45 Insanely Fun Beach Crafts for Kids

Crafting is a fantastic way to combine fun and learning, especially when it involves the beach.

One of my favorite aspects of the beach as a topic is how different it can be, which means you can always find something creative to do regardless of your child’s interests.

Yes, there is the beach itself, but there are also beach-related items such as beachballs, buckets, and spades, as well as creatures and nature that we connect with the beach or ocean, such as crabs, seagulls, and sharks.

Kids love collecting treasures and creating art, and beach crafts offer endless opportunities for both.


Fun Beach Crafts for Kids

Seashell Art

Seashell Painting

Seashell painting is a simple and delightful activity. Gather seashells of various shapes and sizes and let kids paint them with bright colors and patterns. Acrylic paint works best and stays vibrant on the shells.

Seashell Collages

Create beautiful collages using seashells. Provide a sturdy base like cardboard or canvas and let kids glue their seashells in creative patterns. Add sand, pebbles, and other beach finds for added texture.

Seashell Jewelry

Making seashell jewelry is a fun way for kids to create wearable art. Drill small holes in the shells and use string or elastic to make necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Add beads for extra flair.

Sand Crafts


Building sandcastles is a timeless beach activity. Equip kids with buckets, shovels, and molds, and let their imaginations run wild as they construct elaborate sand structures.

Sand Art Bottles

Sand art bottles are mesmerizing and easy to create. Fill clear bottles or jars with layers of colored sand to make beautiful patterns. These can be kept as keepsakes or given as gifts.

Driftwood Creations

Driftwood Mobiles

Collect pieces of driftwood and tie them together with string to create a mobile. Add shells, beads, or other beach treasures to decorate each piece.

Driftwood Picture Frames

Create rustic picture frames using driftwood. Glue pieces together to form a frame and use it to display beach vacation photos or artwork.

Driftwood Sculptures

Encourage kids to use driftwood to create sculptures. They can make abstract art or attempt to craft animals and other shapes using glue and twine.

Ocean Creature Crafts

Sea Turtle Puppets

Make sea turtle puppets using paper plates, paint, and construction paper. Cut out flippers and a head, then attach them to the plate to create a cute puppet.

Jellyfish Wind Catchers

Create jellyfish wind catchers using paper bowls, ribbon, and paint. Decorate the bowl, add long ribbon tentacles, and hang them where they can catch the breeze.

Starfish Paintings

Use star-shaped sponges to create starfish paintings. Dip the sponges in paint and press them onto paper to make colorful starfish art.

Beach Memory Jars

Collecting Beach Treasures

Let kids collect small beach treasures like shells, pebbles, and sea glass. These can be stored in a jar to remember their beach adventures.

Assembling Memory Jars

Fill a jar with sand and layer in the collected treasures. Seal the jar and decorate the lid with ribbons or stickers. This makes a lovely keepsake or gift.

Decorating Jars

Decorate the outside of the jar with paint, markers, or decals to personalize it. Kids can write the date and location of their beach trip for a personal touch.

DIY Beach Toys

Homemade Kites

Create simple kites using lightweight fabric or plastic bags, sticks, and string. Decorate them with beach-themed designs and fly them on a windy day.

Paper Plate Frisbees

Make frisbees using sturdy paper plates. Decorate them with paint or markers, then have fun tossing them around at the beach.

DIY Beach Balls

Craft beach balls from balloons and papier-mâché. Once dry, paint them in bright colors and use them for beach games.

Marine Life Dioramas

Shoebox Aquariums

Create mini aquariums using shoeboxes. Paint the inside to resemble an underwater scene and add small toys, shells, and seaweed cutouts.

Underwater Scenes

Make underwater scenes on paper using paint, crayons, and beach materials. Add fish, coral, and other sea creatures for a lively picture.

Beach Ecosystems

Teach kids about beach ecosystems by creating dioramas that include various beach elements like sand, shells, and plant life. Use small toys to represent animals.

Sea Glass Crafts

Sea Glass Mosaics

Create mosaics using sea glass pieces. Glue them onto a canvas or wooden board to form beautiful designs and patterns.

Sea Glass Jewelry

Make jewelry using sea glass pieces. Drill small holes and thread them onto necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.

Sea Glass Sun Catchers

Create sun catchers by gluing sea glass pieces onto a clear, flat surface like a plastic lid or glass pane. Hang them in a window to catch the sunlight.

Sand Dollar Projects

Painted Sand Dollars

Paint sand dollars with bright colors and patterns. Use them as decorations or gifts.

Sand Dollar Ornaments

Attach ribbons to painted sand dollars to create ornaments. These can be hung around the house or on a holiday tree.

Sand Dollar Magnets

Glue small magnets to the back of painted sand dollars. These make lovely fridge decorations.

Beachy Wind Chimes

Seashell Wind Chimes

Create wind chimes using seashells. Drill holes in the shells and string them together with fishing line or twine. Add a piece of driftwood at the top.

Driftwood Wind Chimes

Make wind chimes using pieces of driftwood and other beach finds. Arrange them in a pleasing pattern and hang them where they can catch the wind.

Beaded Wind Chimes

Combine beads with shells and driftwood to create colorful wind chimes. The beads add an extra visual element and a pleasant sound.

Beach-Themed Magnets

Seashell Magnets

Glue small magnets to the back of seashells to create unique fridge magnets.

Starfish Magnets

Use small starfish and magnets to make decorative magnets. These are great for holding up beach photos or notes.

Beach Scene Magnets

Create tiny beach scenes on small pieces of wood or cardboard and attach magnets to the back.

Coloring & Painting Crafts

Ocean Scene Watercolors

Paint ocean scenes using watercolors. The soft, flowing colors are perfect for depicting waves and sunsets.

Beach Sunset Paintings

Use acrylic or watercolor paints to create beautiful beach sunset scenes. These can be framed and hung as art.

Abstract Beach Art

Encourage kids to use their imagination to create abstract beach art using different colors and techniques.

Sand Art

Layered Sand Art

Fill bottles or jars with layers of colored sand to create beautiful designs. These can be kept as decorative items.

Sand Painting

Use glue to draw patterns on paper, then sprinkle colored sand over the glue. Shake off the excess to reveal the design.

Sand Candles

Make candles by embedding sand into the wax. Use beach-themed molds to shape the candles.

Shell and Rock Animals

45 Insanely Fun Beach Crafts for Kids

Turtle Shells

Create turtle shapes using seashells and paint. Add small rocks for feet and a head.

Rock Fish

Paint small rocks to look like fish. Add details like fins and eyes using paint or markers.

Shell Crabs

Use small shells to create crab shapes. Glue them together and add small rocks for claws and legs.


What are some easy beach crafts for toddlers?
Simple crafts like seashell painting, sand art bottles, and paper plate frisbees are great for toddlers as they are easy and safe.

How can I make beach crafts environmentally friendly?
Use natural materials like shells, sand, and driftwood. Avoid using plastics and opt for biodegradable or recyclable materials whenever possible.

What materials do I need for beach crafts?
Common materials include seashells, sand, driftwood, paint, glue, string, and beads. Many of these can be found at the beach or purchased at a craft store.

Can beach crafts be educational?
Yes, beach crafts can teach kids about marine life, beach ecosystems, and environmental conservation. They also help develop fine motor skills and creativity.

How do I prepare for a beach crafting session?
Gather all necessary materials beforehand, bring a blanket or mat to work on, and have plenty of water and snacks on hand. Choose a shady spot to stay cool.

Are there any safety tips for beach crafting?
Ensure kids use non-toxic materials, supervise the use of small items to avoid choking hazards, and protect their skin with sunscreen.