Living Room Design Trends

Living Room Design Trends That Will Be Trending Everywhere In 2023

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The phrase “Living Room Design Trends” initially seems contradictory. Furniture, textiles, art, and wall coverings are too heavy, expensive, and durable to be updated frequently, thus decor doesn’t usually follow seasonal trends or pass-through fads. As the phrase goes, you have to learn to live with the space you design for a very long period.

A living room should be comfortable and attractive, and doing so gets simpler every year. Thankfully, enviable trends are on the way for individuals looking to brighten up their surroundings! Everyone will be able to find something in the future, from large furniture to natural materials.

Bright colors

Interior design trends for 2023 include bright colors, standout pieces of furniture, and distinctive lighting. There is something available to fit your needs, whether you want a modern or traditional style. Your living area needs to look well and function well for everything from lounging to entertaining!

Keep in mind that: Trends ought to match your current home’s decor.

Connections to the Outdoors

Deep ties to outside places have long been a desire of homeowners. Many people’s fantasy features include sliding glass doors that totally open interior rooms to the outside. But, a lot of experts are assisting homeowners in finding less expensive ways to bring the outside in.


A less expensive alternative to entirely transparent walls is the addition of sizable windows, which can enhance views and let in plenty of natural light. Homeowners are also being encouraged to feel more connected to nature by focusing on natural materials and colors, as well as wallpaper patterns that evoke the outdoors.

Living Room Design Trends That Will Be Trending Everywhere In 2023

Eco-friendly Trends.

living room minimal colors plants
Neutral colors, sustainable materials, and greenery all fit the trend. 

Homeowners will continue to place a high value on designs that are influenced by sustainability, according to Meghann Van Dorn, director of interior design at the Architectural Team.

Warmer neutral colors with a brown undertone, eco-friendly building materials, biomimicry finishes, and exposure to natural light are all examples of how this is portrayed, according to the speaker. “The relaxing effect of nature is perfect for living areas.”


Living Room Design Trends

2023 will see the continuation of the artisan trend, which is the exact opposite of the clear-cut minimalism we have grown accustomed to.

An inviting backdrop for worldly belongings, layers of texture, and excellent craftsmanship will be provided by cozily furnished rooms painted in warm earth tones full of handmade charm.

“To provide depth and richness to the room, our tufted textiles and patterns are inspired by geometric forms and shapes from around the world. Faithful to the collection’s origins, energizing ochre pops quickly revitalize any home environment.


home design trends 2023

In a Paris home designed by Eric Allart, the fireplace is clad in custom, textured tiles. Simon Upton

A focus on handcrafted, artisanal goods indicates the trend toward design with a global influence, much like the ongoing interest in sustainability. According to the vast majority of designers, 1stDibs spoke with, they will be getting items from artisan artisans in 2018. To emphasize artisanality, hand-formed textures are essential.

Biophilic Design

Living Room Design Trends
 Gil Walsh, Founder, Gil Wash Interiors

We turn to the growing movement in biophilic design to help us bring some of the natural worlds into the comfort of our homes as we continue to recognize the benefits of being more in touch with nature. Natural materials like bamboo, cork, sisal, and wood can give a space more texture and personality.

Warmer wood tones

Living Room Design Trends

Warmer wood tones and earthy color schemes will become more popular in furniture and textiles.

Vintage and Antique Items

Living room ideas 2023 - Casey H

Retro-inspired living room ideas 2023 by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Authenticity should be added for the following year. The 2023 living room furniture trends are expected to balance the generations. Including a vintage item is a surefire method to accomplish this look. These items are not only distinctive, but they also cut waste without costing a fortune.

Sleek Storage

Trending living room colors - AD

Clutter-free has been the way to go for years, and sleek storage makes neat living all the more possible. But to be both practical and pretty, it’s crucial to find a solution that offers space and style. Living room ideas 2023 will see more furniture and décor with built-in storage. Examples include a coffee table with drawers, wall-mounted cabinets, and chic sideboards. 

Soothing Paint Colors

Living room interior design trends 2023
daily dream decor

Living room paint colors for 2023 will emphasize the unexpected. Thus, complement unconventional color schemes with furnishings. For instance, pairing bold, dramatic hues with softer tones will look amazing.

Meaningful Decor Accents

Living Room Design Trends That Will Be Trending Everywhere In 2023
 Anne Hepfer, Interior Designer, Author of MOOD

“Overall, 2023 will be a bold year. The hue to wear in the coming year will be ultramarine blue. It has a vivid, intensely saturated, and delicious hue. People will enthusiastically welcome using family heirlooms, antiques, and repurposing and inserting meaningful things into their homes in keeping with the strong motif.”

 Maxed Biophilic Design 

Living room trends 2023 - Htike S

Biophilic living room trends 2023 by Decorilla

The biophilic design creates a room that feels like an extension of nature by bringing the outside in. It’s ideal for individuals who want to design a serene and tranquil living space. Additionally, it promotes environmentally responsible behaviors.

By using ethically sourced components, plants, and ergonomic lighting, you can stay current. Having stated that, the biophilic design will probably outlive 2023 living room trends and become a staple.

Textured Tiles

Living Room Design Trends That Will Be Trending Everywhere In 2023

In 2023, three-dimensional and textured tiles will be used everywhere. Tactile tiles offer every surface an organic, handcrafted feel while still holding very subtle contrasts and changes, from flooring and backsplashes to shower stalls, fireplaces, and even complete walls.

Stone Trims

Living Room Design Trends That Will Be Trending Everywhere In 2023
An interior by Mark D. Sikes where the same fabric covers the couch and the wall.

Using marble and stone on surfaces throughout the house, from door frames and window sills to baseboards and moldings, is not a new trend, but it has lately advanced to now being used to dress up architectural aspects. It gives an overused material new life to see marble and stone in this fashion, which feels the both ageless and old world.

 Nature-Inspired Textures

Sofa trends 2023 - RealHomes

The importance of natural fabrics and materials will increase in 2023 living room trends. Textures can soften sharp lines and edges in a space while also adding depth and visual appeal. Moreover, in the upcoming year, nature will extend to cutting-edge furniture, upholstery, and rugs in addition to beloved organic décor. Natural textures will therefore have a greater influence on future dwellings.



Yet, we firmly believe the next “huge” interior design trend is more of a feeling than one single feature. As we’ve discovered while gathering the newest decorating ideas for 2023, there are a lot of crucial elements that are considered to be the biggest design statements. The most popular design trends all seem to have comfort at their core, like a golden thread running through them all.

The current interior design trend for all aspects of decorating the home is one of comfort, from color schemes of warmer neutrals that seem reassuring yet safe to tactile textures that provide a real surface to grasp when feeling in need of comfort.



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