100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day

Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas

Summon the spirit of Halloween into your home with these 100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas. From enchanting mantel setups to hauntingly beautiful displays, we’ve conjured the perfect inspiration to transform your fireplace into a bewitching focal point. Ignite the Halloween magic and create a cozy atmosphere that will leave everyone under your spell.

If you’re seeking ways to embrace the Halloween vibe, just glance over at your mantel! Embellishing your mantel is an excellent approach to infusing your home with festive charm. It’s personally one of my top choices for immersing myself in the holiday atmosphere.

This article provides you with Halloween Fireplace Decorations ideas that are straightforward and easy to execute. These suggestions are designed to help you create a spine-chilling and festive mantel arrangement quickly!

And don’t worry, if you don’t have a mantel, these concepts can also be applied to a shelf in your main room!


If Halloween isn’t your main focus (or if you’re not keen on Halloween decor), you can opt for an autumnal theme for your Halloween mantel. You don’t need to include spider webs, bats, or ghosts to create an appealing fireplace mantel for the holiday. A fall theme can work wonders!

The beauty of an autumnal theme is that this mantel decor can effortlessly transition into Thanksgiving.

For an autumnal fireplace mantel, gather items like pumpkins, garlands made of fall leaves, gourds, and corn stalks. Obtain gourds and mini pumpkins in various sizes to arrange them in small groups. Intertwine the garland among the decorations.

You can choose autumnal colors like deep orange, maroon, mustard yellow, and brown. Alternatively, opt for neutral tones such as black, gold, silver, or white pumpkins.

Matching the color scheme of your home is also an option. If your home predominantly features white hues, you can extend that color palette to your fireplace with all-white Halloween mantel decor.

Alternatively, you could embrace glamorous gold Halloween mantel decor – simply select a color scheme that complements your home! If you can’t find the right colored decorations to create the sophisticated fall fireplace you envision, you can always spray-paint decorations to achieve your desired style.

Adding a focal point, such as a large pumpkin or fall-themed picture frame, can enhance the decor. Framing pages from a holiday book can evoke the theme while maintaining an elegant and attractive mantel.


If your home exudes a vintage vibe, why not emphasize that with a vintage fall theme on your fireplace mantel? For a vintage Halloween mantel, adorn it with old lanterns, black cats, and black crows. You can even include wheat and corn stalks for a touch of rustic charm.

When it comes to vintage Halloween decor, rich and deep purple tones could work wonderfully. Think about capturing the essence of “Hocus Pocus” and incorporating intricate patterns and fabrics.

Candles are a delightful addition to any mantel. They infuse a warm ambiance into the space. If you’re aiming for an elegant mantel, consider placing candles on candlesticks or introducing old lanterns.


If you’re aiming to add a tad more eeriness or spookiness to your mantel, then fully embrace Halloween decorations on your mantel.

Think paper bats, eerie spiders, spider webs, skeletons, skulls, jack-o’-lanterns, and ghosts. Crafting a spooky mantel is quite simple. Head to the dollar store and gather some decorations from there.

Arrange skeletons or skulls near orange and black candles. Drape witch legs over the fireplace’s edge. Craft a garland adorned with bats, cats, spiders, or ghosts.

Involve your kids and ask them for input on the mantel style they’d prefer. Your children will likely have fantastic ideas that can serve as inspiration for your spooky Halloween mantel decor.


If you’re looking to infuse your mantel with a Halloween ambiance that goes beyond a simple fall feel, yet you’re not interested in an elaborate “Hocus Pocus” style, consider decorating your fireplace with more subtle Halloween elements.

Look for a Halloween-themed garland, such as small pumpkins or charming orange lights, that you can drape across your mantel.

Pumpkins are a must-have for any Halloween decor. You can use real or artificial pumpkins, depending on your preference.

Arrange them on your mantel in various sizes, interspersing them with candlesticks or an array of picture frames displaying photos of your children in their Halloween costumes.

Incorporating images of past Halloween costumes create an eye-catching focal point and a delightful way to incorporate family photos as decor.


If you’re looking to create fireplace decorations on a budget, crafting cute and spooky decor through DIY projects is a simple and effective approach. Craft a garland of bats using black paper and string.

Similarly, you can create a garland featuring orange pumpkins, cats, spiders, ghosts, or any other motif you desire. It’s a quick and straightforward process!

Other DIY decor options for your mantel include crafting a wreath from black and orange ribbon, painting pumpkins with fun and festive designs, and fashioning a banner with Halloween-themed words or phrases.

This is an excellent way to save money on Halloween decor while achieving the desired effect for your mantel.

To complete all your Halloween decor, check out Halloween wreaths, Halloween front porch, Halloween bedroom, and Halloween nails for the perfect ghoul day!

100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day

Scary Pumpkins

White Boo Halloween Mantel Decor
 Good Housekeeping

You can easily create a spooky mantel with a few easy objects, such as black leaves and pumpkins (real or artificial).

Happy Goofy Halloween

These 17 Boo-tiful Halloween Mantels Will Have Your Guests in AWE! They are super easy to do and a great project for all of the family!
Pottery Barn Kids

Do you want a more complex setup? Try maintaining a color scheme of two and including scenes or textures.

White Brick Trick Or Treat

These 17 Boo-tiful Halloween Mantels Will Have Your Guests in AWE! They are super easy to do and a great project for all of the family!
The Crafted Sparrow

If you like, you can create a particularly adorable mantel display using simply black accessories.

Halloween Mantel Decor

Spooky Halloween Mantel with bats, spider webs and skeletons

Spooky Halloween Mantel 


Hocus Pocus bannr on a white fireplace mantle for Halloween.

 Jenna Kate at Home 

With the apples tucked into the foliage and the enchanted words Hocus Pocus in garland, it’s adorable. Affects our desire to watch Snow White.

Modern Halloween Mante with bat garland and boo balloons

Modern Halloween Mantel from Apartment Therapy

Elegant Black & Gold Halloween Mantel Decor

Elegant Black & Gold Halloween Mantel Decor (source unknown)


Haunted House sign, ravens, jack o lanterns, black and white garland and banner on a white fireplace mantle.

 Sweet Rose And Wren

This time, she lets us see how she dresses up the mantel of her fireplace for Halloween. The metal jack-o-lanterns she is using are charming, and the Haunted House sign is wonderful.


Cute Halloween fireplace mantle ideas with bats, "hey boo," ba nner, tassel garland with ghost faces, bat garland, and peach pumpkins.


We also adore all of her pastel orange pumpkins, which she used to decorate the mirror over her mantel with paper bats.

Black and Purple Halloween Mantel Decor (source unknown)

modern Glam Halloween Mantel

Glam Halloween Mantel from TomKat Studios

Printable Halloween Banner & Art for a Halloween mantel

Printable Halloween Banner & Art from Eighteen 25

Pumpkin Piles

Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas
Digs Digs

Like pumpkins? We concur! Have a blast experimenting with various orange hues!


Pumpkins painted in rainbow color sitting on a white fireplace mantle.  Happy Halloween garland hanging on front of the mantle.

Kailo Chic

The variety of pumpkins—from big to small pumpkins—is really sweet! Very lively and cheery decorations for what may sometimes be a sad and dark holiday season.


October sign and fall colored leaves on a mantle.

 Simply Joy at Home.

The large buffalo check found on her pillows is brought together by the October wooden sign. On the frame of her cathedral window, her birds are likewise perched so affectionately.

Gorgeous Black and White Halloween Mantel

Black and white Halloween mantel decor with bats, birds and broken mirror
Pink Peppermint Design.

This black and white Halloween mantel from Pink Peppermint Design has a spooky yet chic feel about it. I hate that cracked mirror, and I adore that misaligned candelabra!

Haunting Skeletons Galore

These 17 Boo-tiful Halloween Mantels Will Have Your Guests in AWE! They are super easy to do and a great project for all of the family!
Grandin Road

If you really want to go all out, try using some clever lighting and eerie faces.

Bat Halloween Mantel  Decor (source unknown)

Boo Window Pane Halloween Mantel

Boo Window Pane Halloween Mantel from House By Hoff

Glittery and cute Trick or Treat Mantel

Trick or Treat Mantel (source unknown)


100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day

I adore this mantle and how seamlessly it combines Halloween and autumn. On Instagram, Amy at Homeonnativetrail came up with this fantastic concept.


Greenery on a chippy mantle with white pumpkins sitting on top and black candle sticks on the ends.

Let’s look at some fall decorating ideas now that Halloween and autumn have moved us to mantles. A look into Michelle’s home may be found in Georgia Mae’s at Home. The neutral hues used to display the fireplace mantel’s top complement its distressed paint job beautifully.

modern Glam Halloween Mantel

Glam Halloween Mantel from TomKat Studios

green and black modern Halloween Mantel

Halloween Mantel from Positively Splendid

Spider web above the fireplace with black taper candles

Stylish Halloween Mantel from Inspire Charm

Happy Halloween Mantel with banners and garlands

Happy Halloween Mantel from Pottery Barn

Creepy Skeleton Halloween Mantel Decor

Creepy Skeleton Halloween Mantel Decor (source unknown)

black and white Halloween decor with picture frames above mantel

Spooky Halloween Mantel from Tidbits and Twine

Window Art Mantel | Create Craft Love

Use an old window to spice up your Halloween Mantel with some black and white art.

Black and white art on an antique window will liven up your Halloween mantel.

Fun and Festive Mantel | Practically Functional

With some candelabras and taper candles, this fun festive mantel has a spooky touch.

This delightfully festive mantel has a sinister twist thanks to some candelabras and taper candles.

Link Title Here | Refresh Living

Mixing Apothecary Jars and an old window turned photo frame makes this mantel extra spooky!

This mantel is made even more eerie by combining apothecary jars and an old window turned picture frame!

Link Title Here | The Happy Housie

Spiders and Pumpkins and Owls, oh my!

Orange and Black Mantel | The Kim Six Fix

Making and distressing a sign is easier than you think and is surely the perfect spooky addition!

It’s simpler than you could imagine to create and distress a sign, which is unquestionably the ideal eerie addition!





Spooky but Classic Mantel | Tatertots and Jello

Who says a mantel must be all spooky?  The use of the old shutters on this mantel is genius!

Who says a mantel has to be completely eerie? It’s brilliant how the ancient shutters were used on this mantel.

100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day
100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day
100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day

Do you have a mirror or a picture hanging above a mantel? If so, you can easily hang cheesecloth "cobweb" on it.

100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day
100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day
100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day
100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day

Halloween Mantel Decorating Ideas

Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas
100+ Halloween Fireplace Decorations Ideas For a Crazy Hallow Day

Halloween Mantel Decorating Ideas

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