Tips To Grow Your Natural Hair Fast

Your hair, just like every other part of your body, is prone to abnormal growth if not properly cared for. If you want to grow a long, shiny hair, then you have to use the necessary hair growth serum, and look after your hair intentionally. The look of your hair also give clue to your […]

Sneaky Reasons For Your Itchy Scalp

Some women battle with a Scalp that itch them non stop. This condition can be very frustrating¬† and can lead to low energy and a fluctuating self esteem. But not to worry, KBH got this sneaky reasons for your itchy scalp, which you must quickly address in other to cure your itchy scalp. Sneaky Reasons […]

Easiest Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff Fast

Gosh…I hate dandruff!!! Maybe because I just started on with the experience. Dandruff was never an issue for me until I recently used a New No-lye hair relaxer that not only clumped my hair but burnt my skull. And you guessed right, the aftermath of the experience was “dandruff” in a much scarier version. The […]

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