchen? Having an outdoor kitchen bar with stools and a roof that shields chefs and guests from the elements and harsh heat is part of this project’s equation.

These items and others, like running water, under-counter refrigerators, and wood-burning ovens, are included in the construction.

Saddlebrooke Ranch, AZ Hero Image
source Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet.

30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget
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Design focused on achieving all functional requirements of the space – from the pool and outdoor kitchen to turf for the dog – in a clean and minimalist way that flowed from interior to exterior.  

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These outdoor kitchen designs feature cedar cabinetry and stainless steel countertops to give them a modern, sleek feel. She uses herbs like lavender, yucca, and juniper in her herb garden to give the place a verdant and natural look.

blue outdoor kitchen

Your outdoor space should be as inviting as possible if you choose to live outside in the summer. A blue color like the one above is both soothing and ideal for a nautical design, especially if you’re near the water.

outdoor kitchen with wood decking and pizza oven
source  Nicole Hollis Studio

The outdoor kitchen space hits all three main design principles: stylish, practical, and timeless. It’s a lesson in balancing use-case and style while limiting clutter.

outdoor kitchen design ideas
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The stained oak ceiling of this outdoor kitchen warms stainless-steel cabinets. And the best part is? A drop-down metal gate keeps out the rain and other elements that could damage appliances. Finally, add a marble island and backsplash for a more refined look.

Popular designs from Pinterest

30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget
30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget
30 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Moderate Budget

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