Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin

Bad Skincare Habits That are Damaging Your Skin

Habits we develop over time contributes to the look of our natural skin. Our skin is delicate and needs regular care to look their very best. There are good and bad skincare routine which we must practice or abstain from. Do you wish to know what constitute a bad skincare routine, then, here they are; … Read more

Home Remedies to Lighten Your Dark Inner Thighs Fast

how to lighten dark inner thigh

This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through affiliate links help support this website. Home Remedies to Lighten Your Dark Inner Thighs Fast for a perfect christmas touch. It is usually self-satisfying to have spot-free private areas in our bodies. It boosts body confidence and it also enhances our self-confidence as women. A lot of … Read more


how to take great photograph with your phone

HOW TO TAKE GREAT PHOTOGRAPH WITH YOUR ANDROID PHONEThe art of taking great photos using either your phone or camera is an art mastered with a little patience and minor skills. Below are great tips to supercharge your first attempt at a great photography career. HOW TO TAKE GREAT PHOTOGRAPH WITH YOUR ANDROID PHONE 1. Clean up … Read more

Face Beauty: D.I.Y Face Mask Using Aleo Vera

diy aleo vera face mask

 D.I.Y face mask using Aleo Vera Fake and harmful beauty products have flooded the market, so much that it has become increasingly difficult to determine the original from fake and harmful mix. Original products tends to be very scarce, expensive and unreachable.  And sometimes when your skin is already accustomed to the many benefits of some … Read more


how to lighten dark underarm

How to lighten dark underarms. Dark armpits are offensive and unpleasant to look. A clean, well-toned armpit signifies a healthy skincare practice, which in turn impacts strongly on one’s personality. Keeping a good-looking armpit is not for the ladies alone, men too, should endeavor to keep their underarm neat. Our armpits require lots of care … Read more

(Anti-ageing skincare)-Perfect ingredients to exfoliate your delicate skin.


The perfect anti-aging skincare ingredients to exfoliate your soft, delicate skin. Some people have skins that are naturally very delicate and react badly to so many skin care products. People with delicate skin usually shun exfoliation, they get uncomfortable using brushes, sponges or any chemically made exfoliating scrubs. They mostly prefer to ladder-up with just … Read more