Best Air Purifying Plants For Overcrowded Spaces.

Best Air Purifying Plants

Without doubt millennial’s agreed that house plants can bring the much-needed beauty and health benefits to any room. Steadily, more and more millennial’s are now choosing them over non beneficial house decor or even beauty pets. We all know that a drab and uninspired space can immediately be spruced up by the addition of a … Read more

Easy D.I.Y Easter Decorations Ideas That Anyone Can Replicate

Easy D.I.Y Easter Decorations Ideas

Easter is a beautiful time to try your hands on some d.i.y projects. Moreover what is a more perfect time to get to spend more time with your kids and get to know them on a personal level if not d.i.y time. Some people get put off by d.i.y decors saying ‘they’re just too much … Read more

Bad Smell In Apartment and How To Get Rid Of It Quickly

Bad Smell In Apartment

If you know what exactly is causing a bad smell in your apartment then you can easily get rid of it. Here are the six things that can make your apartment smell and how to get rid of the smell. A smelly house can be a lot of frustration not to talk of your visitors … Read more

See Good Housekeeping Kitchen Spice Organisation Ideas.

Kitchen Spice Organisation Ideas.

Quickly take a look at the amazing way good housekeeping is teaching us to arrange spices. Cooking can be a lot of fun and can also be a full-time stress. Hehe… You will know the meaning of cooking stress when you just can’t find all your ingredients in a place. Maybe you did not keep … Read more

These Are The Makeup Storage Ideas You Might Just Be In Need Of!

makeup storage ideas

Here are the makeup storage ideas you might just be in need of. Trust me! keeping your makeup tools in a very convenient and clean place will definitely make a lot of difference in your beauty routine. There is nothing more frustrating in your makeup routine than disorganization with your tools. Imagine your matte pouring … Read more

Is your bathroom hand dryers as safe as you think? Here is what science says

bathroom hand dryers

Is your bathroom hand dryers as safe as you think? Here is what scientist thinks. According to ifiscience, in 2014, a team of researchers from the University of Leeds announced disturbing news concerning the “no touch jet-air dryers” in public bathrooms. The team made a public announcement stating that these air dryers are full of … Read more


home styling

 Here are Some useful Home Styling tips for a small living if you have a Small budget. Our living room is a very integral part of our apartment. It won’t be a waste of time to find different methods of making it comfy and luxurious on a small budget. Some may think having a very … Read more